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  1. Dapper Dan Man

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    Oct 6, 2004
    Well, my story obviously doesn't really compare to the rest of the mods, admins and so on here (I have a terrible memory). Basically this is my second time being around here.

    First of all, I probably got into Fallout in...lets say, '99. I dont know, but as a kid the whole post apoc feel of the game was a fun diversion from playing, lets say, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and Wing Commander on my POS computer. After playing Fallout 1, I eventually bought Fallout 2 because I heard afew good things (and that Game of the Year tag kinda sells you). I remember reading the box in Circuit City about "Become a porn star" "pimp your spouse out" "sell your friends into slavery" and thought "Wow, what a frigging realistic game!" Anyways, from then on I liked the whole atmosphere of the game, and the gritty feel of it.

    After that, in middle school I had an acquaintance who was also very much into the whole Fallout game. I don't recall his name, but he eventually founded a group known as Black Ops (blackops.f2s.com I think it was). He was a member of The Order as well, I believe, and so I kind of came on and got attached to the fan fiction type of stories here. This was back, way back, back when it was sort of an RPG in of itself with classes such as Scout, Ranger, and so on.

    Anyways, there was that, and then I knew Kharn from No Pokemon Allowed and FLAP. I might very well have gravitated over to The Order and NMA, bored as hell since Pokemon was rightfully declining from the obsessive craze it was. Eventually, I lost track of NMA and The Order a little while before Tactics came out. After Tactics and replaying F2 several times, I rekindled my interest in the game and one college afternoon, on a lark, wandered over the websites for something about Fallout. Probably was looking for Doombot's San Andreas Vault.

    Anyways, I came across NMA and was shocked to see it as still very much active. Even more to my suprise though, The Order was alive and apparently still active. Even with Kharn "The Flying Dutchman" off in Russia, I decided to apply to The Order once more after a few weeks on the NMA section. Been here since the fall of 2004.

    Well, that's about it for my story.
  2. gonzo13

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    Dec 2, 2004
    I got into Fallout when it first came out in '97(??). I beat it the first time and then I started re-playing it and trying to find new stuff. That is when I went on the internet to find walkthroughs and such. I first found "duck and cover" at its original site... duckandcover.com. Nobody seems to remember that one... not even Kreegle, but I swear I am not crazy. (I once talked to Kreegle about it and he said he doesn't know anything about it but that it was possible that there was something before he joined since he was not the one who started DAC.) Then that site became the home of some dude's resume and DAC disappeared and moved to.... I don't precisely remember what the site was but it was the one before they got hosted on RPGPlanet.

    Anyways.... back in those days you could post on the DAC forums without actually registering, which was good since I did not have an e-mail address other than Hotmail. That was the reason I stayed around that old DAC site even after it stopped being updated. Shadowman and Rosh (The Roshambo warrior) were moderators on that site and one day, out of nowhere, Sahdowman asked me why I don't join NMA. I guess he thought I had brains enough to contribute. I told him of my problem and he went and created and account for me and e-mailed me the password. That is how I came to NMA. Blame Shadowman! Too bad he left, he was really cool, nice guy too.

    While I knew of NMA before, it was not until I joined NMA that I found out about Vault 13, and that DAC moved to RPGPlanet. I posted on NMA on ocasion but I went back to DAC and then I discovered V13 which became my favorite one of the three. Man, I miss V13!! That was a great site with a whole bunch of great people running it and on its boards. No offense to anyone here but I thought the V13 forums were somehow more friendly, and just as intelligent without being condescending about it. I know SaintProv still comes here from time to time but it isn't the same. I remember when he put the developers' asses to the fire when Tactics was being put together, priceless.

    Well DAC got in a fight with RPGPlanet and got shut down for a while, and Vault13 shut down permanently, so I was left with NMA. I never went back to DAC after that and just stayed with NMA. I have always come here on occasion to check out the news and such and I would post on occasion but eventually my old account got deleted and I only came back recently to reactivate it. Kind of a coincidence since I found out that FO3 is finally being made now. I am glad NMA has remained here throughout this time, and I hope it continues.

    As for who I miss from days gone by.... well Shadowman is on top of my list, then I remember APTYP(I remember that post where he all of a sudden told everyone to fuck themselves, HA HA.), Smackrazor was cool, and Xotor, Miroslav ofcourse, and pretty much all the people named earlier by others. I am not very good at remembering names but they come back to me as I see other people mentioning them.

