Fallout: Sonora, a new project by the developers of Fallout: Nevada

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    I explained already... Sonora *have to* be dependant on original installation of Fallout2 to be considered a 'mod' instead of piracy. At least Sonora has to rely on Master.dat and Critter.dat from original Fallout2, Sonora can't come bundled with those files, they have to be separately inserted by the player from player's owned Fallout2. Ofcourse i mean original Fallout2 master and critter dats, not some fancy custom made, however Sonora still has to rely on original files from fallout2 which must not be shipped with Sonora.
    Come on.. Don't tell me You don't get it how intelectual property laws work.. It's quite obvious stuff for us folk west of the EU eastern border. So how come All You guys keep asking me what I'm babbling about?
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    Hi everyone, anyone knows a thing about the translation for english ?

    I just downloaded the crappy translation here in the site, corrected some bugs of the game and played a lot, but got stuck in one mission, i think is the last one, im a kinda lost right now.

    thinking now, i think the game still in ALPHA stage, correct ? Anyone knows something new about the game ?????
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    search for user: _Pyran_ while logged-in You'll be able to see his signature. in that signature there's a link to archive where Sonora Patches are. Last one present there is 1.05. since latest 1.06 is present only on russian torrents for now. The human made translation is in progress. You can find link to it's discord somwhere on the forum. Not much going on in there besides trolls showing off. the translation detailed discussion is either kept private or off server. the AI translation is only compatible with version 1.00 of the game, and the person feeding the AI with data made a lot of mistakes whlie copy pasteing the data, hence some lines are missing a.k.a "ERROR" lines, and radio walkie-talkie crashes the game to desktop because of the same reason. Games dialogs changed a bit from patch to patch so the early v1.00 AI translation someone linked somwhere on this forum is even less compatible. However some Russian guys are making a human made line by line translation based on latest patch, however nobody knows how much progress has been made, guys themselves keep quiet about it, so nobody knows nothing.

    Game itself is officially released, and patched, although only in original language of the mod "Russian". The rest of the world has to wait until proper translation is made.
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    Is there an easy way, e.g. a public platform, where I can chip in a few hours to help with the translation?
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    Oct 28, 2009
  6. garwert

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    Nov 3, 2017
    Here's the latest update from the Translation team. More info, as always, on the Discord server: discord.gg/ECGgQeG

    >>> After months of translation, the game still has much dialogue to present to us; but the progress is slowly and surely being made. Yet, it's not all about dialogue here. The voice acting -- however occasional it may be in those classic titles -- plays a role in the grand scheme of things, so we're thinking you might just enjoy this little intro cutscene we've got here.

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    Aug 9, 2017
    Some recent info about Sonora update which includes Dayglow


    Used Google translation, if these sound unnatural.
    Screenshot of border crossing in San Diego
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    The border thing is important in relation of the pre-war circumstances, and post-war migration was basically a death sentence in the wasteland especially around the time of F1. Even the Brotherhood lost members during the Exodus, and they had a relatively small group with almost everyone wearing Power Armors and made a relatively short trip within South Cali. Now imagine enough people getting to the Boneyard to spread the language, all through the wasteland filled with critters and probably raiders. Plus between the Mexican border and the Boneyard, there was the Glow. After the NCR was formed and stabilized the area it would be possible, but before that, I don't see a chance.
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    Aug 9, 2017
    Update from Black Designer himself.

    Meanwhile probably next week a new version with some fixes and changes to the base game will be uploaded.
    >> Fallout Sonora, Fix #10, June, 2022:

