Ideas for future Fallout games, A real Fallout 4 possibly?

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    -The NCR faces an identity crisis at the loss of Hoover dam and decays into fascism. The new leader is the antagonist, inspired by the ideology of caesar but using the industrial power of the NCR for expanionistic conquest.

    -The legion has decayed into a neutral force of small kingdoms with different interpertations on Caesar's ideas. Causing conflict among the kingdoms, think of a situation similar to daggerfall with small feuding countries.

    -the khans take up the archtype of being Poland. The khans are the buttmonkeys and get invaded by the NCR.

    -Several new small states have emerged independent of the NCR and legion and would interact with the player.

    -The game's main themes would include political subversion of sacred values used as justification and interpertations of history. The concepts of ghosts haunting the past would still be there even more so by the NCR's violent turn and the theme of truly new cultures struggling against these "ghosts" would be there with the new caesarite kingdoms and neutral countries and tribes independent of these "ghosts" throughout political history.
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    Expanionism Is what created the problem in the first place. Citizens of the NCR are tired of wars and won't fund others. that's what Chief Hanlon implies.

    I like the legion idea


    Which States?

    I'm not sure what you mean here
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    -A Fallout "spin off" set many centuries in the future and in space.

    I have been thinking about this idea again after I went through some PNP RPG books again that all share a similar theme; human expansion into outer space and the opportunity for adventures it offers. (Traveler, Eclipse Phase, Stars Without Numbers, Star Smuggler)
    In past threads I have also mentioned that I would like to see a sci-fi RPG that is not based on any of the existing sci fi movies or series franchises and instead more of golden to relative modern science fiction books and possibly comics, perhaps a mix of hard science and soft science.

    There may or may not be aliens. Well definitely alien creatures but not necessarily intelligent aliens or the space faring kind as the theme and story would still be about humans and our own accomplishments and foils.

    Perhaps a sort of "The Outer Worlds" if I got to make my space sci-fi idea and was allowed to tie it into the Fallout franchise even if the connection is very small.

    -Set about five or six centuries after Fallout New Vegas (ignoring Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76), civilization on Earth has recovered sufficient enough to give rise to nation states again and even a new age of science and technology though there are clear differences between these nations and those before the great war.
    The nation that is now ruling North America or at least a large portion of it is not the "New United States of America".
    A similar pattern happened throughout the rest of the world and those regions that did not give rise to city states or nations of their own tended to be absorbed by the new nations.

    Humanity is still not unified as one people but there has been a greater degree of cooperation as far is possible between nations with different ideologies, mostly out of necessity due to the state of the world and severely limited resources.
    It is however accepted that sooner or later these alliances will probably fall apart as the various nations will once again pursue their own interested and try to undermine or subvert their competitors.

    -One of the areas in which a large number of nations cooperated was the expansion into and colonization in space (as well as perhaps underwater mining and mining operations in inhospitable areas such as Antarctica).
    Using recovered rocket technology from the former United States (from sources such as House and Repconn) man has returned to the moon and has also send unmanned and manned rockets to Mars, the asteroid belt, Mercury, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and established automated and manned outposts there.
    However none of these colonies and space cities truly offered the room to truly expand as a species, merely providing resources to keep civilization on Earth going.
    Even terraforming a world such as Mars, Europa, or Titan would take decades if not centuries.

    Sleeper ships and generation ships were built and launched towards systems with possible Earth like worlds but this was merely spreading humanity's seed to ensure that the species would continue on another world should humanity on Earth once again fail.
    There was however never the guarantee that any of these one-way colonization missions would be successful and if they did it would take decades before Earth would receive a signal laser from any of the colonies.

    A solution to this problem came when a team of scientists and super computers developed a practical theory for a FTL propulsion system.
    After the system was perfected through trial and error single nations but also cooperating nations started launching probes and scout vessels to various star systems astronomers from centuries back already concluded there were planets, some of which possible habitable to mankind.
    Efforts were also done to establish with the sleeper and generation ships that has been launched in the previous decades.

    Eventually new colonies would be established. Some on very Earth like worlds while others on less hospitable planets but with an abundance of resources to build wealth.
    For a long time these colonies were simply extensions of the nations who had funded the journeys to these worlds though a number of corporate colonies would also be established.
    Eventually some of these colonies, especially the ones with populations in the millions would decide that they want to govern themselves and ask their parent nation for independence.
    Occasionally this would be peaceful, colonies getting a greater degree of self rule but remaining a part of their parent nation back on Earth, simply going from nation and colony to allies, or even simply buying their own independence. But in other cases the parent nation was resolute in its decision that the colony would remain under the nation's rule with the result being sometimes very violent revolutions.