    I also seem to remember posting in the infamous minnigun thread but I am not sure... I guess I will have to find it and see.

    I guess that is all for me.
  3. Shadowbird

    Shadowbird Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Jul 20, 2003
    Just a side-note, I think it was duckandcover.net.
  4. gonzo13

    gonzo13 First time out of the vault

    Dec 2, 2004
    I know what I am talking about.
    This was like seven or eight years ago I am talking about. duckandcover.net was the site DAC moved to after they got in the fight with RPGPlanet and the Gamespy network which hosted them, something like three or four years ago.

    duckandcover.com was the site I originally found back in '97/98' when the first Fallout came out. This was my freshman year of college. If you go there now it is under construction, before it was some guy's resume. I would guess that the guy who's resume was up there before may have been the original creator of the site before Kreegle was ever on the scene, but I don't think anyone ever asked him.

    BTW.... I didn't notice that DAC moved from their .net account, what happened?
  5. Briosafreak

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    Dec 18, 2003
    1st part of the comments, here we go, i`ll try not to be much MCA in my writings :wink:

    There were several Wateland sites pointing to this place, and one that is fundamental to understand the conections between Wasteland and Fallout

    If feels like it doesn`t it? In fact there were many many less members, and the number of regulars wasn`t much bigger too.

    i never linked those names :shock:

    Someone tell Rosh about this topic, fast.

    Miroslav spent two years in the Serbian snow and lousy weather in the army, and hating every minute of it. His topic with an obscene gesture to the board members was funny and eery at the same time, with those pics of Serbia during the war. And my favorite thread on the previous forum was his account of the revolution that got rid of Milosevic, with Miro invading the Parliament and attacking the public TV building, beeing shot at, and going home happy but gassed...he had to be in bed for almost a week afterwards, but i`ve never seen him so happy.

    Xotor was good fun, he loved to be in the role of devil´s advocate, even if he agreed with something he had to say the oposite of what was posted just because :)
    He loved Torment and Fallout, had a site with Kharn that i found that was still online a couple of years ago, but now i can´t find it, and kept the boards moving with constant posts. where is he anyway?

    Shadowman was my favorite moderator, he was just cool. Provided some balance to the boards, that were pretty tough, although there weren`t so many bans, i mean it was a rare ocasion to be banned here, now it´s too common. He was right very often in his views, but he got carried away with the UV rivalries with Rosh when both had that clash, i guess, they were from different factions at the time, but still it was a shame seeing him leaving. His Fallout2 FAQ was awesome by the way, i hope we have it somewhere.

    And for those that don`t know the Unwashed Villagers are still around at this location.

    I would check The Order from time to time, to see if they had a new weird banner with their faces, always a fun bunch. William posted here at NMA quite often, he was always at the Fan Fic forum, wich was a self ruled forum for a long time, the mods wouldn`t go there, so when a kid that was made moderator there screwd up we took over, unofficially, and had some good times, with William, Lockout (a terrific writer, that also made a Fallout bible before Chris Avellone), True Raven, Archon, Fang (the one guy that made more spelling mistakes than me, and he was english :) ), 8-Ball, and a very talented girl that i don`t remember the nick. B-Pen and Yamu showed up too, with William creating the Illuminati, to broad the space of the fan fics allowed. Later William deletes a wonderfull lemon fic from the girl, all hell brakes loose, True Raven creates the Annunaki, with the suport of several guys from the fan fic board, like me, and things went a bit sour. William was also pissed with tone Capone and europa13, now a newsguy at DAC, for creating a split in the Order that gave birth to the Dragon`s talon clan, hosted at Fallout eXtreme, the place where KellyX ruled. A bad move, still it gave inspiration for William`s Tragic cards and for Yamu to join the Order and later. Tone got back to the Order, William slowly drifted away.

    Yamu left the internet almost entirely, because of some stupid family shit, still he made some of the best Fallout theory posts ever, i miss him a lot. True Raven closed the Annunaki and became part of The Project, the only place in the internet that i`m banned actually, and where 4Too had his unique forum.

    When the FOBOS problems began and Elara joined the Chuck side of things i went against her, in a very painfull way for me, but that i thought it had to be done. The Ethics of Responsability, that wonderfull concept by Raymond Aron, can be a bitch sometimes... well True Raven took her side, and left NMA. He`s still registered though, a wonderfull guy, i miss him too.

