Fallout: New Vegas previews, gameplay footage

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    More of the people playing through the same 1-hour demo, so get ready for another series of functionally identical previews. 1Up.<blockquote>I continued to wander the streets looking for my targets, and in doing so became distracted by the gated entrance to the main Strip. Figuring I could find a way past this gate to explore the Strip, I approached it and noticed several Securitrons (the robots that were digging up the grave in the New Vegas teaser trailer). Nearby was a man named Old Ben; he kindly warned me that I would need to either have 2,000 caps or a passport to pass through the gates to the Strip. Nonsense. I'll just shoot my way through past the robots, looting their body for a key in the process. That was the plan, anyway, and was encouraged to do so because apparently someone tried the exact same thing earlier in the day.

    I started to litter the ground in front of the locked gate with plastic explosives. As soon as one of the Securitrons rolled over it... kapow! Unfortunately, things didn't go according to plan. Before I could get to a safe distance, they opened fire, and I was killed rather quickly. I reloaded my save file and decided to go look for some hired guns -- mercenaries if you will -- to help me in my endeavor. I found some hanging out at a nearby house, and hired one of them to come help me out.</blockquote>GameSpot.<blockquote>We then restarted from our original position, and decided to try a less homicidal approach, maybe even talk to a few characters before shooting. We followed our compass to the New Vegas gates which were guarded by "Securitron gatekeepers"--giant police robots with a comical retro-future look that could've come out of The Jetsons. The metal monsters were basically giant steel boxes mounted on a unicycle wheel with an antenna on top and a TV monitor display in front showing an exaggerated cartoon caricature of a grumpy policeman. One police robot immediately approached us once we neared the door and demanded the right to run a "credit check" on us--which essentially meant that we had to either attain passport documents (through a series of quests), bribe it with 2,000 bottle caps (which we didn't possess at the time), or hack it using the science skill (our character's skill was insufficient).</blockquote>1up has some "off-screen" footage, by which they mean shitty shakecam.

    Thanks WUE.
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    I guess it's good to know that one can use words in the same fashion as bullets, but I wonder whether it will be gratifying to keep doing so in a FPS context.

    On a sidenote I would like to point out that the intact displays/billboards on the casinos in Freeside are nought but a breach of style with the rest of the place (which actually looks pretty okay).

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    Whats that Light machine gun on the footage? Looks delicious.

    E. Also, I like the look of the street on that one. Looks good enough to satisfy me.
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    Since it seems to be a bit of overkill to submit another news just for another preview from the same demo, we have a preview from Eurogamer obviously based on the same demo.
    It seemed by far the most in-depth to me.

    EDIT : Obviously, beware of spoilers.
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    The 'off screen' video scared me a little bit with its choppy and broken dying animations (guys just sort of fold themselves down, way out of sync)...

    Part of me was hoping they'd move past the orange HUD, but I bet that can be edited. [EDIT: apparently it is, and was in F3 as well - shame on me for not paying attention :oops:]

    Second video (interview) is slightly better, but I still can't help but think the gameplay is not that smooth. It's like they were stuck between FPS and VATS combat and couldn't decide, so they did minor tweaks to both, achieving nothing....

    Was gonna pre-order, but more and more I think I'm gonna wait at least a few months after release for community mods that will hopefully be more gameplay based...
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    Can't you edit the HUD and menus color?
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    Yes, you can change hud color- even in Fallout 3 already. Last time, I've played Fallout 3, I changed my hud color into the orange tone and had to say, it looked much better than the default color.
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    May 28, 2010
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    You....not...being...cynical? I've got to say I've lurked on this forum for just under a year now. This is unprecedented. Maybe I just haven't been going to the right place?
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    We keep a mirror at www.nma-fall0ut.com which is identical except for a bizarro alec.
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    if you can just walk around putting C4 everywhere without people going hostile that is bad... it should need to be in a satchel like the first games.

    Should read like this.

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    This was cringe worthy.
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    Was it the crowd cheering at the death of the gang member, or the fact it was being played by a 10 year old child?
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    Everything. The crowd, the showcasing of VATS (because we haven't seen enough of that, right?), the way the model is holding the gun (would it be too much trouble to change the hands from gun to gun?).
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    For me it was both.
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    Awesome screens.

    Especially this one. That machette wielding dude struck some serious Mad Max chords.

    As for the shakecam, it's a real shame they didn't do anything to make the death animation look any less than meat puppets falling down. I think they should do some homework on GTA4 or Red Dead Redemption.
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    May 28, 2010
    Euphoria would be awesome, but I guess it costs too much, not to mention the fact that they probably wouldn't have been able to implement it decently with the time they had.

    Kotaku preview

    EDIT : Now that I think about it that screenshot has a pretty clear green tint and there's a radiation sign. So is that how high-radiation zone will be characterized? By a green tint?
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    Agreed. Screens for F:NV (even F3 for that matter) look fucking awesome. The animations are what's bringing the graphics experience down, IMO.

    With the very repetitive death animations and constant waiting for VATS to load and 'unload', the awesome models and textures get kind of old pretty quickly. Which is a shame, because some of them are designed really nicely.
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    Maybe they want to make the player feel like in Fallout 3. You know. Because in Fallout 3, everything looked like that. Would fit their story with "New Vegas wasn't hit by bombs!" which would mean that this is the reason why the sky is blue. Else everything would have a green tint.
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    I wanted to say "haha stupid gaming journalists doing nothing but mowing down innocents" until I realised it was some 10 year old kid. Not that there's much difference.