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    Dec 6, 2007
    Yeah, that JHP ammo can smart real good if you're unarmored. Desert Eagles are even worse. The Toughness perk can be a lifesaver, and armor is necessary.

    All the shotguns do have a +20% chance to hit, to represent their spread (try comparing your hit chances with a Shotgun and a .44 Magnum which has the same range, and you'll see). It's hard to tell what AC really means, but in the end I decided to give -AC only to ammo that pierces armor, explodes or burns, and the Shotgun shells don't really fit into those categories.
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Companions refuse to wear power armor and advanced power armor; kevlar and metal are working fine. Not sure whether on purpose or not, just letting you know. (RP 2.3.3)
  3. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    This is a reported conflict with the Unlimited Party Members mod, do you have that?

    The issue seems to be that they think Power Armor is a very poor armor, and will only wear it if they've got nothing else. Have you tried taking all armor items from them including what they're wearing, then give them only a suit of power armor and ask them to wear it?
  4. valcik

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Nope, just NPC Armor mod included in RP already:

    Hah, tried it right now, it worked. Silly me! Thanks for heads up.
  5. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    Here's the last post I'll make before I upload the new version. Took a while longer because I realized that hook scripts are awesome. Only a few things remain to be done now.

    Throwable explosives!
    Explosives do more damage.
    Some gun range/hit bonus tweaks.
    Violent melee death animations!
    Melee Damage also affects minimum damage.
    Melee Damage affects thrown melee weapons.
    Some melee weapon damage/AP cost tweaks.
    Lit Flares do Fire damage.
    Molotovs do Fire damage.
    Gold/Uranium/Refined Uranium are better weapons.
    Needler Pistol -> Taser(electric damage).
    Cattle Prods and Tasers cause unconsciousness on critical hits.
    Weapons with 5mm ammo come loaded with AP by default(affects enemies in random encounters, but not game maps).
    Bridgekeeper Robes have stats of Tesla Armor (optional).
    Rebalanced worldmap encounters.
    Sfall 3.6 bundled as optional install, those parts of the mod that depend on it will be installed along with it (or without it, if you tell the installer to do so).
    Automated mod installer!
    Psycho affects AC instead of DR (optional).
    Updated the readme and installation documents.

    Not done:
    Updated critter protos for recent versions of RP/UP/Megamod (about 50% finished with making a proto mass-updating tool, the rest is a cakewalk).

    Not gonna be done in this version:
    Armor AC rebalance.
    Maps where enemies use better ammo/weapons.
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  6. BigBadPig

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Violent melee death animations!
    Melee Damage also affects minimum damage.
    Melee Damage affects thrown melee weapons.
    Some melee weapon damage/AP cost tweaks.

    Yep, looking good. Looking VERY good, I can't even remember for how long I've been waiting for something like this. Thanks from the very bottom of my melee-loving heart:).
  7. valcik

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Thank you for all the effort you're putting in this great mod, Magnus. I'm finishing RP right now and it was a hell of a ride for me! :smile:

    Some gratuitious and funny notes:
    - Kaga in RP possess some serious kick on higher levels. He gave me hell in his full glory - wearing APA and tossing two plasma grenades per round at me, before he finished me off with a single burst of his laser gatling. Seriously guys, you don't want to meet Kaga with WR installed!
    - Ring fight in San Fran rocks really hard due to reduced AP cost for high-level HtH attacks as Piercing Kick or Piercing Strike. Those Dragon's test fighters made me fly across the ring like a rag! I used to be a kung-fu fighter before I took a blow in the knee. :mrgreen:

  8. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    Can I get a hell yeah?!

    By the way, does anyone know how to edit a thread's title? Editing the title of the first post no longer does it...

    Changes in v2.3:

    Installation Automation:

    The mod now has a user-friendly installer, so you won't have to copy over all the files manually. Put the F2WR folder and the F2WRInstall.exe in your Fallout 2 folder (where Fallout2.exe is), run the installer and follow the instructions. It will ask you a few questions, and then install the mod based on what you told it. The installer requires .NET 4.0, and an Intelligence of 4 or higher to use.

    The installer will not let you mix and match the different weapons, armor and critter folders, you must install them all. You can still do a custom installation by moving the files manually, and the "energy weapons without armor" folder is still there, but doing a manual install is no longer recommended. The installer will let you choose whether to install the optionals or not, such as ammo rarity and the altered random encounters.

