Chris Avellone Sexual Assault Allegations

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This is the link, though I'm sure all you nerds already knew about it.

I know I haven't been active on this server for the better part of a year now, which is quite an understatement considering my last post on a forum was over a year ago, but my thoughts wouldn't fit in a status post. Chris Avellone has been accused of sexual assault by several women. My first reaction, unfortunately, was to defend him, but the allegations were too credible to ignore. It isn't an exaggeration to say that Chris was a hero of mine. I have always considered the DLC of Fallout New Vegas to be a gold standard in DLC, thanks largely to his writing. The Fallout games that he contributed to shaped my passion and interests. No work has had a greater influence on my life than Fallout. Two years ago, when I had to make a presentation about an inspiration of mine for Spanish class, I chose him.

There's a lot of debate about whether the art can be separated from the artist. Many would say that this shouldn't have an effect on my enjoyment of Old World Blues but this has undoubtedly tainted his work. I know a fair amount of you aren't surprised; Chris always had a reputation for being greasy and creepy around women, but I never really believed it. Part of me wishes I could just be blue-pilled of all this but the women he assaulted deserve justice, and the power imbalance within the gaming industry needs to be addressed.

Anyway, that's all.
Because of some of the music that I enjoy listening to as well as my interest in Lovecraft-influenced fiction it's generally easy to separate art from artist for me personally, at least so long as the art doesn't specifically pertain to the reasons that the artist was Bad.

That being said the allegations certainly shed more light on his sudden and ambiguous departure from Obsidian and make his writing for Durance in Pillars of Eternity a bit more skeevey. All in all it doesn't surprise me at all, not that it matters.
Basically what Drifter said. If you can't segregate the individual merit of art from the character or actions of the artist then a lot of work is going to be off limits to you. I'm a believer in "death of the author" and that segregation is part of that.

I think Avellone is probably one of the industry's best writers and I'll always enjoy his work, but it is a crying shame that the man himself is unwilling to regulate his behaviour and I feel sorry for the people who have been on the recieving end of his poor character.
A big part of it for me is making sure that, if this person is still alive, I'm at least doing my best to make sure that they aren't getting paid whenever I consume their content. Obviously this works better for creatives such as musicians rather than game developers.
There is already a thread about this over in Gaming. I'll leave this where it lies anyway since the news is dying off and it will be sliding to the bottom of the pile soon.
Well this is sad. I actually have a hand me down book titled: "The Role Playing Gamer's Bible". Chris did some of the drawings in it.
Really a shame to see this happen with him and to see just how wide spread shit like this ends up being. :( :question:
Remember, victims go to the police. Victimisers go to Twitter.

Remember how famous that one feminist woman got for chopping her boyfriend's cock off after abusing him for a while? She got standing ovations on feminist talk shows for showing up. Imagine the standing ovations any of these "victimized people" would get if any of them actually did get raped or sexually harassed, and their immediate report to the cops and testimony in court got a rapist/sexual abuser imprisoned.

If Hideo Kojima had a history of flashing his junk at random women who worked with him, we would have heard about it (and his arrest for doing that literally-illegal thing). There wouldn't be any need for a bunch of collaborators eager to further their careers to get together and plan out what stories to spread for profit.