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Earlier this week Noclip published a documentary about Bethesda that contains at least some of interest to Fallout fans. The documentary is pretty shallow but that's the price of access.

You'll find most of it in this...
@Proletären often gets to news before I do so here he is. In all his glory. Awaiting your upvotes.

After about 24 h of a teasing live stream, Bethesda announced a new Fallout game, much to the surprise of quite a lot of people: Fallout 76.
They posted a teaser trailer, too:

In it we hear the classic "Take me home, country roads" while the familiar zoom-out sequence happens. The trailer shows the inside of a vault, number 76 as we learn, on what is called...
Give me New Vegas 2 or give me death! - Jogre said shortly before Toront hijacked his higher brain functions.


Things got deleted while merging.

Bethesda dropped a hint that Fallout would be making an appearance at E3. I for one hope we will be getting something like the canceled Fallout...
S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 is coming...eventually.

Not much to look at, but it lets us know we can expect another...
The past few days have been enlightening to say the least with what started as a Chris Avellone interview on Codex turning into a full reveal of shady business practices before he left Obsidian. It boiled over into Reddit but the...
More assorted Fallout goodness shuffled my way today, so I felt like sharing it. This should have something for everyone. First we have a teaser from Fallout: New California.

I was going to complain about nothing but action but it is named the action teaser so there's that. Fallout: New Vegas still kicking ass and taking names in 2018.

Now a Fallout 4...
RPS brings us something amusing or maybe sad depending on where you lean on the Karma scale. I figured we would try to pick three great mods out of the list. Shouldn't be too hard.

Trimmed this article down so go to RPS for the full list.

qD97Upt.jpg reports that the overly ambitious Fallout 4 remake of Fallout 3 has been shelved. Gee it's almost like Fallout 4 is the worst designed game in the core series and most mods of this scope never see the light of day!!...

One of our NMA members (@lolpop109) recently launched the alpha version of his Fallout New Vegas mod. If any of you have heard of this relatively obscure post apocalyptic RPG check it out.