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Back in September we reported on the release of Ashes 2063, a Doom total conversion which turns it into a story driven Post Apocalyptic first person action adventure game that takes inspirations and influences from 80s and 90s sci-fi and PA movies as well as games such as the Fallout series, Stalker, and another Doom conversion from back in the day called Strife....
So the Obsidian announcement yesterday revealed a trailer for the Tim Cain + Leonard Boyarsky helmed The Outer Worlds and gave us the first few glimpses of the game.

Today, a preview embargo was lifted, so now we get a million previews from lots of outlets, based on a brief demo of the game and interviews with the developers.
GameInformer was nice enough to...
This week has seen the release of at least three post-apocalyptic games that would be of great interest to us.

First and foremost, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, a post-apocalyptic tactical adventure game with TB combat. It's based on the...
Obisidan Entertainment, recently bought by Microsoft, will announce something on the 6th of December at the Game Awards.
Their website shows the announcement of the announcement with some pleasingly pulpy SciFi artwork and an odd emphasis on "Spacer's Choice".
Pulp SciFi Obsidian RPG? Where do I sign?
For real, from an Obsidian Twitch stream:


It's here folks, at least for some people. The bugs you all know and love, minus the mods. Attempt to muster up enthusiasm for the most botched Fallout entry since Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (POS) - the much anticipated Fallout 76! New and improved with even more leftover concepts from previous games, like the...
After an update that took three and a half years in the making. The TTW team proudly presents TTW 3.2.

With a changelog over 30000 lines long (when all weapon mesh fixes are condensed to one line), and a brand new installer capable of automatically installing all the utilities you'll need to run TTW and re-encoding Fallout 3's audio files, 3.2 is worth the wait.

People back in the day...
After years of development the beta of anticipated New Vegas mod Fallout: New Californa (previously Project Brazil) is finally out! You can read all about it in...
The ultimate game in the popular FIRST PERSON SHOOTER SERIES is now here!

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