    Note that you must use the installer in order to get the updated item descriptions for the Taser and its ammo, and to display the correct Strength requirements for the various weapons. If you don't use the installer you must do these changes yourself, see F2WRInstallation.txt for info on how to do that.


    A few of the changes in this version require sfall v3.4-v3.6, or higher.
    For good measure F2WR now comes with sfall v3.6 bundled, and the installer will ask you if you want to install it.
    You can choose to install 3.6 and the changes that depend on it, or not to install 3.6 but still install the changes, or neither.

    The installer won't overwrite your ddraw.ini unless you explicitly tell it to (it will only recommend doing so if it detects that you don't have sfall installed at all). However, it will set certain properties in the .ini, and add them if it doesn't find them there. You might want to check the ddraw.ini yourself after installing the mod.

    Note that the sfall version that comes with Killap's RP is 3.3, and the one in the Megamod is ancient.
    To my knowledge there is no harm in upgrading to sfall 3.6 with the RP or Megamod installed, as long as you leave the ddraw.ini intact.

    Boomsticks of Doom:

    You can now go tossing armed explosives around, like the omnicidal maniac you are. Just put the ticking bomb in your weapon slot and chuck it at someone, preferably before it goes off in your hand. Both Dynamite and Plastic Explosives cost 4AP to throw and have a range of 18 hexes (Strength 6). They do no damage when they hit, but it is possible to knock someone unconscious with a good aimed throw to the head. The bomb will then explode wherever it landed when the timer runs out, for the usual amount of damage. Be aware that since it is now technically a weapon, unarmed enemies might consider picking up the bomb before it explodes and throw it back at you!

    (Requires sfall) Dynamite and Plastic Explosives now do 20 points more damage than before. The new damages are 50-70 for Dynamite, 60-100 for Plastics, with an additional 10 to each if you have the Demolition Expert perk.

    High Voltage:

    The Needler Pistol has been renamed to Taser.
    It does 18-24 points of Electrical damage and has a range of 15.
    Its normal ammo has been renamed to Taser Cartridge, and has no modifiers.
    Its AP ammo has been renamed to HV Taser Cartridge and has an AC modifier of -10 and a Damage mod of 5/4, which means it does 25% more damage.
    The Taser costs $1600.
    Scoring a critical hit with the Taser will always knock an enemy unconscious, in addition to the usual critical effects.

    Cattle Prods now have the same effect as the Taser, causing unconsciousness on critical hits. They no longer have a +20% chance to hit.

    Armor Piercing Armageddon:

    All weapons that use 5mm ammo are now loaded with the AP variety by default. This affects enemy weapons in random encounters and what the weapons will be loaded with in shops, but not what ammo they will have in town maps. For instance, the Raiders in their base will still use JHP in their Assault Rifles, but in worldmap encounters they now use AP. This is more realistic (military ammunition calibers are hardly ever chambered in hollow-point) and makes your Combat Armor less of a stonewall for your enemies. Have fun with that low Outdoorsman skill.

    Psychosomatic AC Insane:

    Psycho gives you +50 DR in the unmodded game, which means you will become invulnerable to JHP ammo with F2WR installed. Worse, if an enemy takes a dose of it, all of his companions will become unstoppable death tanks. You can now choose to install a modified version of Psycho which gives +40 AC instead. This means you will be much harder to hit, but still take normal damage if you do get hit.

    Murderous Melee:

    The Power Fist does 18-25 damage and has an ammo capacity of 16.

    The Mega Power Fist has an ammo capacity of 16 (eight punches per reload).

    (Requires sfall)
    The Melee Damage stat is now also applied to your Minimum damage like it says in the in-game descriptions, not just your Maximum.
    (The inventory screen will still show it as only applied to the maximum, but the damage calculation now takes it into account properly.)
    This makes a high Strength and the Bonus HtH Damage perk more valuable to Melee characters, and the Heavy Handed trait is now slightly less awful.
    Note that this change affects everyone in the game, not just you. Goris now hits *ridiculously* hard at higher levels.
    Other, hostile deathclaws naturally also benefit from this change, as well as dogs, centaurs, geckoes, knife-wielding thugs, boxing opponents, etc...

    Little Jesus now costs only 2 AP per attack. Puta madre.

    Wakizashi blades now have stats of a small sword, whether the custom animations from the RP are installed or not.
    They now swing and thrust for 3AP, and do 12-28 damage. Banzai!