    - Vault 25 and Tu-San Medics have had their service pricing formula adjusted.
    - Tu-Sun: Changed sprite from yellow shirt to green for villager in gate cutscene to avoid confusion with another villager nearby.
    - Flagpool: Faber added a missing check in the script for the request of companions in the hunter camp.
    - Flagpool, hunting camp: added jerky on the walls, a hatchet on the table, a few minor changes to the map.
    - Vault 27: At the caretaker's post, instead of 5 mm ammo, a minigun appears, and ammo will appear only with the "Marauder" perk.
    - Animations with a knife, a sledgehammer and a throw have been added for the NMLTHR sprite (bald man in leather armor). Posted by Lexx, sourced from the NMA forum.
    - Casa Grande: Partially rewritten the villager's lines on the train station map to better understand the raider quest + this dialog now fixes the quest in the same way as examining the crate.
    - Garage City: updated flag on GAR034.FRM sprite (correction by Garik Leshko).
    - Inferno: Rippers on the streets disappear in freeplay after certain city endings.
    - Inferno: The charisma reduction from the mutagen counts for style points in the character's active hand.
    - *Platform: Implemented the invasion of wild ghouls in freeplay with a bad ending of Inferno.
    - Platform: completed previously cut quest "Murder Mystery".
    - *San Bramin: Added destructible walls to the shrine basement.
    - San Bramin: Chatto can now be persuaded by casting lots at high gambling skill.
    - Tu-San: In freeplay after the end of the game, the Tinker Quartermaster now sells Mexico Power Armor.
    - *Tu-San, various changes and additions on the map of the Graveyard: the level with the hangar was completed + the padre was moved to the hangar with the survivors + the dialogues of local NPCs were corrected + the protection against normal damage was reduced for robotic eyes + some objects and robots on the maps were moved for better passage in stealth + more micronuclear batteries appear on the robots of this map + a chest guard and electronic parts have been added.
    - Phoenix: The Mercenary Guild can now learn the Mortal Strike ability for a very large amount at level >=7.
    - Phoenix: Fixed a delay with which monks could join Matthias' peaceful group during the assault on the cathedral.
    - Motel: Mommy Bates has a unique sprite.
    - Rangers: Helford now gives a hunting rifle for the radio quest.
    - Rangers: Quartz mad AI wild ghouls installed to change combat phrases.
    - Puerto: Paul can now convert a Plasma Rifle to a Turbo Plasma Rifle.
    - Puerto: General Dixon's dialogue has been slightly adjusted.
    - Puerto: new ship explosion video.
    - Puerto: Added a missing segment to the transition grid on the first map.
    - Puerto, the quest for reconnaissance in Hermosillo has been improved: now, in addition to visiting the location, it is also required to deliver a holotape from the computer in the General Staff + computer data in Hermosillo can now only be read if you know Spanish + the reward for the quest has been increased from 200 caps to 1000 + minor changes to computer texts and paladin Latham.
    - *Hermosillo: Removed metal armor on the garrison map and added Mexican combat armor to the headquarters map.
    - Increased the price of items: RadAway, Deathclaw Skull (from 50 to 500), Glowing Mushrooms, Coffee Can.
    - Increased trade prices for Brotherhood Quartermaster, Tinsmith Quartermaster and Casa Nueva Medical Center.
    - Casa Nueva: El Gigante is now also lured by meat like El Diablo + Minor quarry map changes.
    - Blaster sprite set to pixels with color cycle.
    - Added an encounter with the deathclaw La Fantasma on the world map around the Rangers location.
    - *Several minor changes on various maps.
    - Villa: the video "Pogroms in the Villa" has been implemented.
    - Several graphic updates from A. Berezin.
    - Super mutants have their own AI with their own set of combat replicas.
    - Minigun: reduced MinStrength + increased price, damage and distance.
    - The ranger's duster has been increased in various characteristics.
    - Added acid spitting to scolopendras (scolopendras in Santa Ana and with a 50% chance on the world map). The number of spit is limited per session of visiting the map and depends on the level of difficulty of the game.
    - The railgun now fires with a visual effect.
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    Aug 17, 2011
    Sorry I don't get this. The translation will be available next week?
    And the mod makers are working on expanding their mod?
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    Aug 9, 2017
    No, next is an update to the game that fixes some bugs, adds some graphical changes and some other stuff (among them 2 new movies, spit attack for scolopendra and a previously cut quest).

    Separate from this is an expansion with Dayglow that's nearly complete.

    No concrete dates for the translation, but majority of it is done and the team recently started revising some of the files translated earlier.
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    Aug 17, 2011
    Ok thanks for the update!
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    Aug 9, 2017
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    Jan 23, 2022
    I downloaded Nevada zip yesterday. I tried Sonora a few minutes ago. Page redirected to an Opera page ! Back to mediafire and the old download broken, download repair tool etc. NO WAY.
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    Aug 9, 2017
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    When i go to Raiders location im getting black screen other locations all work, im playin 1.10b version and the polish transtlation of the mod game is very hard