Fallout: London, what I like so far

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    I can't come up with any good counter-arguments, that might just be because i don't get most of the references, regardless I can accept that I lost the debate but my view still hasn't changed. Maybe I'll come around eventually as I grow as a writer because I look at the stuff I came up with/believed in even a few months ago and cringe.

    Also what are the games closer to original fallout than Bethesda, is wasteland 2 or 3 included because I'm just getting into those.
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    I'd say WL2 yes; I've not played WL3 yet. I would even include Arcanum... not Post Apocalyptic (or retro 50's) at all, yet has very similar RPG aspects. Before they folded, Troika even had their own Post Apoc RPG in the works; that I bet was fashioned to be converted to F3 if they had managed to get the Fallout license.
    (We never got to see the gameplay though.)

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    I still don't understand the point of this whole suits, fedoras and ancient weapons being in a Fallout game. It's like most Fallout players forgot the fact that the bombs fell in 2077. That's the new image of Fallout I guess. Goofy looking 'mobsters', press people and funny folk. Ancient guns, dumb-ass power armors, sticks and bowties. Everything looks like they belong in the Planet 51.
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    I don't know. I just saw the trailer and it seems London in typical "Bethesda" maner looks like another location that was barely hit by bomb what so ever. What I liked about New Vegas was that they at least tried to explain why so much of it was left untouched due to House and his "protection" against nuclear weapons albeit it wasn't perfect it preserved at least the strip and parts of Vegas. But with what the trailer shows from London? It seems the city it self is also largey intact ... I know a realistic or authentic setting here would kinda be a bit boring eventually. But I still think the destruction of nuclear weapons should be at least a bit more believable. Just my 5 cents on this.