    The Ripper no longer has Penetrate, but its damage is now calculated differently from other melee weapons:
    It treats Leather armor like it's not even there, and is only slightly impaired by Combat armor.
    However, it does much less damage to Metal armor than before, and is practically useless against Power armor.
    Also, Tesla armor will stop it dead because the EMP field shuts down its motor.

    The Louisville Slugger does 25-32 damage.

    Flaming Flares:

    Lit Flares now have a secondary Punch attack, cost 3 AP to punch with and 2 to throw, and do 2-9 Fire damage (+5 with Pyromaniac).
    (If you do not install the sfall-dependent changes, you will not be able to do aimed attacks with Lit Flares.)

    Unlit Flares now cost 2 AP to throw, but are otherwise unchanged.

    Throwing Is Awesome:

    Throwing Knives do 10-17 damage, but can only be thrown.

    (Requires sfall)
    Your Melee Damage is now also applied to thrown weapons (except Flares and grenades/molotovs). This does stack with the bonus they already get from the Bonus Ranged Damage perk, so if you are absolutely crazy about throwing you may want to get that one in addition to the Bonus HtH Damage perk.

    (Requires sfall)
    Molotov Cocktails now actually do Fire damage, but still have the explosion effect. This makes them generally more effective against armored enemies, and very much so against certain flammable ones, such as Aliens. Their explosion graphics are also slightly smaller.

    Glorious Gore:

    (Requires sfall)
    Certain melee weapons now have critical death animations!
    If someone is killed with a hit that did more than a certain amount of damage (or you have Bloody Mess), you will see their death in gruesome detail:
    Lit Flare (15 damage or more): Extra crispy.
    Wakizashi Blade (40 or more): Sliced in half
    Ripper(45 or more): Sliced in half
    Deathclaw attack(50 or more): Sliced in half.
    (Super) Cattle Prod (40 or more): Electrocuted.
    (Mega) Power Fist (50 or more): Blowing hole in torso.
    Super Sledge (75 or more): Bloodsplosion!

    Hard Rock and Heavy Metal:

    Rocks do 3-4 damage, cost 3AP to punch with and 2AP to throw. They have a max throwing range of 24 hexes.

    Gold Nuggets and Uranium Ore do 14-16 damage, and require a Strength of 6 to wield. Their bugged Punch attack has been fixed, they cost 4AP to punch with and 3AP to throw. They have a max Throwing range of 18 hexes.

    Refined Uranium Ore does 20-23 damage and requires a Strength of 7 to wield. Its bugged Punch attack has been fixed, it costs 4AP to punch with, has a Knockback effect and cannot be thrown.

    (If you do not install the sfall-dependent changes, you will not be able to do aimed attacks with the Rock, Uranium Ore or Gold Nugget.)

    Tweaks and Fixes:

    The Bridgekeeper's Robes now have stats equal to Tesla Armor, except for AC and weight. This fits their item description better, and addresses the fact that with an average Luck you will likely find them before you reach Vault City, at which point a free suit of Combat Armor is too cheesy. If you don't want this change, go to the F2WR\Items\Old Bridgekeeper Robes folder, and move the .pro file in there to your Data\Proto\Items folder after you've installed the mod.

    (Requires sfall)
    The following Sfall parameters are now set to 1 in the ddraw.ini during installation, the installer will put them there if it doesn't find them.
    See the comments in the v3.6 ddraw.ini for more info on what they do. You can of course set them back to 0 again if you don't like them.
    Also, "DamageFormula" will be set to 0, in case you accidentally set it to something else.

    The Pulse Rifle, Super Sledge and Laser Rifle had wrong ST requirements displayed in the item info (the correct one was used by the game, though).
    They now display the correct ST requirements, and so do the Rock/Ore weapons.
    A few other weapons have had their item descriptions modified to fit their new behavior in F2WR.
    (The installer does this by modifying the lines of those items in pro_item.msg, but leaves the rest of the file as it is.
    This should therefore be compatible with any other mods you might be running that add new items or modify item descriptions.)

    The Desert Eagle has a range of 27.

    The 14mm pistol has a range of 30.

    The Assault Rifle has a range of 32 single shot and 27 burst, and no hit bonus.

    Putting a nightvision scope on the FN FAL increases its range by three hexes, to 38 single and 33 burst.

    The FN FAL HPFA has a range of 40 single shot and 35 burst.

