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    Sep 27, 2012
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    Dec 20, 2011
    Huh. So Beth turned into EA. Well, that's certainly disturbing.
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    May 14, 2011
    Bethesda softworks, the publisher, was always much like other publishers. Overprotective of their copyrights and IPs. (such as in the mojang 'scrolls' game matter) Nothing new here.
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    May 27, 2004
    Euhm, the first link doesn't really show Beth did anything wrong. Prey 2 went overtime & overbudget & Beth refused to pay more than what was contractually promised? How does that make them the bad guys?

    The second link is a bit more troubling though.

    But hardly surprising.
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    Not really surprised... I haven't purchased anything by Beth since Oblivion came out and don't plan on changing that any time soon.
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    Aug 21, 2008
    Weren't the ways of zenimax and bethesda common knowledge here? Troubling as always, but i'm not sure if there exists a company that makes hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, all the while having decent business ethics.
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    Who is Quintuple X?
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    Reminds me of one of the old posts here on NMA, where someone made a connection between ZeniMax, money laundry and the mafia. :)
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    Nov 25, 2008
    what makese Bethesda special, or yeah, Zenimax, is how they always get away with it.

    I mean people talk shit about EA all the time. Like its EA you know. EA sucks. EA this EA that. On all the forums. More or less.

    But Bethesda?

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Well you gotta remember that is hip to hate EA, is the bandwagon, even if you don't understand why they are hating on them you just know the other nerds are berating with every non related letter of very message.That's how nerds work.
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    Oct 5, 2009
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    if you want to you can repost this on their forums.

    in the oh-so-distant past, businesses used to be run by individuals or groups of individuals with strong senses and involvements in religion. their profit margins were not the biggest, but because the top of the business had a moral/ethical backdrop based in religion, almost all their choices and decisions were based on ideals and concepts from that religious backdrop. businesses did prosper, but it was slower.

    then came the first true business magnates. giants of industry. people who's only goal was profit and market control and share. they did anything they could do, and even violating the law. it shocked the US economy as they made huge profits and made a lot of money which garnered them power.

    which then led to problems and issues where the customer's trust and interests were ignored in favor of more profit as more and more companies followed suit. and government did the only thing they could do, pass laws that guarantee customer rights and anti-monopoly laws.

    it helped, but still the problem persists to this day. companies ignoring their customers or the leaders of these companies no longer following their religious precepts in the goal of maximum profits at the cost of the customer.

    the only thing consumers can do is to tell these people like EA, bethesda/zenimax, and even places like wal-mart and amazon that we do NOT like their business strategies of maximum profit at the price of our best interests. the only way we can do this is to stop patronizing them. stop giving them your money.

    we have to tell these companies that if their only goal is maximum profits sacrificing everything else, then you will not get my money.

    i rarely purchase things from wal-mart. i rarely purchase things from amazon. i try to find local retailers. ones that i respect. the most effective mechanism i have of telling these companies i do not enjoy their business practices is by not purchasing what they are selling.

    if a company's only goal is profit, then the only way i have of telling a company what i think about them is to deny them profit from me.
  13. EnclaveForever

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    May 21, 2013
    Agreed completely, well said. Although profit is necessary for a business to function, executives are acting like computers nowadays and seemingly don't care about anything else. Exploitation I believe is taught in various courses, but is called something else. It also comes down to the fact that businesses are extremely big and tend to control more smaller, dedicated businesses in the vision of a "melting pot" (I.B.M for example). Some of these higher up executives don't even seem to be interested in gaming, let alone know much about the products their shipping, all they care about is if profit margins are increasing. We gamers don't have it rough, we can decide easily if we just not going to put anything into a company anymore, just don't buy their products. As for actual workers involved in the industry, they tend to get it the worst. Real talented artists that could make substantially more in-depth games if they were given patience and time are in a lot of cases cut from teams because of over-expansion or their projects are cut off funding completely.

    The times of utopian and promising visions of the future are over, the world has shifted gears completely into either idiotic excessive forceful "volunteerism" and or has only a high concern for profit and wealth. As for the majority, they usually just get sucked up in all the violence, sexuality and other forms of desires they can't seem to control that are televised and centralized in front of their faces all day.

    Just remember though, we still have a choice to not be apart of this culture, isolationism is frowned upon, but who cares if the culture promotes sexualization and degeneration of quality content on a large scale to satisfy their impatient uncontrollable desires.

    The gaming industry still has some bit of hope in the area of independent developers (Mojang and Zero Point Software), as long as they remain independent. As for the big companies such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, they act like parasites in the industry in my opinion, moving from developer to developer and sucking whatever ideas and profitable ambitions they can find. It's hard for the indies to remain actually indie due to issues with the economy and funds, many are quick to jump on the band-wagon, but many are also quick to completely go defunct as well.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    All past time was better bullshit....
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    Dec 20, 2011
    Yeah, I don't really get all the love for Beth either. Sure, they make "decent" games (provided you ignore the fact they can't program or write for shit), but nothing really amazing.
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    yeah, nothing was more exciting then to give your life for working on that rail road for almost no salary! hey! At least you helped to explore the west!