Fallout: Van Buren Worldbook (FINISHED - Map and PDF inside)

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    How did you like a one-on-one session? I have been discovering recently that they are significantly more common than I had thought and think I might ask my girlfriend if she wants to help me goof around with some RPG systems I've been wanting to try as a "test" PC.
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    Zulu with muscle cars?
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    @Hardboiled Android @Dayglow Drifter

    Well that was probably one of my favourite sessions I've ever ran, and ditto Reverend's players favourite session.

    Interestingly due to the choices made, this has retconned his backstory in a significant way. (Concequences of death was that he'd awaken from dreaming of the event and his dream was different to the reality, fortunately he did not die).

    We opened with Reverend in the back of a restored pick-up truck, one of two belonging to the Rangers, hurtling towards the fortified Motown of Elko. The strongest and the last of the 80s. Ranger Ayumi driving and Ranger Holloway beside him. The objective was to find and kill the War-Chief of the 80s , Throteller, and besiege the final Motown of the 80s. The prior night a stealth team had set explosives by the gates of the Motow, and when the trucks entered in range, they'd detonate and allow a strike force to come in.

    Reverend's fireteam was tasked with removing a machine gun nest defense on the rear side of town to stop the other fireteams from getting flanked as they sieged Elko's large casino building - the headquarters of Throteller.

    As they were hurtling towards Elko they were approached by a band of 80s on motorbikes. Holloway and Reverend cleanly fought them off in our first vehicular combat, as the tribal road warriors attempted to shoot out tires and even jump into the back of the pickup truck from their bikes.

    Soon after, they approached and signalled. The gates blew open and they drifted their truck into a coagulated mess of old world car hulks, quickly dispatching the frenzied sentries they headed for the machine gun nest.

    What they found was a highway underpass fortified into a nest defense. However in front of the nest was the other Ranger truck - destroyed by the 80s and three critically wounded Rangers crawling out of the wreckage. The 80s machine Gunner put down a heavy suppressing fire meaning Reverend's fireteam had to worm their way tightly between cars as Road Warriors came rushing to flush them out.

    Reverend being a field medic, rushed into open fire and slid towards the ranger wreck, and began aiding the wounded Rangers. Holloway and Ayumi cleaned up the approaching Road Warriors, giving Reverend cover .

    Racing against time, thanks to high Doctor skill and good luck on rolls, Reverend barely managed to save all three and stabilized them. They were immobile, but alive.

    Reverend lobbed a grenade up to the fortified nest, blowing off the defensive walls and exposing the gunner. The gunner was nearly about to shred Holloway when in classic Fallout fashion - he experienced a critical fail. The worst kind at that, as his weapon exploded and the resulting damage was enough to kill him after already being damaged by Reverend's grenade.

    Rallying with another Ranger, they assigned the further care of the wounded Rangers to him and pressed forward towards the casino.

    On the way there they spotted a band of fleeing 80s who did not see them - Reverend decided to engage. One of said 80s was holding a rocket launcher, thankfully their surprise advantage meant the Rangers were able to dispatch him before he had the chance to fire it. Reverend took the rocket launcher for his own (His combat specs are Small and Big Guns both)

    When they arrived they found the building was under siege, meeting Fireteam Leader Atticus Lee, Reverend was directed to a wounded Ranger with a severely damaged leg. Passing his Doctor skill by 1% on the roll, he managed to perform a successful field amputation.

    In the time this took, the 80s had retreated to the casino building and fortified the lobby entrances - apparently with three wounded Ranger hostages. Conferring with Reverend, Atticus proposed there were two possible entrances that would allow a quick and surprise intrusion so they wouldn't kill the hostages - beneath the casino via the sewers, or ascending the shorter adjacent building and using a grapple/Zipline to cross to the mid levels of the casino. The Rangers would tackle both - Reverend opted to lead the Fireteam crossing the roof, and Atticus then led the group going via the sewers.

    Ascending the adjacent building, Reverend's fireteam set up the grapple/Zipline, and Reverend led the charge, effortlessly zipping across and rolling into the smashed window floor directly across.

    Deciding between heading to the lower lobby floor or the VIP penthouse - Reverend opted for the penthouse. Upon climbing the stairs and finding the penthouse door heavily fortified - Reverend readied his rocket launcher and blasted open the entrance to the vast suite, killing numerous 80s in the process and leading the charge in.

    Facing the heavily armored (and LMG wielding) Throteller head on, Reverend was nearly killed by a high-end burst fire roll as the other Rangers engaged the surrounding 80s. Taking cover behind gilded pillars, Reverend healed himself whilst using the cover of his fellow Rangers.

