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    Uh, Volkssturm?
    And the Wehrmacht was a conscripted army, too. A lot of them were not even Nazis, they just fought for their country like everyone else.
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    May 31, 2011
    How can you fight for your country when your country is focused on systematic extermination of nations and races? You can fight for Germany by fighting against the Nazi regime.
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    Keep in mind i do love Russia and it's people but i really hope that the red plauge of the soviet Union never comes back! It's a well known fact that Stalin was worse than Hitler but in recent year you can read about stuff like

    Guess who did this? A tip.. It was not the evil nazis! And speaking of other "nice" events we have the English bombing civilians because they wanted revenge. The only country that had a big part of the war and i don't know anything bad about is actually the US for once :shock:
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    The war was focused on making germany a super power, not on genocide. Dont let the soviet propoganda get to you so easily
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    Why has this thread turned into nazi shit discussion? :|
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    Jul 29, 2010
    It's more of a "correcting wrong information" kind of thing. People should learn right and wrong and not listen to propaganda :D
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    Please. You seem like some form of inteligent person. Do you really, REALLY believe that all of the German people between 1933 and 1945 actually have been "Nazis"? Not to mention to compare "crimes" like, but the Germans did this and the Russians raped females etc. is relativism. It was after the war used on both sides to fuel agression. Nothing more. And that is very unprofessional. Its not about who was worse. History always tries to find out what was actually leading to it. How something happend. Why it happend is an entirely different question.

    Another question. Do you believe every member of Russia was a stalinist? Or Communist? Should we not make every member of the former Sovietunion responsible for all the crimes that happend under the Soviet regime? No? Thought so.

    Its easy to blame the loosers of history. Thats what the western nations did with the communistic area as well when the cold war ended and they even today use "its communism!" in the US to stop eveything that is more social. That is what everyone did for more then 40 years, blaming Germans for everything and making everyone some kind of die hard Nazi, before historians tried to actually really do some serious research - not just in Germany, but actually in the US and Russia too.

    There are more and more critical historians out there today, young people that have no conection with that time what so ever and which try to actually see things in an unbiased manner. Asking questions, digging out facts not judgements.

    Neither history nor people are really black an white, yes terrible things happen. All the time. And you can blame Germany for the wars they started. But its about the context that matters. Its not about blaming the GERMAN but the German politics of that time. There is a difference. How responsible are the people for such actions? That is an very difficult question. Some are for sure more responsible then others, some chose to fight Germany even, either passively (people hidding jews in their apartments for example) or even directly, by attacking the politics, like how Hans and Sophie Scholl did. And both, have been menbers of the Hitheryouth and League of German Girls, national socialistic groups. Both have been latter excuted for fighting the system. Curious if that fitts the typical picture about the Germans of that time. And there have been many moar citizend which actually didnt agreed with the system, but they keept silent, becaues of fear, which is if you think about it only natural. Would you, or anyone of us around here stand up in such an situation? While you have your children, and family at home? As I said in another post. Its very very easy to condemn people for what they did, or what they didnt do. But how about we just try to imagine how it is to be in such an situation?

    If you really are interested in the topic, then I suggest to search for John Rabe on google. I will not provide you with an link now, if you are REALLY interested in the topic and actually care enough you will search for articles about him. He was a Nazi. He believed in the party and Hitler. Yet. He is called in China the German Buddha because he saved many chinese people form the japanese army despite the fact that Japan was on good terms with Germany. How does that work? Find it out by your self.

    I feel pity for every human beeing that has to suffer trough the conditions of war. Be it a German, Russian, Croat or Serbian. Becaues in such situations, like war, the common soldier or man has never a chance to decide anything. All he does is suffer.

    I sadly do not remember the name of that German Wehrmacht General anymore, so you have to take my word for it. But there is a situation where the Germans attacked an Russian city in the winter of the early years of the war between the Sovietunion and Germany. The Russians had to leave the place so fast that they have been forced to leave their wounded soldiers behind or they would have risked to be surrounded. The German General was shocked about the conditions in the town and ordered all of his men to share their combat rations with the population and the wounded soldiers. When the Germans had to retreated latter, it was not that friendly. Some of the wounded German soldiers have been thrown in to the wather of the nearby river and left in the snow to freeze to death.

    But there are as well stories about Russians soldiers which actually did something similar, feeling remorse or pity for the "other" side. But usually the war on the east front was not leaving much room for that, on both sides and thus such situations are rather rare. The war in the east was a totall war. Since the first day.

    As said its not about to show who was worse. Its about to just make clear that a situation can be more then just black and white.

    well doing something like this isnt great either though:
    Because it seems that Mao was worse then Hitler and Stalin together, killing more people then both did eventually.

    But, this kind of thinking is relativism. It is very disrespectful regarding the veterans and the many people which died in all of those events. The dead, dont care if it was Mao, Stalin or Hitler that killed them. It will not give the dead back to the relatives by declaring Stalin or Mao as worse. In the end all of them have been assholes.