    So as Elara by the way, but as long as Rosh and me post here i guess she`ll never return. Archon, Fang are gone, i had a glimpse of 8-ball one day somewhere in 2003, but he/she disapeared again. BluePencil/B-Pen never forgave me and DarkUnderlord for tracking him because of some stories regarding him, so he left for good too.

    I remember you vey well KQX, you had another nick too didn`t you? Anyway Doyle moved to DAC for awhile when NMA was in decadence, before Odin put it on the right track again and we made the Van Buren days revolution that molded the new NMA, with a lot more participation and recognition than in those slower days. Well it wasn´t the same Doyle, and he sort of drifted away in time. APTYP is banned from NMA, and rightfully so, he was good fun at times, but what a temper... Happy Suitcase Man was a blast when he started coming to NMA, he was a regular at DAC too, the discussions regarding music with him were always good fun. Later he became a political activist and left NMA after the 9/11 flame wars.

    The modding crew of SmackRazor and MatuX, with other guys like Dr. Win95 were good fun, but this is the best time for fallout modding, no doubt about that. The Russians are great in getting tools and hacking the game, as always, but many more showed up now with great talent.
    By the way your help has been one of the best things that i`ve seen in this fora, you are unvaluable Per.

    Torr and Saboteur were nice guys, whitechocobo666 was everywhere in the Fallout fansites, all gone now. Seems JR Jansen still comes here to check the news from time to time, but he`s tired of all the problems regarding Fallout3, so he just moved on. Wonderfull guy, hope he returns one day.

    You came because of the exposure NMA gave to JA projects, and stayed on. The JA community is the best community in the net, they really do things instead of just complaining about what is wrong, i admire that.

    Later on part 2.
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    Jun 20, 2003
  7. Silencer

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    Nov 7, 2003
    I guess it's time for me to speak up.

    I've come here from SHAMO, the Polish Fallout community, which I invaded mainly to advertise y pen-and-paper PA RPG, but I found that there were so many secrets in Fallout to discover and share that I stayed.

    The date you see in my profile is my actual first contact with NMA, I remember the old phpbb board as alreadyhaving been archived. This was also around the time when I got inet access installed, switching from modem, and could finally actually do something.

    Then, some rogue link from there brought me to NMA. I started posting in month-old threads, but luckily, no one noticed. However, the fear of being bashed by Roshambo :) (who ran by the handle Hideki Hitler for the time being) was so surpressive, that I practically witrhdrew from the forum around the time VB was cancelled.

    I still remained active at SHAMO, however, and about a year ago Kaczor asked me if I wanted to help him with the VDHP site, especially the English section and I agreed. This of course involved a return to NMA as the site is hosted and the news posts are part of the forum. Ive grown accustomed to the forum and started posting a lot. I helped a lot with Bourgeoisie's 'foreign' affairs, until MoF showed up, and in Autumn last year Odin figured that since the English VDHP covers the same stuff as NMA does, I could just as well post for the latter and make VDHP a Polish agency of the NMA.

    My final honour here was being appointed Super Moderator in the time when their ranks were weakened by Ugly John's and Montez's absence.

    One last thing: I figured that there was an 'old' member by the handle "Silencer". This wasn't me, however, as my involvememnt with NMA (or any forum) doesn't pre-date October 2003. So, who was that man (or woman?) :)
  8. Per

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    Apr 1, 2004
    Wot! I don't respect you at all now.

    Also: lesbian vampires?
  9. Ashmo

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    Jul 2, 2004
    I came here via vault13.net, which in turn I found via good old Google.

    Not much to say. I lurked for ages before I registered and didn't even come here regularily until vault13.net went down, followed by the DAC trouble.

    I think, apart from the original FORPG and all its sequels, I haven't been a regular to any Fallout board ever since my few moments of ... activity or something back at v13.

    Am I even supposed to post here? Whatever. Hug me.
  10. Brother None

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    Admin Orderite Board Cop oTO

    Apr 3, 2003
    Fixed it for you.

    Hah! Post-Fallout 2 we had two forums, one with barely the amount of traffic GD has now, one with the traffic of the RPG Gameplay forum. Doesn't equal what we have now, does it?

    Xotor and me had some hefty debates. Looking back his opinions were a lot more well-formed and thought-through than mine, it'd be fun to debate with him again.