    As Throtller pulled back to a pillar near the window of the suite, Reverend took a risk - firing his RPG at that entire area of the suite. The resulting explosion killed over half the 80s, collapsed the floor in that part of the room and sent a shrapnel shredded Throtller flying out the window.

    Clearing up the last of the 80s, the Rangers stood in silence for a moment. The Rangers in the lower floors had successfully cleared the heavily armed 80s down there, and the stragglers were fleeing and had secured the hostages.

    At long last, the Road War was brought to an end. Ranger Reverend Hill, the Angel of Elko as he would come to be known, was a hero. Lighting a cigarette and watching the sun set over the Nevada horizon, he remarked he felt like having a drink.

    Reverend's player also made a "No context" meme depicting the situation to send to the server afterwards.

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    @Dayglow Drifter @Hardboiled Android

    Just finished up John's session.

    We began with a peaceful dusk scene at a White Runner camp a little ways out of Sac-Town, John relaxing with his girlfriend Caitlyn and the other White Runners at the camp, enjoying their evening.

    They were interrupted by the arrival of a wounded man, a whistle signal indicating him as a fellow White Runner from another camp.

    They brought him in, patched him up and listened to what he had to say. Apparently his group found a treasure mine of Old World tech north of Sac-Town, somewhere called "EPA".

    They'd been digging though it for a few days when some rough riders turned up - a band of well armed Prospectors calling themselves Salamancas. They had a piece of paper officiated by NCR that said they had claim to all prospecting within a 30 mile radius of Sac-Town. This claim was their turf. The White Runners stood their ground, and things got heated. The wounded man couldn't say who shot first, but it resulted in his posse being wiped out 'cept him. Now they're hauling the salvage for themselves.

    Enraged by the injustice, John pitched to the group they take this salvage back. What's rightfully theirs.

    The wounded man said he thought these Salamancas was from down south some ways. Couldn't say where, but he said they didn't have enough Brahmin to haul all the salvage that far south - they must be taking it to Sac-Town.

    So John, Caitlyn and his father figure Avery (later rechristned as Booker in New Canaan) headed to Sac-Town. A bustling town on the NCR's new northern frontier and most notably - the most northern stop of the NCR's new railway.

    They travelled into Sac-Town and asked around a few folks - after a while they found out the Salamancas had a government contract and had usage of the train - which was stationed in Sac-Town and ready for loading. In the meantime, John helped a mysterious stranger find his missing hat.

    John devised a plan - head south and find a good spot along the tracks to plant explosives to destroy the track and surprise the train - bringing it to a halt without derailing it. Then, quickly loot the train of it's salvage. He sent Caitlyn back to the camp to build explosives and in the meantime he and Avery wandered south following the track to find the right spot.

    Heading south, Avery had a long conversation with John talking about their futures and his relationship with Caitlyn - determining that this life of vulturing shouldn't be for them and after this big score they should find somewhere new to settle down. John suggested heading east into the unknown.

    Eventually the two found a desert canyon that the track led through - narrow enough that they'd need to scale the canyon cliffs to drop down on the train from above via ropes.

    They marked the location then headed back to the White Runner camp, getting together Caitlyn (who had finished the bombs) and two armed goons from their group to help them out. Returning to Sac-Town and swiping some documents they learnt when the train was due to depart and headed out to the canyon southward to set up camp.

    When they got there they set up pitons and ropes for their descent, and set up the bombs. Awaiting the train, John, Avery and Caitlyn had a long conversation discussing life whilst looking at the stars.

    Next morning they were awoke by Avery warning the train was coming. As it entered the right zone, they found their detonators weren't working - turns out Caitlyn had made a critical fail on her bomb roll and the devices needed manual arming.

    Rushing down the cliff side on their ropes they hurredly set the bombs and climbed back up the ropes as fast as they could - John narrowly passing his Agility check. The bomb set off just in time and the train came to a screeching halt

    John and his friends descended down the rope onto the confused train - Avery and the goons blocked off the entrances to the carriage with the soldiers with bars and John headed to the carriage holding the conductor hostage - a group of NCR troopers not locked in came forward and there was an armed stand off, however critically succeeding his Persuasion check, John managed to convince the troopers the life of the conductor wasn't worth it, and they laid down their arms as Avery tied them up.

    Rushing to the boxcars full of salvage, John opened them up as Caitlyn led the White Runner Brahmin into the narrow canyon and they loaded up the most valuable salvage.

