Fallout 76 Nukes Lore and Releases

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    That's exactly what the New Plague was. A new engineered plague that was to be used against USA enemies. But I think it was a Chinese spy got hold of some sample and stole it, then accidentally spread it in the USA or something like that (I just woke up and I am quite sick so I can't think properly at the moment).
    This was from the classic games already.

    EDIT: John Henry Eden already mentioned the New Plague up there.
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    See, Fallout 76 even entertains people who don't buy the game
    Correct. Chinese spies stole a sample of Limit 115 from the labs at the Dome in Boulder. It was accidentally released in Denver during the food riots and from there quickly spread through the state.

    ODYSSEUS was programmed to monitor the spread of the plague and run simulations on what the possible outcome scenarios would be.
    If the New Plague could not be contained ODYSSEUS was to "warm up" the missiles on board BOMB001, 002, and other missile launch bases to sterilize the region to eliminate the infection.
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    Dutch is 100% correct here. I'm find the lore in 76 to be down right entertaining. Such as ground zero for the Super Mutants is 76, Huntersville. It was apparently some secret West Tek (who of course has a branch in WV) experiment. The U.S Army quarantined the area and monitored the people to take away "promising subjects". Sounds to me like they where trying to make Super Soldiers...you know, before The Master, cause Bethesda has to one up previous lore and make the concept of Super Soldiers a Bethesda idea.
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    That video was up for three years and i read that Todd and Hines knew of its existence, but it's suddenly taken down in the midst of the criticism Fallout 76 is getting. I smell damage control.
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    I think that video was removed shortly after being uploaded.

    Because I found the same video, uploaded just 6 days after the original one was uploaded, saying that: "Original video was here: *link to original*".

    So it seem the original one was just uploaded for 6 days or less, and then someone else uploaded it again, and this one is still up on youtube since 2015:

    EDIT: I just thought that what I wrote is wrong, I shouldn't try to think about stuff while I can barely form simple thoughts. The movie might have been re-uploaded on the 5th and then lasted 3 years and now be gone again. Maybe.
    Well now I better go and sleep, because I am falling asleep and can't think very well.
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    Are you guys talking about Crowbcat's video? WMG nuked it.
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    Just got this one from the RPG Codex.
    It is a response to a tweet John Carpenter made

    It oozes irony
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    Really Carpenter? :?

    I respect you man, do not try to change it.
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    Nukes in Fallout 76 make sense retard.

    How do you think the world got so irradiated? Because it got NUKED. If nukes exist in universe, of course they're going to be in the game.

    Heheh checkmate purists :smug:
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    That's basically what ZAX in first Fallout tells you - military took over and started their own experiments in California before The Master:

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    That's correct. (Although I'm late to the party) But even if weaponized viruses were a thing in other places doesn't mean they'd need to use the New Plague here (they probably should just for the conservation of story elements). Even if it were a new virus though, anything is better than being so cliched as to bring in zombies. Then again these are the same people who have actual magic in a Fallout game.
    So far as Bethesda rebooting Fallout? They won't. They'll use magic (now that it exists in their lore) and the Nukes to make the Fallout equivalent of the dragonbreach, or their other time warps, to describe the reason for the split between our timeline and the real one. Between the Fallout 4 nirnroot and real magic, they'll probably make the Fallout universe some weird progenitor of Starfield or maybe even still TES. Why not? They can use radiation and magic to explain everything! It doesn't need to make sense! And that's not a problem with a setting, will say the brown-nosing morons who somehow have never been exposed to competent storytelling or an actual RPG.
    My vitriol aside, this whole storm of hate is amusing. I share other threads concerns though. All of the focus right now is on the fixable problems and not the fact that the very substance is rotten for writing, lore, and gameplay design reasons. The Flanderization of the RPG label has just helped with that though.
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    That was my point. Why make up some weak and forced new plague that doesn't fit with the universe, instead of using a canon and lore friendly alternative that has existed since the classic games and would do the exact same thing.

    Not to mention that would even allow for a more convincing explanation on why West Tek would get FEV and use it on the water there.
    FEV was an attempt to make a cure for the New Plague, so they could have just said that West Virginia was badly hit by the New Plague, that West Tek put FEV on the water in a last attempt to cure the citizens. This explanation is still stupid because all FEV was supposed to be in Mariposa, but it would still be more lore friendly than weird magical mushrooms created a plague that turns people into crystal covered zombies and West Tek just using FEV on the water as an "experiment".
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    I bet Bethesda isn't even aware that a virus already existed in the lore. Then again, they don't know much about the first two games except for very basic things like Super Mutants and Power Armor.
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    One would hope so. It was their whole excuse for half the inbred hicks in Point Lookout.

    I don't care what sort of plague they used so long as they used it competently. If they'd used the New Plague though, they'd probably have said something absurd like 'FEV didn't cure the New Plague but fused with it, alongside a cave fungus' or something to explain their zombies. That's my problem, it doesn't matter what plague they use, they wanted fungus zombies. Which is stupid and overdone when there are so many other concepts with a disease to explore other than that, regardless of whether they wanted a new disease made or if they wanted to use the New Plague. Hell, disposition-altering fungus *could* have had cool things done with it but that'd have required good writing and not a freakin fungal hivemind.
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    Hell. Remake Tactics. It can be a good modern game. The Calculator is a run-of-the-mill AI villains but w/e. You got BoS, you got Robots, some Mutants that make fucking sense, etc.
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    They've been out of touch since Oblivion and they have absolutely no excuse. They have the biggest modding community which not only fixes their broken games for them, but also gives them all sorts of new ideas about what people would want to see in their next game. I don't think they know that they should use that to their advantage, instead of trying to exploit it monetarily.
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    Disappointing, but I don't think Carpenter is aware of Bethesda's mishandling of the IP as we are, or the shitty business practices in gaming industry in general. He just plays it in a vacuum and comments on what he sees, which is fair IMO.
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    This kid is probably wishing he didn't choose the Bethestard path in his life right now on his deathbed (also note how the Mom has dyke hair)
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