How did you discover Fallout ?

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  1. Ayelander

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    Jun 30, 2018
    Was at a friend's house in around 2010/11. He kept gushing on and on about how good Fallout 3 while he rushed through the main quest. Was pretty unimpressed by it at the time, got the chance to play it at a different friend's place. I liked shooting molerats I guess but beyond that there wasn't a whole lot of enjoyment in it.

    Later bought the game myself and forced myself to finish it. i remember being pissed at Liberty prime stomping through the end and doing all the work, just to reinforce that I'm a useless little shit that pops his gun off at the meanie enclave like the volunteer mercenary Liam Neeson Jr is while everyone else does the important shit.
    Thank fuck I picked up New Vegas a few years later out of curiosity. The game just clicked with me. I was baffled, how did Fallout go from a sub-par timewaster to something I could actually enjoy playing? I don't quite remember anything making sense in the last game, or morality being measured on a spectrum instead of either being The Lord Above or Curator of the Fiery Pit Below. The game was noticeably superior in every way to Fallout 3, but not in the usual way a sequel surpasses the game before. I done some research on the game a while after beating it and found out it was made by a different company. Which led me to the broader community for the games, and got me acquainted with 1 & 2, and now leading me here.
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  2. Beardy Unixer

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    Apr 24, 2018
    I just went to a shop, and the rest was inevitable. Let's face it, who wouldn't pick that box up and buy it?
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  3. Pwener

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    Aug 15, 2017
    I didn't discover Fallout; it discovered me.

    I was pondering the meaning of life one day while sitting on my backyard when I fell asleep. Suddenly I felt a hard pain as if something had hit me on the face. When I looked at the ground I saw a pristine copy of Fallout 3!

    I looked up at the sky to see whence this answer from the gods came from and that's when I saw it...

    A plane was dropping them and it had a banner tied to it with Todd Howard's face and the words: "It just works."
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  4. KingArthur

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    Jun 25, 2018
    Well, therein lies a tale (to quote Arseface)…
    Back in 2010 I was a young lad of 14, still in middle school, when I saw a video on creepypastas. And in that video was the Fallout 3 "Numbers Stations" one. I didn't think much of it until years later, in my first year of high school back in 2012. By that time curiosity set in, not for the creepypasta (shit's fake), but for the game that spawned it. So using the money I got playing football (I played all throughout high school and family members paid me per injury I caused to other teams/person I knocked down; I was good at my job, despite being a somewhat small man), I waltzed into a Gamestop and purchased Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360.

    And I make no apologies here; I fucking loved it. Loved everything about it. So when I discovered New Vegas a while later, I was even more blown away (to the point where New Vegas is still my favorite piece of mass media ever produced, along with Dan Jones' book The Plantagenets). I often joke that New Vegas was my only friend in high school, and when I literally played the disc to death I made a memorial for it, which I later hung on my college dorm room wall: screenshot.png
    So yeah. After that I played F2, loved it, and Fallout has been my favorite thing besides medieval history ever since.

    EDIT: Sorry for the grey border, I had to take a screenshot in Paint because the original Jpeg from my phone was too big a file
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  5. MPPlantOfficial

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    Aug 24, 2017
    Poor people. I live in a third world shithole and remember picking up a pirated copy of Diablo 1. We owned a lot of pirated PS1 games sold for 1$ / disk.
  6. saphalline

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    Jul 12, 2018
    Back in '98, my gaming life was in a rut due to a conflict with my siblings: I wanted a Sony Playstation to succeed our venerable SNES, while my siblings wanted an N64 'cuz Nintendo. My siblings out-voted me and we got an N64 for Xmas in '97. I was NOT IMPRESSED with the N64. (To this day I hold that early 3D graphics are undoubtedly inferior to late 2D graphics by a huge margin!) I was taking a computer programming class that year and a classmate showed me screenshots of StarCraft and I was blown the fuck away by the graphics! I had known about PC games, but my opinion of them had become out-dated from my preconceived notions of low-res DOS games with beeps & boops for sounds. That year, for my birthday, I got StarCraft. I left the N64 to my siblings and annihilated Zerglings in a bloody mess for months...

    That same classmate was meanwhile showing me more PC game screenshots along the way, and some looked cool while others didn't. Until he showed me Fallout 2. I had to look up post apocalyptic to understand what I was seeing. Mad Max? In a game? WTF is this? It sounds depressing AF! How could anyone actually enjoy a game based on this type of conten- wait, MINIGUNS? OK, yeah, go to the next screenshot...