    Heading out on their escape, they eventually headed with the rest of the White Runners to Vault City to sell their technological claims. Deciding what to do, John remarked that Vault City was close to the 80, and that the 80 was now clear, they should head east, try and find a new life and new places to settle down.

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    @Hardboiled Android
    @Dayglow Drifter

    Today I have a 2 for 1 on prequel sessions before tonight's Magnum Chasma reunion.

    The first was Clover's session: born on the Oil Rig and later raised in the spartan survival situation of Navarro, clover was an adolescent when Navarro fell to the NCR. We began the session with a dream of his, fleeing to a Vertibird with his father as he looked back and saw his mother staying behind to fend off the NCR forces.

    Awakening from his dream to life in Plymouth Rock, the newly christened name for the band of Enclave Remnants living in the husk of Hawthorne Army Depot. His father, former Senators Vasili, was the leader of this group. Mostly non-combatant Enclave members: cooks (including the cook from Fallout 2's Navarro!), mechanics and other randoms. The base only had four armed soldiers, led by Clover's jarhead brother Dirk.

    Dirk promised to finish Clover's training and got him suited up in one of his buddy's APA armors and handed him a Plasma Caster - leading him to a nearby canyon (and pushing him in) to test the equipment out against a juvenile Deathclaw. A brief fight - Clover was very shaken by the experience. A proud and enthusiastic Dirk congratulated him on the kill and told him he had bigger plans: he and his squad had been scouting and exploring throughout Nevada and had set up a plan - a tribal family named the Van Graffs in New Reno planned to offer enriched uranium in exchange for high powered energy weapons. Dirk's plan was to secure this and upon their return use the help of the bases techs to build a dirty bomb - one which they could use against the Shi and get their revenge for the Rig.

    Clover agreed it was a good plan but noted their father, their leader, has decreed they're to hide from the West and instead look to move east and put it all behind them. Dirk responded once they'd actually got their hands on the stuff - his mind would change. The plan was already in motion - they'd delivered crate fulls of low-tier energy weapons to the Van Graffs in New Reno as a forward investment.

    Together they linked up with Dirk's squad who were transporting crates of Gatling Lasers and they headed north to New Reno, setting up an FOB in the ruins of Carson City. There Dirk and Clover got changed into Wasteland disguises, took their radios with them and left Dirk's squad to set up the area for the trade.

    Reaching the filth of New Reno, Dirk and a disgusted Clover met with the Van Graff rep in the city - Raphael Van Graff. An initially pleasant meeting turned sour when Raphael revealed that their initial "investment" had been stolen and was being held by the Yakuza tribe in an abandoned RobCo factor outside of the city. Raphael instructed Dirk and Clover to wipe out the Yakuza there and bring back the weapons as a show of good faith that this is an accident and they're not in cahoots.

    Heading over to the factory, Dirk and Clover successful snuck around as the Yakuza milled about in the main factory floor. Discovering a Sentry Bot in disrepair, Clover restored it to working condition and sent it to wipe out the Yakuza of which it did with ease. Securing the crates, they returned to Van Graff - the main deal was underway.

    Heading together to the Carson City ruins - the Van Graffs brought the enriched uranium, verified by Clover to be the real deal. Not expecting their trade partners to be equipped in Power Armor - the Van Graffs were further surprised when Dirk and his squad grabbed the Gatling Lasers intended for trade and opened fire - reducing the Van Graffs to cinders and ash.

    Bringing the enriched Uranium back to Plymouth Rock they were expected to be hailed as heroes - instead Senator Vasili was enraged - Dirk pinned the entire plan on Clover. As punishment, Clover was sent into exile with orders to find a suitable location for the Remnants to escape to.
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    Was a little reticent about Clover's flashback going in, but found this to be a very enjoyable vignette. Excited to see Magnum Chamsa.
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    Unfortunately my internet died an hour into the Magnum Chasma session (They were mid-battle with a group of the Sons of Hecate, and hadn't even arrived at the Grand Canyon yet) and I had to call a raincheck on the session. However, as I said: 2 for 1. I ran Jessica's prequel session this morning.

    Jessica the chemist, Xian the Doctor, Franklin the political student and philosopher, and Victor the linguist and anthropologist were sent East into Utah to explore and learn the tribal cultures of the untamed wilderness. There was already tension within the group as Jessica's background as being a former New Khan and also being the only Follower in the group wielding a firearm made her a target of some passive-aggressive ridicule apart from that of Xian with her Shi background.

