Do you think Obsidian considers Fallout 3 canon?

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    As far as showing a non-isolationist chapter of the BoS, I didn't think 4 didn't do a terrible job even though it all culiminates in such a terrible conclusion (Blowing up the Institute being antithetical to basically any of their goals).

    Highly radicalized, highly millitarized and mobile. The Brotherhood shouldn't have interest in governing. Protection they offer should be a means to an end (of acquiring technology and recruits).

    I think making them a faction in a traditional sense makes them pretty fundamentally boring.
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    Yes, it is worse. Because Dave isn't just a random NPC that only exists to be lol'd at, Dave is also important for one of the best quests in the entire game "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head".

    He's also portraited as a successful, veteran mercenary. That survived years of dangerous work. And as a leader that somehow brainwashes his subjects with his great charisma. Not as an idiot cartoonish character.

    Having him be the leader of a tiny settlement that is near a deathclaw lair (a settlement that can easily be built anywhere else, since it's only a few shacks and a linked-chain fence) and then walk to said Deathclaw lair so he can make a new Republic of Dave... Is even more stupid then building a town around an active atomic bomb.
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    One of the original BoS endings was them turning into a R & D hub. I see them as a possible strong shadow faction of the NCR government. Using vast NCR resources to hoard the most dangerous tech and moving it into their bunkers.

    The NCR could be given use of PA on high value missions directly led by joint NCR/BoS officers. A shame this ending wasn't more fleshed out.
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    I don't see how that's any worse than ghosts, talking mole rats, talking plants and a intelligent radscorpion being canon in the fallout universe, with it not even being funny in the end.

    Fallout 2 also had that problem with san francisco somehow not getting annihilated by the master's army in fallout 1 considering how fucking close it was, they could have placed san francisco way farther.
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    Sure but the location (Dave's Republic) was pretty stupid and a waste of a good spot on the map for a better town designed by a developer not so retarded. I searched and searched for cool towns in Fallout 3 and Rivet City was the only one. What a joke.
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    Just because Fallout 2 did it doesn't exempt that from being criticized. If anything, it should have learned from Fallout 2 and not do it as well, since Fallout 2 gets rightfully criticized for all the dumb shit the devs put in that game.

    Again, Dave is not meant to be a joke character or a dated reference. He's actually supposed to be taken seriously, and yet they make him not be aware that the nearest town is full of deathclaws and also make him decide to create a town near that town full of deathclaws, and further decide to have him go to the town full of deathclaws to try to make another town. That's retarded on a level Fallout 2 didn't reached.
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    The old "Fallout 2 was dumb too" excuse. Yeah man but this isn't about what game is the best. This is about Fallout 3 canon being shit. Anyway Obsidian are also shit and love shit so yeah it is canon and the thread is frankly a little silly so of course it has reached 4 pages.

    Fallout 2 ruined the franchise. Hot take of 2021.
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    Megaton being built around a crater was neat(other than the bomb thing), but Rivet city market was my favorite. Too bad they didnt make use of the landing deck.
  9. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    It was neat but the location was shit. God the dialog is so barebones in that game I can't bear to remember it.
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    As much as i like it, i can't help but cri every time when i remember how damaging it was to the IP.
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    Jan 2, 2021
    I think a great idea would be megaton being fucked up and have a lot of slavery in it, with few sympathetic characters and more interesting dialogue regarding the connection between the cities and how it helps boost the economy between them, so it would make sense nuking it, and it would be an actually hard moral choice, but that apparently went over emil's smooth brain.
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    Not a bad idea but make nuking it have serious consequences, like a huge portion of the map becoming highly irradiated and all of the buildings in the blast zone being destroyed. This would be a lot of work obviously.
    The thing is, I think Dave is meant to be a joke character as well as the whole Republic of Dave. Him going to Old Olney is supposed to be a joke and not taken seriously. But the quests he is involved in are played relatively straight and are meant to be taken seriously, and I think this is one of the differences between Bethesda’s stupid shit and Fallout 2’s stupid shit.

    In Fallout 2 the jokey stuff is for the most part separate from all the serious stuff. For example, in Broken Hills you have a very serious quest line involving the racist conflict between mutants and humans, and then several very silly quests that have absolutely nothing to do with the serious quest.

    But Bethesda doesn’t really take anything in fallout seriously, so the “serious” is blended in with the “jokes” instead of being kept separate and self-contained. If Bethesda had done Broken Hills, the chess-playing radscorpion would’ve been the mastermind behind the anti-mutant conspiracy because hey, that’s funny! They don’t mind ruining a serious, thought-provoking quest with a dumb punchline, that’s just what they think fallout is. Not that they can really get the “thought-provoking” part down.
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