Fallout mod for Hearts of Iron2.

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    Also, whydja use Beth's BloomPaladin for the graphic?
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    Apr 1, 2004
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    Dec 20, 2005

    Could you be more specific what is it about?
    If we have used a copyrighted graphic, please let us know which one and it will be changed.
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    Nah, he just doesn't like bethesda and it's creations/artwork, for some strange reasons.. :roll: :wink:
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    Space orcs are cool mon.
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    Jan 19, 2008
    Hey everyone!

    I finally got my NMA account and can post at last. I'm the Warlord of the Fallout mod for Hearts of Iron 2 strategy game.

    I used that picture because it's just so awesome. Hats off to the artist(s) who created it. It has real atmosphere, and I think it fits the Fallout world exceptionally well.

    In terms of the mod, we've used graphics from anywhere we could find them. I myself am not an artist, and neither are members of the team and other contributors. So beggars can't be choosers; we have to use whatever we can get.

    You'll find many pictures from movies or other sci-fi, as well as pure Fallout 1 and 2 material. I hope players will have as much fun spotting all the "easter eggs" in the mod as I had putting them in. Some movies are obscure cult classics.

    The aim is to use anything that looks good and is halfway suitable. Sometimes graphics are used simply because they are so evocative and well executed, even if it's a stretch to include them in the Fallout world. For example, you'll find some Terminator 2 and 3 graphics in the mod. They are simply such evocative and awesome pictures that I had to use them! There simply is not enough pure Fallout material, whether artwork or screenshots, to meet the needs of such an extensive game mod as this one. Those Terminator pictures were very useful for some techs for the Robot nation.

    I do keep an eye on how much non Fallout material we use, and always aim to bring that Fallout atmosphere into the gameplay as much as possible.

    As Doomtrader already posted much earlier, we have used some Fallout Tactics material in the mod. This is done for a few reasons. It allows us to access another pool of art, screenshots, story background, and even cool sprites which import nicely into Hearts of Iron 2. Also, the scope of the HOI2 mod is all of North America and Central America. So we needed content to place in those areas that were never covered in FO 1 and 2. Eastern BoS filled a hole in the east.

    Hence, in the mod you will find the Former USA, still clinging to life around Baltimore, with the chance perhaps to restore the lost glory of the USA. You will find Mexico and Canada, still nations though it's 167 years since the Bombs were dropped. You will also find all the Fallout classic nations like NCR, Vault City, New Reno, etc.

    Eastern Brotherhood of Steel is in the mod as it was already implemented when I took over leadership of the mod. I considered dropping it, but in the end I decided I could live with the basic concept of there being a split in the BoS leading to the creation of a splinter group with new methods and ideals. This schism in the Brotherhood is a nice storyline we will be developing through scripted events in this mod.

    I will not be using much of the story material from Fallout Tactics. I like FOT as a game, but I myself don't like the way the game designers did not understand or stick to the original background material from FO1 and 2. So I will be very careful about what I take from FOT.

    We also are using ideas from Van Buren. Another excellent of material and art. I like what I've read so far in the design docs. I plan on implementing Diana and Vault 29, not sure about Boulder Dam yet.

    Plus, there is a lot of material in this mod made up from the mod team's own imaginations and also that of posters on our forum. Several ideas have been rejected as too far from the Fallout background, but we also do exercise our own creative licence. All content should be interesting and fun though, and I feel the mod still has that strong Fallout retro 1950s sci-fi flavour. I also loved the humour and pop culture in Fallout 2 so that is also in this mod.

    By the way, if anyone owns the copyright for any art or material presented in this mod, please don't hesitate to contact me on our forum. I am more than happy to remove it if needed, or alternately to advertise and shamelessly plug an artist or game system in exchange for non commercial use of material in this mod.

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    Jan 19, 2008
    Hi again,

    I've been told that the following pic was done by someone here on the NMA forum. I've used this for our mod, so could the owner please contact me? I would like permission to continue using this awesome piece of art. Happy to give credit and shamelessly plug an artist.

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    Dec 20, 2005
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    Dec 11, 2006
    This mod is great! I'm playing it right now as New Arroyo! I've conquered Klamath, The Den and Redding already! I am thinking if I'll go after the Shi, Eastern BOS or Gecko next...

    Also, how I make people happy?
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    Apr 20, 2007
    Hello, the owner is Defonten and rhe answer is NO...
    I've already ask him if I could use it. :)
  11. Slaughter Manslaught

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    Dec 11, 2006
    Great mod guys, I think I have a big red ADDICTED tag just bessides me! What about making a "War" event if the West Brotherhood and NCR go to war? It's possible for events to "create" factions?

    If NCR = Has Hoover Dam = Yes and BOS = Has Maxson Bunker = Yes, then we could have a event where both Maxson Bunker and Hoover Dam split from their original counterpars (it's possible to impossibilitate a faction of communication with antoher faction?) and going to war. That would also trigger the creation of the Circle of Steel, which could be created by that war, too.

    EDIT: Since you guys put the Vipers in the game, what about the addiction of the Daughters of Hecate, being in league with the Vipers?
    Maybe put some tribes and Reservation around the area. I think California and surroundings are too tight-full of people, while places like Canada and the Middlewest is full of space.
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    Jan 19, 2008
    Hey buddy, it's great to see you enjoying the mod! It's come a long way.

    I know this forum is mainly for the actual Fallout games and the mods for them, but Hearts of Iron 2 is a great WW2 strategy game. And the Fallout mod for it that we have made is a total conversion of that WW2 game into the Fallout universe. More and more players are telling me they are really getting into it which I am very happy about after the hundreds of hours across 10 months that I have spent doing the mod.

