Bethesda/Obsidian screwed up some of Fallout: New Vegas voice acting

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    Game developers are closer to gamers than ever, with social media accounts media accounts. One of the more active social media guys associated with Fallout is Josh Sawyer, the lead designer of Fallout: New Vegas and one-time lead of Interplay's Fallout 3 project that never got finished. And he's been answering some questions on Tumblr, like whether or not he thinks a Fallout game could be set in the South. Or, why was the voice actor for General Oliver just some random dude? Well, because they screwed it up.
    Fallout: New Vegas had ~65,000 lines of spoken dialogue. To record all of the lines, we/Bethesda had four studios recording VO concurrently for a few months. It was a huge undertaking and unfortunately a few actors/parts got mixed up in the process.​

    Understandable but also hilarious. Too bad I don't even remember this General Oliver. Apparently the general for the NCR troops at the Hoover dam?
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    I actually did not mind General Oliver's voice, I never even noticed that he wasn't a "good" voice actor. On the other hand, Ulysses' voice acting was terrible, though that's partly the fault of Ulysses being a crappily written character.
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    General Oliver main purpose is to make the Yes Man ending more entertaining...
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    Well, it is kinda silly to have a guy that could kinda be considered a "final boss" of sorts to just be voiced by the Generic Bethesda NPC Type 5 voice actor.

    Hmm... Does the generic beth NPC counter even go that high? I forgot how many voice actors did all the Oblivion NPCs.
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    But wasn't it Obsidian who hired the voice actors for New Vegas though?
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    FNV, which is bug itself (engine is worst, I really hope that F4 will be on different engine) even after so many patches there was always bugs with us during gaming. Voice acting was horrible, well yeah most of times.
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    I don't have much complain about Oliver's voice.
    IMO, Oliver & Lanius are both overrated characters.
    It was nice that you face a boss at the end, that isn't someone you can kill before, but the fact you meet them at the end, while you know everything about their faction makes these characters underwhelming. Lanius is more intriguing, but they don't have the same effect as the Master/Lieutenant.
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    Meh, I felt most of the voice acting was fine. They did a good job in the circumstances. All the character's who needed a different voice had one (most importantly the companions, and characters like House, Caesar and Benny) and even some of the extras with the same voices as others felt more alive than their Skyrim counterparts. I mean, Jesus Christ, I couldn't tell one character from another in Skyrim.
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    Well Oliver is not really a great hero soldier, he ascended to where he is through nepotism and he is shown to be a very petty person so he is just random military office dron who is way over hsi head, so while the voice he has is the result of a mix up it still works towards his character.