    The site was PoseidoNet, the revolutionary all-Flash site I mentioned earlier. He didn't so much "have it with" me as he much as he hosted my fanfics there. I'm not sure why I just put my fan-fics there and not on NMA. Friendly service, I guess. PN used to be on VirtualAve, then it moved to f2s, which is where I last saw it.

    Yamu still wanders off and on TO. He's a highly valued and missed member.

    And I'll remind everyone again that I knew Smackrazor before the PipBoy2000LE days.

    And nobody curious about the history of the AOF, the Grim Reaper (that you might know from Fallout 2's UV encounter) and how they tie into the big mystary?
  11. KQX

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    May 3, 2003
    Yep. I was Mr. Set. And I know that you remember me well. I wouldn't have my "Old Warrior" title if you weren't still around. Thanks again.

    That's the second time you openly conveyed your ignorance and bad memory. How can you not remember the lesbian vampires? That ad has been permanently engraved in my memory. Not just because of its weirdness but also because it hovered over the old NMA forum for many weeks (maybe even months). Shame on you, Per. :D
  12. Silencer

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    Nov 7, 2003
    Straight vampires?
  13. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Well, not much that I can add that hasn't already been said.

    I joined up here after being a regular on the official Fallout forums, then helping to deal with the mess that was the Fallout 2 official forums. I had visited this site for a while before then, and posted on the old WebBBS, since I was also a member and then briefly a board cop for the UV (which was also hosted here under the San Andrea' Vault site). Then Miroslav added in the moderators because the forums started to get a bit of moron overspill from the official Fallout 2 forums.

    I was also a moderator on the old DAC forums, after the move of DAC from Turngray.com (at least someone remembers this other than Paul and a few UV members), where the UV was also hosted at Jay's site until it moved to NMA, and worked on the content on Fallout2.net as well. After it was moved to GameSpy without notifying me, I stopped visiting for a while, instead deciding to work both at NMA and V13. A bit before, the UV had a split and one part went to one domain, and the other went to V13.

    Naturally, wtih a site that is based around clannies, clannie mentality seems to rear its ugly head, and Saint Proverbius (who was a Fallout2.net regular), JC, Greg, and myself had a laugh at some of their games. One of note was Moonbiter, and Elara then started the backstabbing she has since become famous for. Then V13 was eventually abandoned - which was a shame, since it was a decent site, but I can understand the lack of love for a game that was far less than promised. The UV there then moved onto another server. Ironically, the "tiff between NMA and V13" (which has some HILARIOUS reading material when you take a look at who says what) was what landed me the adminship at V13.

    NMA then went through a few forum and domain changes as mentioned, up until itoday.

    I miss Miro, and Xotor, too. Yes, he had a gruff side, too.. :D Old-School Role-Player is another I miss, mainly because they DO have a good understanding and foundation of P&P RPGs, and could just as easily as myself have debunked many of the idiotic posts around.
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  14. Per

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    Apr 1, 2004
    Shame on me for missing out on the lesbian vampires!? Do you usually seek out sites of plane crashes to kick on the survivors as well?
  15. Briosafreak

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    Dec 18, 2003
    After all this time VOTF is finally dead

    What true Raven asked was what Van Buren turned out to (almost) be. And only now i see that Chris Taylor refering to the things i spoked off wasn`t a coincidence...

    We never got to know why Sweaty Testes had that name...

    Rosh in tactics

    Post-apoc websites, many are gone

    Kotario first post at NMA

    And now a mythical topic, of epical artistic value


    Here it is for posterity, Roshambo`s masterpiece featuring the brothers Caen
  16. uziel

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    Feb 5, 2005
    I found this site looking for Fallout sprites. A bit of a flame war ensued afterwards and Carib FMJ dragged me back. Then I read Welsh's zombie thread and knew I had to add to it. That's pretty much it.
  17. Tannhauser

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    Mar 18, 2004
    I really hate looking at old posts (any post that is old enough I don't remember making it). My reactions are either "God, I sound like a twit." or "How was I so insightful?" Unfortunately for me, its more often the former.

    Though Fan Made Fallout is still going, I believe we are the eldest project around these days.
  18. Roshambo

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    Apr 3, 2003
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  19. uziel

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    Feb 5, 2005
    I REALLY don't want to know, do I?
  20. Briosafreak

    Briosafreak Lived Through the Heat Death

    Dec 18, 2003
    Oh you do, it`s really funny :)