    To answer your questions/thoughts:
    - We can create factions. I have some plans already. It's a question of time only. We are working on Beta-03, it's early days, though the mod is very playable right now.
    - I have used some Van Buren material already. And I want to use more. Time, time, time... it is my curse. I dont know those groups you mention but I will look up the Van Buren material more one day.
    - Daughters of Hecate? Oooh, I really like the sound of them! I am looking for more minor nations to put on the map in this mod.
    - You are right about some areas of the mod map being crowded and some are too empty. We are under restrictions to use the provinces as they are from the normal HOI2 game. So I can't spread out the western area by adding new provinces and shrinking the area of the existing groups there. But I can add new groups to the empty areas and that is something I have already started to do.

    @Touquet It is a real shame to hear that Defonten did not give permission. I believe my colleague Doomtrader will ask him directly. The trouble is, after so long with not getting an answer, I have used this wonderful picture in a number of areas in the mod so removing it will be an issue. However, I will respect people's copyright or intellectual property rights. I am hoping Defonten will show us the kindness to allow the use of this glorious artwork. We will happily give credit and shamelessly advertise website links and promote that person's artwork to the world if we are allowed to keep using it.

  13. Elitech

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    Apr 22, 2008
    1 question, if I may - does this mod have a time limit? Is there a year in which the scenario ends, or is it open-ended, che sera sera, however long it takes?

    P.S. Just 1 more ;-) Does it require HoI 2: DD, or just HoI 2? Or it works with both?
  14. doomtrader

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    Dec 20, 2005

    Current Version: Release-03

    Release Date: 12/10/2008
    Compatibility: HOI2 Doomsday Armageddon v.1.2
    Supported Game Mode: Single player and Multiplayer
    Files: FODD_Release_0.3.rar

    Download Links:

    Optional Files:

    Optional Downloads:

    Official Forum: http://terranova.dk/viewforum.php?f=49
    Paradox Forum Thread: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?t=311272&page=1

    Summary of Changes and Updates Since Beta-02
    - Changes to terrain including some new graphics.
    - Many play balance and AI improvements.
    - Adjustments to global mod settings like attrition and partisans.
    - Many province adjustments.
    - More fun random events.
    - Other new events for nations.
    - Enhanced politics and interactions between nations.
    - New unit and brigade types.
    - More nation specific unit and brigade graphics.
    - Custom pictures for certain ruined urban provinces.
    - New Industrial power tech tree and other new techs.
    - Improved pictures for some techs, units and brigades.
    - Revision of a number of tech effects.
    - Some new tech teams.  Others adjusted.
    - New minor nations: Darien Tribes, Junkers, Warriors of Ice, Harlequins, Kurtz's Camp, Spiders.
    - Dark Cathedral rebellion from the Former USA is now a fully fledged nation that is spawned via event.
    - Zombie Apocalypse can now be spawned by those foolish enough to wander through the Rad-Zombie Wastes.
    - Sea and island areas added to northwest of mod map.
    - Addition of some empty regions to the map which usually can be passed through: Ice Wastes, The Glow, Dead Islands, Rad-Zombie Wastes.
    - AI can now research Secret Techs successfully and appropriately.
    - There are now doctrine techs to allow air supply, paradrop and sea landing missions.
    - All nations have leaders reviewed and corrected with pictures.
    - All nations have ministers reviewed and corrected with pictures. Some nations have quite deep cabinet alternatives.
    - All province control events were corrected and updated including new nations.
    - The Slavers' Guild implemented. Gives big boni for member nations but with risks of internal rebellion. Den has the Guild HQ and reaps a lot of money from it's operations.
    - Implemented system of Slavers' Guild nations being able to hire mercenary units when at war.
    - Adapted to a big Paradox bug where nations do not get free resources granted by techs at game start. Done via a pool of events that retrospectively grant these.
    - All nations have their army names done (unit names for many nations remain to be done).
    - Fixed problem with some skins and other special mod graphics not showing up.  Most nations now have their own unique skin.
    - Some nations now have special boni in their home terrain (e.g. Canada, Spiders, The Huns).
    - Ghoul Alliance events and what happens if the three ghoul nations unify should all be working now.  Their units in the separated territories get supplies via event as the game engine does not allow them to be supplied otherwise due to separation.
    - New Reno now has an implementation of it's internal crime operations and politics.
    - New political events give even more game effect to government types.
    - Player trait events implemented where a human player can choose a personality type that gives game effects and penalties.
    - Western Caravan Trail event chain implemented.
    There is a lot more but you can review that in the change log file. I hope you enjoy the latest release of this sci-fi mod as much as I do.

  15. Elitech

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    Apr 22, 2008

    Downloaded it already... u couldve made install simpler :-P

    GREAT mod... liked Pre-beta, cant wait to start playing this :-D
  16. doomtrader

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    Dec 20, 2005
    It's Paradox' fault :P

    I've played FUSA last night.
    McKane RPG story is great
    Trying to catch Frian Bargo and that fight next to Century Falcon are really fun.

    They made a grat job with this release.

    With the amount of content this mod can easily compete with Fallout 3
  17. Elitech

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    Apr 22, 2008
    Sword, u here?

    I got a question. PLaying with NCR... after a while, all my "leaders" in the diplomacy screen get duplicated... glitch?

    EDIT: By duplicated, I mean when I click to change, it gives m e the choice of choosing between 2 of the same ppl
  18. doomtrader

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    Dec 20, 2005
    It's doomtrader, Sword asked me to paste information here.

    I've got no idea why, I'm not developing the mod no more.