    The Hunting Rifle has a range of 35, and a hit bonus of 8% * Perception.

    The Bozar does 50-76 damage, has a range of 50 and horrible accuracy if you're close to your target.

    Gauss ammo now ignores DR completely (-100 modifier). It still doesn't increase damage.

    Previously the Minigun and Avenger had a hit bonus of 8% * Perception, while the Vindicator had none. They now all have a flat hit bonus of 20%.

    Robes (regular, not Bridgekeeper) have a normal DR of 15, Explode DR of 10, Electrical DR of 20, an AC of 12 and no resistance to Laser damage.

    Dangerous Wasteland:

    The mod now contains a set of changes to the random encounters, to make ammo more scarce and adjust when certain weapons become available. The changes are listed in detail below.
    (The installer will look through your Worldmap.txt file, and change those encounters that are specified by F2WR, if it finds them. It will leave the rest of the encounters alone.
    This keeps F2WR compatible with mods that add new encounters, as those encounters will not be changed.)

    Some early encounters (Den, Modoc) had a condition on them that the player must be a certain level in order to see all the enemies. You will now see all enemies in those encounters at any level.

    Enemies no longer carry any spare ammo, you will have to loot what's left in their weapon. This mostly affects people with shotguns, and a few caravan guards.

    Enemies with a (Sawed-Off) Shotgun have a melee or thrown weapon as a sidearm, because they run out of ammo after just two shots.

    Molotov Cocktails can now be found on Robbers, Highwaymen and Vault City Slavers, with increasing likelyhood for each of those groups. Bootleggers around Redding and Moonshiners around Modoc also have a handful of Molotovs to steal or buy, since they brew their own alcohol.

    Vault City patrols and NCR Rangers now have Grenades. Vault City Slavers, Broken Hills Rogues and NCR Marauders may also have them.

    Vault City patrols have Assault Rifles, FN FALs, Tasers and Desert Eagles, instead of only Assault Rifles and Desert Eagles.

    Prospectors and Bootleggers around Redding have Sawed-Off Shotguns instead of Pancor Jackhammer.

    Claim Jumpers around Redding have .44 Magnum instead of Taser.

    Homesteaders around Redding have Scoped Hunting Rifle instead of HK G11.

    Bishop's Raiders (on the worldmap, not in their base) have Assault Rifles, HK CAWS, 14mmPistols and Grease Guns, instead of Assault Rifles, Combat Shotguns, Grease Guns and more Grease Guns.

    Rogues around Broken Hills have Sniper Rifles instead of Pancor Jackhammer, and 9mm Mauser instead of Shotgun.

    The Broken Hills Unity patrols have a 30% chance of spawning a mutant who wields Refined Uranium Ore as a weapon.

    New Reno Mobsters have Sawed-off Shotguns and Grease Guns instead of Sniper Rifles, and a 30% chance of spawning an extra mobster with an M60.

    NCR Rangers have Pancor Jackhammer instead of HK CAWS, Sniper Rifle instead of Grease Gun, FN FAL instead of Combat Shotgun, Taser instead of Flamer and a 30% chance of spawning an extra Ranger with an XL70E3.

    NCR Marauders have Ripper instead of Combat Knife, and HK G11 instead of Sharpened Spear.

    One of the San Francisco Hubologists now wields a Light Support Weapon, because all of her Plasma Grenades have been stolen.

    One of the San Francisco Mercenaries now has twice as many Plasma Grenades as before. :)

    San Francisco Mercenaries wield XL70E3 instead of Tasers and have a 30% chance of spawning an extra mercenary with an FN FAL HPFA.

    San Francisco Press Gangs have a 30% chance of spawning an extra gang member with a Super Sledge.

    Enclave Patrols use upgraded Plasma Pistols instead of normal ones, they now also have Magneto-Laser pistols, and they no longer carry any Money or Combat Knives.

    Professional Protos:

    Because I am a moron I haven't yet figured out how to get the critter protos from the newest version of the Megamod. It seems that it packs them all into master.dat somehow, and my dat exctracting program crashes when I try to open it. So, you're stuck with the old protos if you're using the Megamod, but MIB88 has told me that the only critter that's been changed in the Megamod since F2WR was last updated is the Sentry Brain. Hopefully that's not too big an issue.

    However... I have done the RP/UP protos!
    The new NPCs in Killap's RP now have F2WR's armor stats, with a few exceptions:

    The EPA spore plants have no resistance to fire and are weak to laser, but have Electrical resistance equal to Plasma (was previously none).