    The only sad part is that the big and small stalins, maos and hitlers still come and go. Maybe not here but in other places. Africa, or South America. Is it important who killed more in the end? Its always terrible.

    Anyway ... this was about battle field 4 >_>
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    I was just arguing that there is no such as thing as a "wrong" thing to make within the realms of writing/designing fantasy. As long as it remains there.
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    obviously you haven't seen much of Deviant Art "comics". if you had - you wouldn't say that so boldly :roll:
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    Yes I would, I won't read them, but I am not gonna tell people they can't write about hermaphrodite anthropomorphic characters fucking donuts or whatever.
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    Ugh. I think someone should, at some point. They're all, what, 12-15 years old - those young "artists"? If that goes on like this I'm going to bring my kids up in a barrel :?

    EDIT: yeah OK. derailing. I'm out of here.
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    12-15 years old? That some hard scientic facts, or youre pulling those out of your ... you know?

    Seriously. There is disturbing art out there yes. But its art. Its only disturbing if you belive its disturbing. Dont look at it. That simple
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    Jul 11, 2012
    holy shit crni said something I agree with.
    :o :shock: :(

    per BF4
    -its a cash grab
    No groundbreaking development that distinguishes it greatly from BF3. Which I love playing but still scratch head about absurdities that keep NOT being a major change in the patches. Not sure if these are problems on the PC as I play on 360.

    how did this make it past QC let alone the many patches, SERIOUSLY!!!

    2. DISSAPEARING SMAWS / RPGS after killed that would have been kill shots(vehicles).

    3. quickscoping/noscoping: on initial release this wasn't too bad , since last 2 patches even with counter suppression/ suppression shots this has gotten pretty cheesy. Not talking about CQ encounters within 25m talking about actual sniping.

    4.the LAV nerfing the ABRAMS: I'd like to see this battle IRL
    3rd or 4th patch. I admit that since this has stayed over in newer patches I have exploited this, personal streak of 4 tanks, and 10 anti-tank solders before dying. Ridiculously overpowered.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    IFVs have always been better than tanks. it just took some time for people to figure that Alphabet Shells + Rage Cage obliterate tanks.

    Them buffing the APHFGFGD shells didn't help either.
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    Aug 20, 2009
    What do people mean with the "headglitching"? I have been accused of using this a couple of times too (lol omfg cheat h4x wtf xD!111) and wasn't aware that I did any glitch ?

    Also - I always roll my eyes at people saying that every new game in a franchise MUST have huegloads of new content, new graphics etc. Why? Was Fallout 2 so bad, it was the same engine and little new graphical content too. Did it make it a bad game? I don't think so. I have nothing against "more of the same".
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    Oct 13, 2008
    Seriously, this thread turned into the Amazon Gold Box message board.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    It's is usually called "head clipping"

    In FPS games your perspective is on top/in the forehead of the player model. So while you think you are peaking behind cover, you are really behind it while you shoot bullets from your mind 1 foot above it. The guy getting shot at sees a wall,dumpster,etc shooting at him while he can't even see you.

    Most people have no idea it is even happening, few abuse the hell out of it.
  18. Dukeanumberone

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    Jul 11, 2012
    Agree. Prefer changes in game play, game play mechanics, story in story driven games. per FPS it has pretty much always had a very high emphasis on graphics though, even though I think the new COD looks cartoony and cheap.

    Don't know if its different on the PC, but I preordered this on 360 and was playing after the stupid 2 hr install, in the wee hours of the morning and tanks destroyed IFVs for at least the first 2 patches. Tank+Reactive+cannister vs IFVs+reactive+tank buster shells. I won countless battles, 1 v 1, both engage at same time, and had condition to spare after. This changed after they debuffed the canister shell and buffed the armor/firepower of the IFV.
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    May 26, 2011
    All the campaigns are the same for Battlefield and call of shitty and I never play them. But I do play online and have always loved BF multiplayer and look forward to this one online that is.

    As for the singleplayer vs multi thing for my $60 I'd rather get the endless online thats fun and runs right than pay that same $60 for a really well written 10hr story with crap online. But thats also why I buy singleplayer games like the elder scrolls and Fallout because that singleplayer is worth the $60 for me.
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    I played Battlefield 4 a few days ago. I'm not a fan of multi-player games so I never take things online. I only care about the campaign/story mode. The first mission was designed by a brain farter. You need to climb on top of a building to EVAC when the EVAC helo is jus 10ft above your head after you walk 100 meters from the point where you get the tactical bino. When I figured it out, I just stopped playing it and fired up Borderlands 2. If I continued playing, I'd have smashed my IPS panal on the wall and walk out of the room after seeing the 'cut the leg' shit. Whoever wrote the story has a fart stuck in their brain, blogging their mind..