    The session began with them heading into the verges of the hills with the goal of making contact with the Crazy Horns tribe of the former Manti La Sal National Forest. They were held up by a band of 215 Vultures who demanded some sort of tribute for their safe passage - Jessica decided it'd be best to just give them what they want, handing them over rations and Med-X in a tense stand-off. Passing safely through, they made their way to the village of the Crazy Horns.

    Initial contact went well - Victor using his knowledge of Ute and Spanish to navigate initial conversations. They were welcomed by the tribe's leader - Arkus - into the village and given a place to stay. Jessica and Victor pretty quickly deduced the history of the tribe from the fact that their village was built in what was formerly "Moon Acres Boy Scout Camp" and several members of the tribe wearing obvious boy scout sashes. Jessica's player is very invested in the sciences in real life and RP'd very well as a Follower - taking soil samples, examining samples of their crops and food - and working with Xian to do studies of things such as their dental hygiene and family trees to learn more about the tribe. Quickly learning that they had a secure source of clean water and were heavily inbred, and also that the maize that they were growing was given to them by outsiders - which they learnt was that of the New Canaanites.

    Eventually after staying with the tribe for about two days, a hunter of the Crazy Horns returned to the village heavily wounded from an animal attack - Xian and Jessica worked together to heal the wounded hunter, Jessica heading out to their nearby lake escorted by tribesmen to find Xander Root to help form medicine. Only to find a young girl of about 9 years of age crying and rocking back and forth, wearing an Old World dress. Jessica was told by the tribesmen not to speak to her. They collected the Xander Root and Jessica formulated the anti-venom to help with his wound, sending the tribesmen back. Attempting to speak to the girl when alone, the girl was in a state of panic, crying and incoherently saying it was the fault of her father, and that she was "Chosen". Jessica returned to the village and spoke with Victor, asking what he'd learnt about the tribe's culture and history. Victor relayed that the Crazy Horns kept no record of their history and were illiterate but they had an active relationship with another tribe - the Bone Dancers. The Bone Dancers left the tribe alone as long as every 10 years they provided a "Chosen Tribute" apparently some sort of peace deal organized from a historic war where the Crazy Horns nearly defeated the Bone Dancers but the Bone Dancers invoked "the wrath of the moon" which convinced the Crazy Horns. Connecting the dots, Jessica wondered if this was some sort of marrying off or something more sinister. Victor, Franklin and Jessica also deduced that the "wrath of the moon" was in fact a solar eclipse and a massive coincidence - one the Bone Dancers had leveraged and fully cemented belief that the Bone Dancers were keeping the moon in the sky to the Crazy Horns.

    At this point there was a lot of back and forth that doesn't make great summary, but Jessica effectively learnt that the Bone Dancers were cannibal occultists, that the girl was to be offered as some kind of "Chosen" and was likely to be sacrificed so that the Bone Dancers may keep the moon in the sky. Jessica and Xian, disgusted by this, called a meeting of the Followers. They discussed in their tent what to do - Franklin reminded Jessica that they had what you might call a "Prime Directive" from the Boneyard not to interfere or alter tribal culture, it wasn't their place to do so. They were simply there to observe and learn, and help in token ways. Victor concurred and asked: what was the alternative? Spark a war between the two tribes? How many more would die? What if the Crazy Horns lost and went extinct? Is the sacrifice of one person every decade not better than countless more dying? Jessica and Xian reacted with disgust, Jessica more aggressively so than Xian. Xian stating that if this were what the Followers represented then she felt she had made a mistake leaving the Shi for this group, and that she could not feel comfortable being complicit in either outcome. A war or a child sacrifice. The debate raged on, and eventually Xian and Jessica had a heart to heart by the lakeside after things got heated.

    Jessica returned to the tent and posited that they find out more about the Bone Dancers - if the story is true, and the Crazy Horns were in the valley of the Bone Dancers - that meant they were winning. Perhaps the Bone Dancers are simply projecting power - after all, the Crazy Horns have ample food and water - why not just take it? Perhaps because they're outmanned. Franklin and Victor agreed, though Franklin reluctantly so (Franklin himself not being a fan of Jessica and also the most ardent in favor of the "Prime Directive" approach) and they decided to leave in the morning for the Bone Dancer village.

    Waking up, Jessica discovered Xian was gone, as was Jessica's handgun - a note left behind saying that Xian felt she couldn't be complicit with either outcome and that she was resigning from the Followers, and that she was to follow the rumors of the Boulder Dome (Shared by Franklin earlier in the session as a story told by the Crazy Horns).

