Canada’s top court rules non-penetrative sex with animals is legal

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    On sweden and rape: iirc we have a broader definition of what consitutes rape so thats why our number is so high i dunno where wed be if you only counted rape rape.
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    Lower? What constitutes rape in Sweden?
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    Read up.

    One of the things is that in Sweden each rape is counted even if it happens multiple times to the same person. So in a country where a man was raped 3 times they might only count it as one as it is one rape victim. In Sweden it is counted as three, as it is three separate rapes.

    Sweden's definition is also broader so that it is not only when a woman gets penetrated and forcefully held down. It can be fellatio while drunk or fucking someone who's too afraid to not give consent.

    Then there is the issue where not every rape is always reported. The statistics may say that country X has Y amount of reported rapes but that doesn't include unreported rapes since, well, they're unreported. In Sweden rapes go reported more often than a shitty third world country for example.

    This is the official legal definition of rape in Sweden:
    A person who by assault or other violence or by threat of a criminal act forces another person to have sexual intercourse or to undertake or endure another sexual act that, in view of the seriousness of the violation, is comparable to sexual intercourse, shall be sentenced for rape to imprisonment for at least two and at most six years.

    This also applies if a person engages with another person in sexual intercourse or in a sexual act which under the first paragraph is comparable to sexual intercourse by improperly exploiting that the person, due to unconsciousness, sleep, serious fear, intoxication or other drug influence, illness, physical injury or mental disturbance, or otherwise in view of the circumstances, is in a particularly vulnerable situation.
    So basically, you know how in a film someone has something tragic happen to them and when the love interest comes to comfort them they end up bumping ugglies? That'd be considered rape as you're taking advantage of someone who is not in the right frame of mind. In Sweden men can also be raped by women. Shocking, I know. In some countries the legal definition is about "penetrating the victim" or the victim being female. So, yknow. :shrug:
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    The thing is that there are a lot of other things animals don't consent to anyway. Let alone being food or being sexed. We routinely spay/neuter animals so they aren't aggressive. We force them into breeding programs for very specific characteristics that leave them prone to crippling congenital defects. And we also breed for traits that makes the dog think you're the bestest thing in the world.

    So sterilization? Check.
    Eating them? Check.
    Eugenics? Check.

    I don't know where "better" is supposed to be because there's not really any meaningful point of orientation to go by. We use other peoples as tools and instruments of convenience, but put up a lot of ethical boundaries on how far that can go. And then fudge the rules anyway. We don't have (so many of) those limits with animals.

    What it boils down to has nothing to do with intelligence or sapience or any of that. It comes down to simply that we are speciest and only readily accept members who interface with us culturally (with animals lacking nearly most everything required to do that). So we're also tribalists and racists some of the time to boot.
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    I came here and died twice.
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    Here's a third one.