How does the Vault Dweller know to go to the Boneyard after they join the Brotherhood?

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    Jun 5, 2018
    According to the Vault Dweller's memoirs, after they come back from the Glow and are rewarded with tech from the Brotherhood, they set off for the Boneyard. My glaring question is: what leads them to the Boneyard????? If you talk to all the npcs in Lost Hills, you are instead directed towards Mariposa, but the memoirs clearly state the Master was destroyed before the FEV vats! Also, why does the Vault Dweller return to Necropolis on his way to the Boneyard????? Please, I need in-universe explanations, I just can't make sense of it and I want my play through to be true to the lore!
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    They don't happen to mention the Boneyard at all in Lost Hills? Don't the Followers of the Apocalypse help you with the Master? I figured something related to that would point you there. I remember going to Boneyard and completing that area and the Cathedral first but don't remember why I did that first necessarily.
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    Not that I saw, perhaps I missed something, but I'm pretty sure the Brotherhood didn't mention the Boneyard at all in the Lost Hills Bunker. I checked Fallout wiki and there was nothing there about it. I do know that you can convince the Brotherhood to help you with the Master or Mariposa though, the wiki told me that much.

    Still have no clue: Scribe Vree just talks about the Mutants biology, Scribe Sophia gives you a history holodisk, Talus gives you equipment, and the Elders including Maxson send you to scout the Northwest where Mariposa is. That's all I know
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    Well, the Boneyard in general is an important location. It's a settlement full of people that have jobs for you, sell weapons, food, ammunition, armor etc etc and it's entirely possible that the Vault Dweller has loose ends in the Boneyard that need tying up. You can also put two and two together with all the massive hints regarding the Children of the Cathedral and their involvement in the Boneyard somewhere as well as their connection to the goings on with the mutants.

    As for why he stops at Necropolis, it's simply a matter that it's a place where the Vault Dweller has friends and when you're trekking through the desert for days upon days it's not out of the question to stop by a settlement for some respite, especially when they're friends.
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    "They gave me the information I required and some of their technology, and I set off in search of the Boneyard."
    Probably just bad choice of words there. Would've been better if he'd simply said "and I set off to the Boneyard."

    My guesses?
    1. Vault Dweller learned the location of the Boneyard in The Hub since it's a Caravan Trade route. As a traveler the VD would've made it priority to learn all routes and possible resting locations which include: Necropolis, BoS, Junktown, Boneyard
    2. You wouldn't have been able to reach the Glow without passing through the Boneyard anyway. It was the last rest stop before getting to the Glow.