    They soon headed out for the Bone Dancer village - heading north through the hills. As they approached the village, they discovered the sigils and symbols formed of human remains marking the territory of the Bone Dancers, and soon after that a failed Perception and then Security check resulted in Victor being caught in a bear trap - his screams of pain and fear inciting the tribal hooting and screaming of patrolling Bone Dancers. Franklin immediately screamed that they had to run for their fucking lives and get out of there - there wasn't time to help Victor. If they didn't go now, the Bone Dancers would be on them. Jessica acted quickly but with great regret - immediately blowing out Victor's brains as he was caught in the trap. Buying themselves enough time to run for their lives - running back to the Crazy Horns. Along the way, Franklin collapsed from exhaustion, vomiting and breaking down crying. Jessica - their tensions reaching a boiling point - declared him immoral, pathetic and fucking useless - they were done. She left him sobbing by the wreck of an old world car as she returned to the Crazy Horns village.

    Upon reaching there, she returned to her tent, spatters of Victor's blood still on her face, and decided she was simply taking the child away from the village and that was it. In the night grabbing the child and leaving the forest - heading Eastward into the Rocky Mountains in search of Xian and this 'Dome" she was searching for. Unfortunately for both of them, the Van Buren Eyebots would soon arrive - taking Jessica but leaving the young girl alone to die in the mountains.

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    Wow. Probably my favorite 1:1 session, makes for great reading.

    Prime directive debate is great, I've long thought that Fallout settings could take a lot from Star Trek. The engagement with the history of the Crazy Horns was very good, and so was the Bone Dancers. They may not have gotten to fully experience the Bone Dancers, but that split second decision to blow out Victor's brains to spare him was great.
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    It's certainly an interesting question especially when the party is about to arrive at Magnum Chasma - a Follower who very much decided his own morality and ideology must be impressed upon the tribes.
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    @Hardboiled Android @Dayglow Drifter

    After the events at Moab, the party awoke about a day away in their camp south of the Colorado River. In the morning, Gallus caught Lars performing an old Blackfoot tribal rhythm patting on his legs: Gallus responded by brutally beating him and reminding him of his place and his new life. John intervened before the beating got any worse. Sheriff Leary of Jericho died of his wounds as a result of his mauling at Moab, and was buried by the refugees.

    Days later in their trek to Magnum Chasma, trailing along various narrow canyon passages, they were ambushed by a group of servants of Hecate. Tribal warriors led by a Sidewinder, armed in Combat Armor with frag grenades and an AK-112 he took up defensive position behind cover and began suppressing fire. Good tactics and good gear meant the party were rather frightened, especially as the last remaining deputies of Jericho were shredded by automatic fire and the Legionaries nearly killed by frag grenade blasts. The Prisoners easily dispatched the tribal warriors charging them with nothing but spears and green bodypaint, but the Sidewinder was much harder to push against. Clover managed to create a rockfall leading up to the ridge where the Sidewinder was entrenched by using a grenade pistol. Reverend and Lars scrambled up the rockface and met the Sidewinder head on. Reverend critically succeeded his attack and burnt the Sidewinder alive.

    Whilst they were up on the ridge, they also found a cowering Daughter of Hecate. Lars passed a check determining whether he'd reach her before she slit her own throat, and Reverend restrained her with rope, Lars knocking her out. Jessica examined her belongings, using her knowledge of chemistry to deduce that she had the equivalent of magician's tools: flash powder and magnesium among others. She also found several chemical concoctions which she speculated were poisons, but didn't possess the equipment to perform an analysis.

    The Legionaries declared that the Sidewinder was a fine kill. The Prisoners would be paid a bounty for the kill at the Grand Canyon, but the Combat Armor would be kept as a trophy by the Legion. John asked if they knew who these people were, the Legionaries responding they were cultish servants of "The Profligate Witch Hecate". John then suggested that they interrogate the Daughter of Hecate when she comes to, passing a persuasion to let the Prisoners handle the interrogation since she'd be more likely to talk to someone who wasn't Legion. Discussing for a while their process of interrogation, eventually the Daughter of Hecate came to.

    Ungagging her, she looked at them with venomous, zealot eyes questioning whether they were slaves of the Legion, responding that if they weren't now, they would be. Everyone under the Legion's gaze is a slave but Caesar himself. She offered freedom and money,and wealth beyond measure in the liberation from the circle of time should they free her and join Hecate. The Prisoners weren't buying what she's selling. She didn't have much more information other than that, however she did seem to recognize Kane, and made multiple scathing, sharp remarks about his background and origin (His tribe, the Red Giants, are servants of Hecate) which led to Kane losing control and nearly choking her, stopped by Reverend. John simply wished to know whether there'd be any more attacks but she wouldn't give anything up.

