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    Meant to post this here instead of the Fallout 76 forum

    I seemed to spark quite the reaction on social media by saying BoS shouldn't even been in Fallout 76. Apparently people take that stuff seriously!

    Timeline wise, when did Maxon actually form the name of BoS, and when did they leave Lost Hills? Been looking online for more info, but even the vault wiki seems to be flooded with Bethesda's seditious material about the West Virginia make believe chapter.
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    Good question. I tend to be rather obsessive about Fallout's lore, especially the original games but I also don't recall when it was mentioned in Fallout 1 or 2 when Maxson and his people started to refer to themselves as the Brotherhood of Steel.

    I know it was some time before several BOS members left to explore the ruins of the Glow for any useful technology but I think it happened after the original group started to convert the Lost Hills bunker into their base.
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    January 2077 Spindel's team was relocated to Mariposa. They later find out what's going on there shortly before the war happens, their leader can't handle it and they look towards Maxson for leadership. They kill a lot of scientists for their crimes. The Exodus happens a month after the bombs drop. I think it was around November, 2077 that the name Brotherhood of Steel was started to be used which is during the Exodus. I assumed it happened once the war happened but I don't know why I thought that :scratch:

    So maybe when they left Mariposa? But I swear I remember it being concretely during October 2077. Either way, it seems to me it happened that year.

    There's not much known afterwards until 2134 and that according to Fallout 76 some chapter started up via satellite and died before 2102 according to the wiki. It's likely hard as hell to get much concrete history of the BoS from the games even if you wanted to include the Bethesda games' information.
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    I mean, it would have been around 2077, but it would have been Homegrown (as we see in F1).
    Considering the first game takes place just over 80 after the bombs fell, one could say there was an expansion set in place with John (heck, maybe with Maxson II) but it seems very doubtful they would open up after 25 years anyway.
    I say this mostly for their isolationist views, they probably wouldn't want to communicate with other regions to open up new Boss chapters.
    They were very closed off in F1, if they opened up across the Country at that point then I would have expected the Californian region to be more expansive.
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    Leave Lost Hills? As in, once the radiation cleared enough to explore?