    I got Fallout 2 for Xmas in '98. The best part? My parents only agreed to buy it for me because it was the ONLY THING I asked for that Xmas, but the content ratings had them spooked off of my siblings even seeing it. They all had to leave me alone whenever I played it. They whined, my parents said they had an N64 to play, and I teased them mercilessly! HAHAHAAA!
  7. MPPlantOfficial

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    Aug 24, 2017
    This. Love a game? No problem. (Love Ocarina and Majora myself) But don't try to convince someone that GoldenEye 007 "still looks good today." That's ridiculous.
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  8. SiriusShenanigans

    SiriusShenanigans Those who write on Heaven’s walls...

    Jun 27, 2018
    I remember being in highschool when one of my friends showed me Fallout 3 on his Xbox, which opened my eyes to just how unremarkable a setting can be. I remember being incredibly underwhelmed by Fallout 3 and finding it bleak and boring. It wasn't like I didn't put hours into it. I focused on lock picking and stealing everything with occasional mass murder, but it was never something that really caught my interest. To me it was the sort of entertainment that was addictive in the same way as farmville, where there isn't anything to be gained by playing it but small milestones can make you stay longer than you should. Anyway, I was quite certain I just didn't like fallout, so when New Vegas came out, I wasn't the least bit interested. I didn't revisit fallout until later when friends were talking about the story line, and I thought "There was a storyline? Maybe that's why I didn't like it. I didn't get to the storyline." I was right though, there was no storyline. I eventually played New Vegas after I had a lot of friends tell me about a fallout inspired story, and even though New Vegas did a lot to improve on Fallout 3, I still found that the world didn't suck me in and I was still very much against anything as clunky as the fallout 3 engine. There was a long period of time though where my friends were talking about a fallout inspired story where I didn't have access to a console or have money to buy games on steam, so I got Fallout 2 to see if I could stand the old ones, not really expecting much.

    Holy Crap though Fallout 2. It takes a while to get into and figure out the systems but it is a game that makes you think, and I love it. It left me in stitches and gave me new perspectives on life. It was a game that resonated with me in so many ways. It was both funny and serious, and I had been craving it. I loved how it felt like a treasure trove of hidden secrets to explore if you only used your head, and the aspects of the world fit together so well. Fallout 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. I didn't care about the Fallout franchise until I played this one. Before it was just another mediocre franchise, now I feel its a travesty that its been reduced to what it is now.
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  9. hag

    hag The Master Did Nothing Wrong!

    Aug 21, 2016
    I got into it through Fallout 4. Before then, I'd never paid attention to the franchise. Of course, I wasn't impressed, or else I wouldn't be on NMA. However, I did sink some hours into it. It was enough to get me interested in the older games. I'd heard that New Vegas was the best, so I gave it a go. Not my favorite game, but still better than Fallout 4 by a wide margin. I wasn't hooked until I played Fallout 1. It immediately became one of my favorites. What inspired me to play? Why, only the Master's divine visage.

    I had trouble liking Fallout 2. I recognize I am an outlier. There was a lot to explore, but breadth is not necessarily a sign of quality. I actually don't mind FO1's shortness, although I do wish it could have been developed in greater depth. It feels pleasantly concise. Regarding FO2 again, I felt many of the locations lacked harmony and character. I also found the game's personality insufferable.

    Fallout 3 was the very last game I played in the main series. My take is simple: it's boring. I didn't feel any motivation to explore the open world. Side-quests felt like chores. Thus, I didn't spend a lot of time with the game. The main quests's flaws have been enumerated by dozens of other users already, I'm sure.
  10. G-Hombre

    G-Hombre Space is Dangerous

    Jul 17, 2018
    Fallout 3. I then played New Vegas and Fallout 4. I personally liked them all, they're all fun to explore, mess around in, and the stories and quests I thought were actually good (especially quests like The Velvet Curtain in Point Lookout).
  11. Daniel "Dan" Acerbi Rocha

