Fallout: Hawaii (My Vision for a Worthy New Vegas Sequel)

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    There are two types of content I love most online. One is development history and the other is Speculative Worldbuilding. Especially for my favorite franchises. I needed to kill an evening and so I made this!

    This is a concept I'd love to see for a fallout 5. Maybe it will be a mod someday. Give me your thoughts!

    I included AI images at the end that help conceptualize this game.

    The player character (Called The Island Hopper?) wakes up on a beach. They got hit on the head with a coconut and were knocked unconscious. They have a 10mm pistol to fight giant crabs, a pip boy, vault suit, and a stim pack. The only backstory they have.

    • Become “Big Kahuna” of the TideRipper Collective

    • Unleash an army of the Siren Song Horde from Molokai, destroying all factions

    • Help the Harmonious Stratocracy defeat the Liberty Insurgency

    • Guide the Harmonious Stratocracy in a communist direction if you want

    • Help the Enclave Remnants coup the Liberty Marines and establish the pacific outpost

    • Help the Liberty Marines expel the Enclave Contingent and use their hidden cache of power armor to anihalate the Stratocracy via a beached carrier reactor overload. Establishing anarchy in Hawaii (With a right wing ultranationalist flair.)

    • Steal a ship from the Stratocracy and help the NCR-Shi expedition return to the mainland.

    • Befriend Slowpoke, the giant ancient ghoulified snapping turtle.

    • Uncover the secrets of vault 23.

    • Help hunt the white whale. (FEV whale)

    • Introduce a new currency (a very profitable scam) to replace Stratocracy Yuan Currency with seashells
    Héxié Stratocracy:

    In the immediate hours following the Great War, the Americans and Chinese engaged in an apocalyptic naval battle in the waters around Hawaii. Entire carrier groups were sunk on both sides. Gunships and fighters raged overhead.

    Both sides were given an order to retreat. A rogue sub defied that order, launching its nuclear payload in an area where both fleets were still actively fighting. We don’t know if it was a Chinese or American sub. The Proletarian Offshoot and Liberty Marines claim the other one did it.

    The survivors of the crash were forced to regroup on the same island harbor. A lot of the Chinese fleet retreated to go home. Some made landfall and a guerilla war between sailors of the American and Chinese surviving fleets ensued.

    Captain Jack Masterson was inspired by broadcasts from Mariposa/Roger Maxson. He Seceded from the United States and made peace with the Chinese commander, who had been taken prisoner prior. They became friends, and their descendants (and a few ghouls who served with them) became the “Harmonious Stratocracy”

    The Stratocracy is a fusion of Sino-American culture. It is a citizen republic, inspired by starship troopers but more democratic (at first).

    Today, the stratocracy seeks to enforce harmony at all costs. It derives itself from the values of duty, collectivism, and the end of war (they see the Great War as a colossal mistake)

    Tideripper Collective:

    A surfer collective centered in the vault tec vault 20 resort.

    Surfer bro poser gang who exists alongside nature. They have a new age faith that emerged as an offshoot of hubology.

    They have been trying to warn the other factions about the siren song horde.

    “Rip tides brah”

    The Liberty Marine Brigades:

    The formation of the Stratocracy alienated both Chinese and American military members alike. The Americans formed the Liberty Marine Brigades. The Chinese formed the Proletarian Revenge Forces. Ironically, these two had a cease fire since both fought the stratocracy. Though they still hated each other.

    The ceasefire came too late and the proletarian revenge forces were utterly wiped out. The survivors were absorbed into the Stratocracy.

    The Liberty Brigades, desperate to survive, re-establish America, and return to the mainland, made contact with the enclave using a giant satellite radar dish.

    The enclave attacked and almost annihilated the Stratocracy, with the help of the Liberty Marines (who would have been purged later) however when the enclave oil rig fell the enclave left.

    The Stratocracy became authoritarian in order to survive. Existing rationing and top down command from the earliest days of the faction became more severe. The insurgency against the Marines was also a factor in this.

    Today, the Liberty Brigade Raider army fight alongside enclave remnants to dethrone the current admiral of the Stratocracy. They claim to be libertarian and are anarchistic, but have a hidden enclave contingent that wishes to turn them into the “Pacific Outpost” .

    Siren Song Horde:

    Strange creatures have begun emerging from the wreckage of naval battles on the island of Molokai. They drag surfers to the sea floor, never to be seen again. Intelligent lovecraftian humanoids presumed to be the result of radiation. And yet, the Hawaiian islands are minimally radiated?

    Their true origins are a group of crashed Zetans who have been conducting genetic experiments on the local wildlife/wastelanders that grew out of their control.

    Shi Imperial Expedition:

    An expedition of the Shi emperor to make contact with the proletarian brigades. They don’t exist anymore and now the Shi are trapped here. They want to steal a ship and transport their population back to San Francisco. They also have a large contingent of NCR explorers in their ranks who were invited to come along.

    Here's what I could get AI to generate for this imaginary game idea. I think it is pretty decent for a basic concept.