Fallout: The Frontier is disasturous

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    Jan 2, 2021
    The mod was a fucking disaster for sure, writing that makes fallout 4 seem genius, questionable voice acting, a lot of fetishes spreaded everywhere on the mod like scalie and feet, the atrocious directing, your character has wild wasteland? the mod is no longer seriously since it uses it everywhere including on serious moments (even in a funeral scene), one of the developers was a furry pedophile that i shit you not, he made a post in furaffinity complaining about it not allowing porn of minors, oh also the mod got taken down from nexus not long ago after it was revealed one of their devs is a pedo, their discord server is a shitshow with them banning a known youtuber for having a single negative opinion about the mod, and the developers that worked on it are slowy dispersing from the development team because of the drama and crunch, i feel bad for the people that waited for this mod for 7 years as well.
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    Uh... Citation needed? I wanna read up on this supposed disaster.
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    Jan 2, 2021
    What do you mean?
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    That at least is something done right. Wild Wasteland should never have been implemented as a trait; it should have been simply how the world was from the outset; in FO3, NV, and 4.

    *That said... ... It should not have been seen as an anything goes gag-fest by any of the developers. All parties involved should have scrutinized Fallout [ 1, :wall:—that this is even needed ] for the blue-print of how to use special encounters without ruining the world setting.
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    I've been on the discord for a few months now, but I've just been lurking bc I know they'll ban me if I say anything. I was very amused a few minutes ago to discover it was deleted without an announcement. I wanted to download it on release, but my gaming computer is broken so I figured I'd wait until it was fixed rather than try and make it run on this 2012 piece of shit... and now its gone from the internet. Honestly this whole situation is like Cyberpunk, except there is no hope for redemption.
    I like the occasional game without it, when I want to be edgy and serious and all that. I don't think it should be a trait, because its a damn waste of a trait so I just use console commands to turn it on. When you think about it, Fallout 4 has wild wasteland on by default because the whole world is so shit and incomprehensible. Like how a small business owner has a dead skeleton in her own home, and how there's a guy who talks exactly like a 50s gangster over two hundred years after a nuclear holocaust.
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    Jan 2, 2021
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    In case you want some quick images explaining some things.
    upload_2021-1-28_9-21-58.png upload_2021-1-28_9-22-12.png upload_2021-1-28_9-22-26.png
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    So, I just found this set of images.

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