    The EPA Mother Spore Plant has slightly better armor than the regular ones, and some resistance to fire.

    The Depressed Mr Handy now has Metal Armor (was previously Unarmored), but is still susceptible to EMP.

    The EPA Mother Alien is now ridiculously well armored, but is somewhat weak to fire. Possibly the toughest critter on the mainland.

    Anna the Ghost and Nessa the Tribal Ghost are no longer vulnerable to Plasma damage!

    Unarmored Marcus now has some Electrical resistance (15DR, 3DT).

    The K-9 had weird (and quite strong) armor, but it's now equal to Combat Armor Mk 2 with lower Electrical resistances. He's still vulnerable to EMP.

    Sentry Bot Mk. II used to be weak to Fire for some reason. They are now weak to Electrical instead.

    EPA Plant Men used to have absurdly high resistance to Normal and Laser damage. They now have somewhat less resistance to normal (75% instead of 95%), and are weak to Laser, but stronger against Electrical attacks.
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    Jan 14, 2008
    Damn it, there goes my Int1 toon...:)
  10. Drobovik

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    Jun 20, 2011

    Link in first post of the thread takes you to old 2.2 version. Only if you copy-paste mediafire link it will work. I know, I know, im a pain in the arse)

    PS: Asked Sduibek with admin rights to update the name of your thread.
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  11. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007

    Fixed the link while you posted, it should work now.

    You know I already included you in the credits section for being such a royal pain in the ass? :grin:

    The Molotov Cocktail Fire damage "fix" turned out to be a shitload of fuck. I'll try fiddling with it tomorrow and see if I can make it work better, if not I'll have to revert it to Explosive damage. Sorry, @phobos2077.

    UPDATE 2:
    All right, fixed it! I've uploaded a hotfix and changed the links on the front page, they will now point to the updated archive. Download it, put it in your fallout2 folder and run the installer, but do not install the random encounter changes again.

    Changes in v2.3a:

    Corrected the bad hs_itemdamage.int script which caused the Molotov Cocktail to behave erratically.

    The installer will now warn you if it detects that you've already installed the F2WR random encounters, as installing them twice will cause problems.
    In that case you can choose to install them anyway, or skip them. The "What Else" section of the readme has been updated to reflect this.
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  12. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    And another hotfix is up, probably the last one for v2.3 (haha, who am I kidding, in a couple of days I'll discover that I accidentally made the Bozar fire a combination of blue lasers and hard-boiled eggs.)
    Thanks to @Drobovik for the protos! I actually found them myself, but he pointed me in the right direction.

    Changes in v2.3b:

    You can now aim with Lit Flares.

    Finally included updated critter protos for the Megamod v2.45.3! Critters added or changed by that mod will now have F2WR's armor stats, as well as the changes listed below:
    Radscorpions and Cockroaches have half as much Laser DR.
    Anna the ghost is now immune to Plasma damage.
    Mutated Mole Rats (Metal Armor) now have some Electric resistance.
    Mole Rat Fighters now have stats equal to Robes (less resistances, more AC).
    Marcus's Stage 2 and 3 (Metal Armor) now have some Electric resistance.
    K-9 now has Combat Armor Mk II with reduced Electric resistance, his AC is unchanged.
    Mr. Handy robot now has Metal armor instead of Unarmored (still no EMP resistance).
    EPA Spore Plants, Phil, Specimens from Tanks, Scarecrow and Fruit Flies are now immune to EMP.
    Guardian of Ardenius now has Metal Armor Mk2 with some Electric resistance.
    Chief Paladin now has Hardened Power Armor.
    Humongous Rat now has Advanced Power Armor Mk 2 (but no EMP weakness), and is somewhat weak to Laser, Explode and Electric damage.
    Guard Rat and Hunter Rat now has Robes (more AC and resistances).
    R2-D2 now has Metal Armor Mk 2, with more Fire and Electric resistance.
  13. teukros

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    Magnus: Sounds great, you have me really looking forward to starting a new game. :smile:

    Will Lujo's gameflow fixes be compatible with your edited maps?

    And, wrt the M60, single shot mode seems pretty strange. I remember being instructed to not fire very short bursts... granted, it was a very long time ago.
  14. Magnus

    Magnus Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 6, 2007
    I haven't edited any maps, so as far as I know these fixes should be compatible. I haven't heard of them before, though. Where can I download them?

