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Dec 30, 2010
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This ghoul has seen it all

Ever since I stated outright I am planning to leave the country I started getting "Study abroad" ads on youtube. Creepy. Sep 16, 2019 at 5:21 PM

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Sep 19, 2019 at 11:32 PM
    1. Walpknut
      Buenas Noches gente.
    2. Walpknut
      Shit my stupid headphones broke again...
    3. Walpknut
      So what up guys? How's your afternoon going?
      1. TorontRayne
        Grrreeeaaatttt! *Tony the Tiger voice*
        Jan 26, 2016
    4. Walpknut
      Yummy Yummy Yummy this extra mony feels good in my tummy. I should fo OT more often.
    5. Walpknut
      I got some extra money for a couple of Overtime I did on December and...
    6. Walpknut
      Well I am not into ass play, so I wouldn't let them gap me to begin with.
    7. Walpknut
      ZA WARUDO!
    8. Walpknut
      Sekai Ichi
    9. Walpknut
      Well beards host a lot of bacteria so something probably died.
      1. Stone Cold Robert House
        Stone Cold Robert House
        Besides bacteria they also host MANLINESS. Beards are a staple of male confidence and strength much like an axe, Guinness beer, and Clint Eastwood. I can't imagine how my girlfriend will react to that loss.
        Jan 15, 2016
    10. Walpknut
    11. Walpknut
      Kono Dio Da!
    12. Walpknut
      Fallout 3's plot is about people forgetting how to filter water and somehow surviving for 200 years drinking irradiated water
    13. Walpknut
      You expected a Fallout game, but it was I Borderlands!
    14. Walpknut
      Kono Dio Da!
    15. The Dutch Ghost
      The Dutch Ghost
      Hey Walpknut, I have been giving FO4 a try but so far I don't find it as interesting as Fallout New Vegas. It is a bit slow and boring to be honest.
      Also, I am probably one of the few to complain about this, but I kind of dislike the weapons/armor crafting stuff. I know some people like the idea of customizing these a lot but I would much rather just have a good selection of guns and armors that can be modded than fiddling with all the little parts to no end.
      1. R.Graves likes this.
    16. Walpknut
      Bethesda's official Twitter and Facebook pages.
    17. The Dutch Ghost
      The Dutch Ghost
      Hey Walpknut, that new info on Fallout 4, where did you see or read it?
    18. The Dutch Ghost
      The Dutch Ghost
      I fully understand your sentiment on Fallout 4. Only reason why I am going to play it is so that I can write a review about it and when I give my opinion about it in a topic that I can speak from experience rather than bias.
      If Steam allowed games to be 'borrowed' I would borrow you my copy so that you can see its content for yourself without having to pay for it.
    19. The Dutch Ghost
      The Dutch Ghost
      Hey Walpknut, I just picked up some details of Fallout 4 I did now know previously about. Apparently there was a battle at the Sea of Tranquility on the moon.
      If this was just one battle I can understand but I honestly hope Bethesda is not implying that there was a war on the moon, with both the US and China sending rockets full of troops to it.
      Also, the Brotherhood's obsession with knight lore continues, apparently their armored blimp is called the Prydwen http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Prydwen
      I can forgive a name but I honestly fear that Bethesda is going to make the Brotherhood think that they are really knights rather than just soldiers who needed a model of hierarchy and based that one the ones knights of old Europe used.
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