Fallout 1/2 leave Steam, Bethesda working to get them back on it fast

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    Tiny correction about the GPL. This license doesn't mean that the software which is published under it can't be sold. In contrary. The main purpose of this license is to keep the source free not stop any selling. So if any changes are made by a third party it is mamdatory that the source is published for free too. So if Bethesda/Interplay/GOG (as far as I know doesn't include the Steam version the patch) or whoever changes Timeslips source for their own project then they have to publish it under GPL License again. If they use his unmodified original then a link to his source site and a proper mention of author and license is enough to confirm to the license.
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    Actually, the GPL allows for it. They can redistribute, charge, etc. They are obliged to make users know of the license and provide the source code on request at no higher price than the binaries, though.

    Actually, neither the code nor the binaries are mandated to be distributed for free. The conditions are (reduced to what's relevant here, that is):
    A) That you provide the source code to your users on request;
    B) That, if you charge for the source code (which you are allowed), its price may not be higher than what you charge for the binaries;
    C) That you don't restrict users of redistributing the files, which means that once someone bought it, he's free to share it with whoever he wants.
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    Nov 17, 2008
    Thanks for clearing it up. I am no native english speaker but meant and tried to explain the same.
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    They will more than likely just ad their name to the intro and their is a 0.000001% chance of them doing any bug fixing. It wouldn't be worth their while.
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    Okay, I'm trying to remember ancient history here but there will be some complications about changing the spinning logo. This is because the movies were made in *.MVE format, the MVE format as far as I'm aware was Interplay property so Beth couldn't really create a new MVE video without Interplay's consent or paying them royalties. If you look back at the Descent Freespace project (they were lucky enough to have the source code released to them), all the references to the MVE format were removed which meant initially there were no movies supported by that project. Of course some bright spark added DivX support or some such into the code eventually and the problem was solved.

    I know there are community tools for MVE conversion and Interplay never cared about them, but if Beth started doing it I suspect it would be an issue.
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    Since the content now belongs to Beth, they should be able to convert it as they please, no?
  7. WorstUsernameEver

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    May 28, 2010
    I honestly doubt Bethesda cares about changing the spinning Interplay logo, though. It's an easy enough thing to check anyway: did they add a Bethesda logo to Doom and Wolfenstein when they got ownership of id Software and started publishing those two?
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    Damn, they even got right to Doom/Wolfenstein. We're doomed...
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    Is anyone running Tactics on a Mac using the current OS? I managed to grab the games when they were free, but for some reason all of the character sprites flicker in Tactics, and I can't figure anyway to get them to stop. I'm running 10.8.5, and the specs are more than enough for something like this. I tried searching online, but haven't seen anyone having quite the same problem as me.

    Never had this problem with 1 or 2, though in a recent OS update, Apple decided to stop letting me run my copy of Fallout, claiming it was a PowerPC application for some reason.
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    Oct 19, 2006
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    thats their tactic with every new game. They alinated the Elder Scroll Fans with Morrowind, they Alinated their Morrowind fans with Oblivion, and they alinated their Oblivion fans with Skyrim, albeit, they alinated them with the fact that Skyrim was a better game, though, after Oblivon they really had no other choice then to go upward :V
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    I think people overuse the word "alienate".
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    "A space alien ate my cat yesterday" is a perfectly valid use, though.
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    I am pretty sure the game will stay as is.
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    would you bet your mustache for it?
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    This is what alienated truly means!

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    Nope, they're genetically engineered mutants who were called aliens by the game because of internal miscommunication, totally not aliens. TOTALLY NOT aliens.
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    wanamingos are cute, kinda.
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    They are not cute untill you got power armor and strong weapon to kill them:lol:
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    GOG are using it with my permission. They send me nice christmas cards. :) As for steam, I once had someone PM me a copy of the ddraw.dll that got installed along with their steam copy of fallout 2, and whatever it was, it wasn't sfall. Looked like some simple compatibility thing for the 8 bit colour problem. Dunno if the've used sfall before or since.