    So, the Prisoners decided on torture. Kane offered to do it, holding a personal vendetta against Hecate and her ilk. Kane searched the refugee's belongings for abraxo cleaner, jalapenos and a spoon. He also picked up a clod of sand. He told the Daughter of Hecate that each of these would be used on her eyes, and the more she tells him, the earlier he'll stop. Mechanically for this I used the morale check mechanic at each level of his torture. First rubbing sand into her eyes. She resisted. Then crushed jalapenos. She resisted. Then Abraxo, she broke. Barely intelligble and heavily sick, she confessed that her and her warband were on the way to exfiltrate spies of Hecate that had poisoned the water supply at Servus Consortium, disguising it as a normal illness. She shortly afterwards passed out from the pain and shock.

    The Prisoners moved on. Coming across the bloated, egg-filled corpses of tribals killed by Cazadores in the area (To indicate to my players that they were entering a region above their level).

    Days later, they finally arrived at Magnum Chasma. Caius welcomed them to the cradle of the civilization that will unify the Wasteland.

    On approach they were met by a young Legion Priestess leading a troop of children passing by the main road to Magnum Chasma. The Priestess and little girls of the group kneeling before the arriving caravan, and the young boys proudly pounding their chests in salute (Returned by Caius and his men).

    Shortly after they emerged into the ordered chaos of the Forum, Legionaries directing their caravan to a filtering area where they were met by agents of Centurion Titus, summoning their commander. Titus welcomed back Caius, who informed Titus of their long journey and the help that these mercenarius had been. Titus thanked the Prisoners, paying them a handsome bounty for the Sidewinder and offering them plenty more work should they be interested. In discussing what to do with this large band of refugees, Titus ordered them to be taken to the Servus Consortium for holding, but they were to be kept in good quality care with food and water in the meantime. Meanwhile, Titus would confer personally with Caesar as to their fate.

    After this, the Prisoners explored the Forum. Trading with the Twisted Hairs and merchants from Two-Sun and Phoenix. John concluded after their bartering that he wished to find other mercenarius to learn more about the region: more specifically, information about Rebirth. He spoke with a Legion Faber who told him the mercenarius typically dwelled in the Servus Consortium. Heading over there, the Prisoners were met by the vast slave pens and slave markets of the Legion. John and Reverend were taken aback to say the least. They continued on finding the area where the mercenaries of the Legion dwell, as their Prison-Boys began to vibrate: A Prisoner 13 was nearby. Here they discovered the robed and masked Alexander, a Prison-Boy on his arm. Upon seeing Reverend and his Ranger jacket, Alexander seemed taken aback. Alexander remarked that he didn't think the Rangers dealt with slavers, and Reverend very aggressively replied that he's right, they don't. John gave him an ultimatum: come with them, or die.

    Alexander remarked he'd come with them if they helped him with one last job: bring back an escaped Priestess and Centurion Titus's private slave, who are heading for the Desert Rangers allegedly. They agreed, and began walking away, as Alexander leaned in and whispered to Reverend they needed to speak in private in a distinctly feminine voice. The group discussed that they were likely to simply kill Alexander when they get far enough away from the eyes of the Legion and be done with it, but Reverend cautioned things might not be as they seem.

    He spoke with Alexander in a hidden tent, Alexander removing his mask and hood revealing herself as Ayumi, one of the Rangers Reverend fought beside in the Battle of Elko during the Road War. She expressed shock at his being here, and the feeling was returned. She said that his arrival must be some kind of sign from God, and had a shameful breakdown explaining her recent past as a Ranger forward scout turned mercenary and slaver. She explains that she was really thinking about ensuring the delivery of these escaped slaves to the Rangers, and the "Angel of Elko" himself turning up is a sure sign she must do the right thing and redeem herself in the eyes of the Rangers. Reverend seemed sympathetic, and said they'd get to work. He asked more about the presence of the Rangers, learning of their existence at Fort Cochise but that rumor has it Hecate and the Sidewinders pushed them out. They're fighting a war on two fronts, they're out-manned and outgunned.

    Returning to the group, the group then split up: Jessica going to the water supply over at Servus Consortium, Clover going to the Forum to speak with Titus, whilst Kane, Reverend and John discussed the situation.

    Jessica snuck into the now cordoned off (after Caius's report of the interrogation info) water wells of the Servus Consortium, taking samples of the poisoned water with her newly purchased chemistry kit. Deducing that this was a post-war poison mix that produces an effect similar to that of ricin: ensured death with a prelude of minor, vague illness beforehand. She deduced it was chemically similar to some rattlesnake poisons, but very different in some way.