    The M60 and Light Support Weapon got a single shot mode waaay back in an early version of the mod, by request. The intention was to make Big Guns more useful, which I think is a good idea, but I agree that it is a bit strange. Those weapons don't have single shot modes in real life as far as I know. I also don't like the assault rifle sound they get with the single shot.

    I'm toying with the idea of giving them a short 5 AP burst option that fires half as many bullets, in addition to the long 6 AP one which fires the full amount. I'll see how that goes.
  15. teukros

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    Sep 5, 2010
    The quick and dirty

    The long and detailed

    And to download and install (I checked the download link just last night and it seems to be fine)

    I think that the Gameflow Fixes are just changes to scripts, and I would bet that it would be compatible with your upcoming version with modified maps. But I wanted to double check with the experts, just to be on the safe side.

    I think that that would be a lot better. A short M60 burst should have reduced accuracy, though.
  16. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    New hotfix is up. Mostly just fixing bugs and oversights, but I managed to sneak in a nifty little Unarmed feature. I'd rather not put in any new features until 2.3 is stable though. Then I'll start working on the Vault 15 map, which is horribly bugged (but that's Black Isle's fault, not mine).

    If you're installing this update over a previous version of F2WR, you must do two things before you install this one:
    1. Delete the old F2WR folder in your Fallout 2 folder, if it's there.
    2. Restore your original Worldmap.txt from F2WRBackupWorldmap.txt before installing the random encounters.

    Changes in v2.3c:

    The previous version (2.3b) stated that it included the updated protos for the Megamod. Well, it didn't. But this one does! Sorry about that.

    Unarmed special attacks no longer have Knockback. They are more about technique than power, and Knockback is usually a detriment to a melee fighter. The regular kicks and punches still have Knockback, so you can choose whether to pummel an enemy where they stand with Piercing Strikes or send them flying with Haymakers. This finally gives a purpose to the Hip Kick, which is identical to the Snap Kick and unlocked at the same level, but costs more AP.

    Changed the models of a few enemies so that they can actually use the weapons they've been given in the random encounters:
    Prospectors (Scoped Hunting Rifle)
    Robbers (Molotov)
    Highwaymen (Molotov)
    Vault City Slavers (Grenades)
    Their models will only be changed if you choose to install the random encounters.

    Reduced amount of molotovs in Robber encounters.

    Reduced amount of grenades in Vault City Slaver encounters.

    Yakuza now have a Throwing skill of 60%, so they should hit you some of the time (instead of never, because their unmodded throwing skill is zero!).
  17. teukros

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    Sep 5, 2010
    I know there was discussion in the main RP thread some time ago, but... would it be possible for you to make the Kaga encounters optional? To basically give an option to uninstall or disable them I guess...

    The Kaga encounters are the one thing about the RP I really, viscerally do not like. It just feels wrong. Like something from a cheesy movie you might see on the EPIX channel after midnight. I never for the life of me understood why the encounters were not optional. :scratch:
  18. Magnus

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    Dec 6, 2007
    I could do that, but it's not within the scope of this mod (otherwise there are many traits and perks that I would have changed already). I personally quite like them. Fallout 2 to me always felt like it lacked a nemesis, and Kaga does a better job of it than Frank Horrigan.

    I'll try to figure out how to disable him, so you can do it yourself. I'll update this post with a guide when I do.
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    Cool, good to see your around, Magnus, and making new releases too!

    Hopefully in the coming months I can get a new version of the RP out myself. I've been away for a while now.
  20. Magnus

    Magnus Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Dec 6, 2007
    :jawdrop: I thought we had lost you! Glad to see you're back as well. I guess the RP could use a bit of tuning here and there.

    Have you thought about changing the bugged enemies in Vault 15? Many of the raiders there have grenades, and their proto has the animations and skill to use them. But in the mapper they've been given a stack of ammo as a wielded item, not a grenade. This means that they will never use their grenades or even their guns, they just run up and punch you. It also means that a bugged ammo stack appears in their inventory when you kill them. It's mostly noticeable on level 2, where a bunch of unarmed raiders gang up on you and you can simply gun them down, even though they're actually quite heavily armed.

    I'm asking because Vault 15 looks like it was intended to be a very tough fight, but because of this oversight by Black Isle it is currently extremely easy, and I've been wanting to do this change myself for a while.