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    Jul 11, 2018
    So I'm from Brazil. Bear with me because this is pertinent to the rest of the story.
    When I was 13 or 14, me and some friends from school were really into """RPGs""" like Mu and Ragnarok. MMORPGS, but we were just poor kids who didn't know any better. This happened back when internet cafés (here we call them LAN houses) were booming and people like us came across this whole new universe called PC gaming. Before this gaming basically meant going to somebody's house to play pirated copies of PS1 games.
    At some point one of them (called Silas, I haven't seen him in over 15 years now) comes to me one day during class and goes YO HEY MAN I GOT THIS CD HERE I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM BUT IT'S AN RPG YOU SHOULD PLAY IT and he hands me this burned disc with "falout" written on it and nothing else.
    So I get home that day, boot up my old-ass PC and install Fallout 2.
    Now, you have to understand, I could barely understand english by then.
    I start the game and, since I'm familiar with MMORPGS and NOTHING else, I create a "warrior" character. That means I dump every SPECIAL point into ST, EN and AGI. CH, INT and LUCK 1.
    I guess you can pretty much tell how my first playthrough went.
    I was so puzzled with Fallout that I took to the internet (some years afterwards, when I got access to it in a reliable manner) to research it, and it was then that I discovered what an RPG actually is. Even after that, Fallout 2 had such a mystifying aura to me that I hesitated coming back to it.
    Actually I only did it some weeks ago, after finishing New Vegas for the xth time and feeling like I could use something different.
    The game is nowhere near as hard as I remember and I love it for what it actually is this time, but playing it still feels like embarking on this wild adventure that I truly know nothing about once again.
    I guess that it being extremely funny and engaging also helps.
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  12. Ziggy Stardust

    Ziggy Stardust Space Alien

    Jul 24, 2018
    Ha! This thread was posted before I was born!!!! I found out about fallout when my dad gave me a turn playing fallout 3 when I was four. It was the first game I ever played on a console. He was a loyal fan of the fallout series since Wasteland.
  13. SMBComix

    SMBComix It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Apr 22, 2014
    My little brother had a copy of Fallout: New Vegas for his Xbox 360 that he'd play whenever he was visiting. I became sort of intrigued with the world and eventually got the PC version off of Steam.

    As of this writing I have 1440 hours logged in the Steam version. Couldn't be happier with the game, just wish it had the ability to continue playing after the Hoover Dam battle. I've also got every released game in the series, and I tend to prefer FNV to pretty much all of them.
  14. Carib FMJ

    Carib FMJ Nuka-Cola Chaser

    Nov 8, 2003
    Was watching a friend play it. It was Fallout 1... back in 1997. Never looked back since.
  15. GestapoSantaClaus

    GestapoSantaClaus First time out of the vault

    Sep 4, 2018
    I was in high school when information for Fallout 3 slowly started leaking into magazines. I didn’t think anything of the behemoth they always showed, chocked it up to another monster game like Resident Evil. Wasn’t until I read the name of the series that I went “wait wha?”
  16. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    Remind me to never play football...
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  17. Reaver Movement

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    Sep 17, 2018
    I played a game called Morrowind and because I loved that I then played oblivion and new Vegas, since I adored fallout nv I played fallout 3 and liked it , but then I went and played fallout 1 and tactics and that's were my love for fallout came , but I do think 1 is the best .

    Btw fallout 4 is only good when I have loads of mods in it , the modding community is wonderful.

    Also , I already hate fallout 76,
  18. Ayelander

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    Jun 30, 2018
    I'm feeling so many emotions.
  19. GonZo_626

    GonZo_626 Well Shit!

    Jul 29, 2016
    Well i cant understand why i have never seen this thread before. Alright youngins be prepared for the storytelling of an old man who did not start with FO3.

    So back in around 1991 or 1992ish era my uncle passed onto me his old computer, no hard drive, old 5 1/2" floppy boot disk and such. It came with this container of games, now most of these games were completely text based so to my 8-10 year old self they were not much interesting. But i came accross this game with graphics and some books to compliment the story. I gave it a try and started roaming through the wastes with my squad of rangers, i has found wasteland and played it right up until my parents gave that computer and everything with it to one of there friends as they replaced it with a lovely pentium 75 with windows 95. Imagine the glee as 12 year old me feel in love and my love of PC gaming was completed and has not died since.

    With this love of gaming and it being the 90's i bought and read gaming magazines (on this stuff called paper youngin's). I came upon an article talking about this game coming out that was inspired by and was a spiritual successor to wasteland. So i kept checking the local computer store until i found it. I created my charecter and proceeded to leave a vault for the first time. Skin tight plastic looking vault suit, 10mm pistol, and a bunch of rats in a cave, heaven had been found, and i have been playing and replaying and replaying ever since. Fallout, then Fallout 2, then tactics and so on and so on......
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  20. KingArthur

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    Jun 25, 2018
    3 must've been a disappointment then.