Fallout - ProtoManager v1.3.0.5 Unofficial

Items and critters prototype file editor for Fallout 1/2

  1. Lexx
    The editor allows you to edit all the parameters of the critters and items, as well as create new, delete or duplicate prototypes of objects.
    • Edits Critter pro files.
    • Edits Item pro files.
    • Edits AI Packets.
    • Creates a CSV table, with selected item or critter parameters, for editing in an external editor, e.g. MS Excel.
    The editor does not need to unpack resources from the game manually; it will do that by itself.

    This is an unofficial build based on the source code of from Mr.Stalin.

    • Fixed the calculation of AI weapon priority score.
    • Fixed the "Don't select on hover" setting being reset when opening/closing the configuration settings menu.
    • Fixed and expanded the CSV table export for items.
    • Added support for mods_order.txt from sfall 4.4+.

    NOTE: It's a well-known issue that some antivirus will detect the ProtoManager as a trojan or malware due to their heuristic analysis, but that's just a false positive.
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  2. v1.3.0.5

Recent Reviews

  1. phobos2077
    Version: v1.3.0.5 Unofficial
    Essential modding tool from the (in)famous Mr.Stalin. The code is pretty horrible to contribute to, but the tool itself with a few fixes is the best so far for PRO editing. The biggest issue is it doesn't yet support editing any other PRO types except items and critters. But those are usually simple enough to edit manually with Hex Editor.
  2. Owyn
    Version: v1.3.0.4 Unofficial
  3. John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn
    Version: v1.3.0.3
    Each time i try to open it my antivirus (which is one very basic eh) immediately removes it saying "it's a dangerous trojan"
    So.. It is, or it's an error of the antivirus?
    1. Lexx
      Author's Response
      It's a false positive.