    Clover returned to the Forum, interrupted by the Legionaries of the forum hailing the return of the Legatus.

    Returning with a large, well armed war band. Joshua Graham led the march through the forum, meeting eyes with Clover as he headed to the west side of Magnum Chasma, Caesar's Fort. Asking a nearby Legionary, it seems that the Legatus has returned early from an unexpectedly early success: Monument Valley has come under the banner of the Legion, and the Red Giants will be assimilated after Graham's stunning victory. (A result of my faction clock system off-screen). Clover then headed into the large tourist lodge in the center of the Forum, home to Centurion Titus. Speaking with him about the various tasks on offer, he accepted numerous jobs including capturing Bloomfield Space Center and slaying the Great Gila Monster, as well as discovering who is passing around Cat's Paw Magazines in the Legion and the actual identities of the poisoners. Furthermore, he inquired about the fate of the refugees learning they'd become townsfolk and farmers for the newly liberated Flagstaff. Clover further inquired about the ideology and history of the Legion, discussing with Titus his own agreements with it's beliefs. Furthermore, he noted that he had reasons to suspect that Alexander in the Servus Consortium was not all they seem, and may seek to betray "Our Legion". Titus told him to keep an eye on it.

    The discussing group broke into arguing as John declared that it would take nearly a month to get to Rebirth from the Grand Canyon and they don't have the time to fuck around: kill Ayumi and be done with it. Then, he needs to find Caitlyn. Reverend responded that not only would he not kill a fellow Ranger, fallen though she may be, but that these escaped slaves need their help as do the Desert Rangers. Real, tangible people close by with real problems and not his girlfriend who is probably already dead and over a month away.

    The two bickered intensely going in circles (for quite a while) until Kane aggressively broke up the argument, reminding them that they had "The Job" to do: collect the Prison-Boys and stop BULLMOOSE. He remarked that there wasn't going to be anything left saving, not the Rangers, not the slaves nor Caitlyn if Uncle Sam wreaks havoc on the Wasteland and that they need to focus on the big picture. John hysterically remarked that Reverend's a doctor: he can perform a field amputation and take his damn arm, if it means he can go save Caitlyn. Kane remarked "I don't need your arm, boy, I need your ear. Just listen, damn it." and suggested a plan. The plan was this: they deliver the slaves to the Rangers with Ayumi, then head East to Rebirth. From Rebirth, they'd then head north up I-25 to Denver and collect two of the Prison-Boys, they'd try and find a Fuel Cell Regulator along the way, then loop back to Salt Lake City and repair the Highwayman. The group seemed to come to a final agreement on that. Jessica returned at the tail end of the argument, noting that if they were travelling anywhere: they needed money. They are broke, and out of rations. It's time to get to work. (Great RP from all involved)
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  11. Atomic Postman

    Atomic Postman Vault Archives Overseer

    Mar 16, 2013
    There's a couple good moments I forgot to include because it was a dense session, such as Jessica deflating the Daughter's monologue about sorcery by performing one of her tricks in front of her stating "It's not magic, lady, it's chemistry."
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  12. Atomic Postman

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Also bonus meme: We were jokingly discussing John's players suggested idea of luring Bullmoose into Tornado Alley, citing it'd be a suicide mission. Reverend volunteered that he'd do it alone in the Highwayman, which we said would be like this video:

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  13. TorontoReign

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    Apr 1, 2005
    This was Atomic Postman's pdf of the ruleset he was working on. Take care of it guys. Don't whore it out.

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  14. JunjiItosGio

    JunjiItosGio Still Mildly Glowing

    Oct 29, 2020
    I obviously can’t ask AtomicPostman anymore sadly, but since you helped him with this, do you know if there ever was a reason that AtomicPostman changed Tibbets Prison to Van Buren Prison, Lil’ Pip 3000 to Prison-Boy, Odysseus to Colossus, Argos to Bullmoose, and geographically moved the prison from Arizona to Colorado? @Hardboiled Android @Dayglow Drifter
  15. Hardboiled Android

    Hardboiled Android Vault Senior Citizen

    Jun 7, 2015
    Going off of memory right now. There are firmer answers for most (if not all) of these questions between the workshopping thread (which is still somewhere on this subforum if you're curious in seeing the worldbuilding process) and my private correspondence with AP, but I'm too lazy to look right this second.

