Fallout - ProtoManager v1.3.0.4 Unofficial

Items and critters prototype file editor for Fallout 1/2

  1. Lexx
    The editor allows you to edit all the parameters of the critters and items, as well as create new, delete or duplicate prototypes of objects.
    • Editing Critter pro files.
    • Editing Items pro files.
    • Editing AI-packet.
    • Creates a CSV table, with selected item or critter parameters, for editing in an external editor, for example MS Excel.
    The editor does not need to unpack resources from the game manually; it will do that by itself.

    This is an unofficial build based on the source code of from Mr.Stalin.

    • Fixed the calculation of AI weapon priority score.
    • Fixed the "Don't select on hovor" setting being reset when opening/closing the configuration settings menu.

    NOTE: It's a well-known issue that some antivirus will detect the ProtoManager as a trojan or malware due to their heuristic analysis, but that's just a false positive.
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Recent Reviews

  1. John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn
    Version: v1.3.0.3
    Each time i try to open it my antivirus (which is one very basic eh) immediately removes it saying "it's a dangerous trojan"
    So.. It is, or it's an error of the antivirus?
    1. Lexx
      Author's Response
      It's a false positive.