    1. It was quite different from the original iteration of Tibbets. Its details/background, its role in the plot, and even its geographic location were all quite changed from the original Tibbets. Beyond that, giving the prison the name Van Buren is an obvious nod to the source material, and more importantly gives a justification for naming the setting "Fallout: Van Buren"*

    2. Rather than just being a generi computing device, the Prison Boy has some specific functions in the main plot that are tied to its origins as something meant for the penal system.

    3/4. The reason for this was a little capricious, but I still stand by it. Basically, the feeling was that in Fallout games Greek names were generally only given to things tied to Poseidon. To remove any potential confusion these were changed.

    Originally it was discussed changing Odysseus to its Latin equivalent Ulysses but this obviously creates further potential for confusion. Colossus was chosen because it was quite Americanist (the statue of liberty/the new colossus) and of course implies something of great scale and power. Bullmoose was selected because it had animalistic connotations as well as American patriotic connotations (Teddy Roosevelt). Essentially it was to be kind of like a dragon in a fantasy RPG, so giving it a name that evoked animalness seemed appropriate.

    4. Reasons of map design/progression. Van Buren actually would have been quite unusual compared to the other two Fallout games. Both of these games started you more or less off at the ass edge of the game map, which created a very distinct impression on the way players interacted with the world. It made it easier to funnel players without being heavyhanded through low-level zones and starter towsn to get them introduced to the world. Van Buren on the other hand threw players smack dab in the middle of the world, ironically comparable to the actual Fallout 3.

    Further, Atomic Postman wanted players to start out near a low-level sort of village with low stakes and introduction to basic strucutres and ideas. In this case that was to be the tribal town of Circle Junction, which was originally in Colorado, though here it was moved and renamed to Grand Junction.

    From here, players would be funneled and encouraged down a loose sense of world progression where they would gradually be introduced to more difficult enemies and higher stakes. Ranked in order from easiest->hardest:

    Colorado -> Utah -> Arizona -> New Mexico

    I thought this whole scheme was quite elegant, though ran into some challenges in Colorado and New Mexico that were never perfectly resolved.

    Another reason is that the very high peaks of the Rockies were a more appropraite setting thematically a lore-wise for a super high security prison as opposed to the relatively open (albeit desert) portion of Arizona where is was placed in the original Van Buren map.

    *This last point is my own personal feeling, I don't think that AP ever said anything to this effect
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  16. JunjiItosGio

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    Oct 29, 2020
    Was Necropolis tied to Poseidon Energy? The answers you’ve have me I understand clearly, however this one I’m scratching my head a bit.
  17. Iprovidelittlepianos

    Iprovidelittlepianos A Smooth-Skin

    May 12, 2020
    Nope, but Necropolis wasn’t the pre-war name for the city. I think it’s supposed to be Bakersfield.
  18. JunjiItosGio

    JunjiItosGio Still Mildly Glowing

    Oct 29, 2020
    I know Necropolis isn’t the pre-war name, I’m confused because the reason given was that for Fallout “Greek names were generally only given to things tied to Poseidon Energy”, I don’t know if this is an in-universe or out of universe/developer explanation
  19. Iprovidelittlepianos

    Iprovidelittlepianos A Smooth-Skin

    May 12, 2020
    I mean I think it’s just a fan explanation, not something the devs ever really adhered to intentionally. Hardboiled Android would have to explain, but as I understand it they were just talking about pre-war naming conventions.
  20. Hardboiled Android

    Hardboiled Android Vault Senior Citizen

    Jun 7, 2015
    A good example, though there are a couple of points here.

    One, Necropolis was in Fallout 1, at which point Poseidon was just a throwaway brandname. It was only fleshed out in Fallout 2 and New Vegas (as well as conceptually in Van Buren), and at that point gained its signature of naming virtually every project it had after something in Greek mythology. A finer point is put on this in Van Buren lore, since Derek Greenway named all of his projects after Roman mythology after he left Poseidon to start his own company.

    This is why ODYSSEUS/ARGOS were named this way in Van Buren, because these were products created by Poseidon for the government. Poseidon was not relevant/not worth including in the re-written version of Tibbetts, or indeed the main story, so it was only natural that names that were only given because of its inclusion should also be cut.

    Here's the man himself on the matter:

    I'd also note as regards Necropolis that, as @Iprovidelittlepianos says, Necropolis is a post-War nickname, not a pre-War code name given by some large organization. Also, Necropolis isn't really a mythological term, it's just a Greek term.

    As I said, this is a little capricious: reasonably just because one organization has a certain very specific naming convention doesn't mean others wouldn't attach similar names to projects, but from a world design perspective its nice to keep things somewhat orderly and thematic, lest we're handing the wrong cues or clues down to players.
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