    By the time of my campaign idea the nations of Earth control a large number of colonies, in the solar system itself, and throughout neighboring systems.
    A number of systems has gained its independence, through peaceful means or through violent ones. Some of these independent colonies have also joined together to form new alliances or a Federation though nothing has yet arisen that could genuinely challenge Earth economically or politically.
    A number of international/interplanetary business and corporations has also spread across human space. Some deeply connected to nations on Earth while others are more tied into any of the colonies or are fully independent.

    Society has progressed to the point that civilian ownership of interstellar spacecraft and even individual ownership is now possible and next to government and corporate owned or supported spaceships there are now also hundreds of independent traders and space scout traveling between the planets and the stars to make a living.

    -Connections to the Fallout games.

    As mentioned before many centuries have passed since the events of Fallout 1, 2, and FNV, and those recorded are now considered as ancient history as the ancient world civilizations of Rome, Greece, and Egypt, the Napoleonic wars, the British colonial wars, and many other facts of history are to us today.
    The NCR is remembered as one of the founders of the nation that would one day arise from the North American wasteland. The Legion is less well remembered but is an object of study by historians.
    House would be happy to know that he is still remembered as an enigmatic genius whose company technologies were key to mankind's return to space.
    Organizations such as the Brotherhood of Steel and the Followers of the Apocalypse played an important role in the rebuilding of North American civilization but they have long since faded away but not without leaving some type of descendant or legacy that is still around today.

    Humans mutants such as the Super Mutants and the Ghouls are also long extinct though are remembered in various popular media, being as mythical as dragons and centaurs.

    Poseidon Energy once again exists, but now as an interplanetary corporation.
    The company is still primarily focused on energy production, running a network of solar energy satellite stations around Earth and other worlds, solar energy collectors on Mercury which is beamed throughout the solar system through microwaves, and fusion power plants located throughout human space.
    They also engaged in gas mining on worlds such as Jupiter and Saturn, and Helium 5 mining.
    And they are also still heavily involved in the development and manufacturing of various types of weapons.

    Despite all the progress and prosperity which is unrivaled since the golden ages of the late 20th and 21st centuries humanity is not at peace and harmony.
    There are still bitter rivalries between the supporters of various political ideologies, on Earth and on the colonies and these are fought through economic wars but also various brush wars that are fought on Earth but also on other worlds and in outer space.

    To many political analysts and scholars of history it is clear that sooner or later there is going to be another conflict of significant magnitude, in the solar system or somewhere else, and it could spread to other worlds of human space.

    The player would assume the role of independent spacer, recently coming in the possession of their own interstellar spaceship. What their character's background is and how they got possession of the spaceship is up to the player themselves and maybe interwoven in the campaign. (the player won it in a lottery, the player inherited it from a relative, the player was previous employed by a corporation and earned the ship by doing work for it, the player stole it as a ship thief or space pirate)

    In order to put food on the table, maintain and fuel the ship, and put money in a bank account for possible ship upgrades or eventually retirement (or life extension) the player has to take on jobs from various clients he or she can meet at colonies they visit. From individuals, but also companies, organizations, and governments (local, planetary, or system)
    During this the player meets various NPCs among which companions the player can recruit. Organizations or factions the player can work for, ally with, join, or oppose.
    Face opponents ranging from various types of humans, robots, and alien and genetically engineered creatures.
    And explore a number of worlds. Planets that have been colonized by humans and planets that have barely touched by explorers.

    During this all the player becomes involved in a plot that as he or she learns more could affect their own little corner of the galaxy or perhaps all of human space. (perhaps a plot that goes all the way back to Earth)

    Okay this is more of a sales speech than an idea but if I had the time and dedication and something could come out of it I would not mind doing more work on it.

    One of the references to the Fallout games I would imagine the player could find is the current day "descendant" of the Mr Handy robots, being significantly upgraded and modified compared to the original models.
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    I'd like to see a time skip and having the game take place in a sort of new medieval period. New religions and nation states rise throughout the US as well as Canada and Mexico (Leaving the fate of the rest of the world unknown). I want to see Fallout explore the differences and similarities between humanity before and after the Great war. Feudalism, corruption, and religion. By humanity leaving behind the 'old world' values they embrace those of an even older world as these nations start to pop up, and having the need of a working class once population and conditions begins to rise. Maybe a civil war in the NCR sparks this as well as the balkanization of Caesar's Legion once Caesar passes away and several succession wars destroys any faith in the cult of Mars and of Mar's son.
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    There are a few things about Fallout Lore in general that have always bugged me, but take in mind some of these gripes will be sort of inside knowledge considering I am from and have lived in Northern California and Western Nevada my entire life. One thing that always bugged me about Fallout New Vegas was that the NCR and Brotherhood some how assaulted Navarro. Navarro is in Northern California's Coastal Range, Mendocino county to be specific, and traveling anywhere in the Coastal Range isn't quick and easy even now, a good storm can close roads for a day, which means they would be rough after 160 years of no one maintaining the roads. And each valley in this area is like a fortress, meaning it wouldn't have been hard to set up a defensive perimeter and make life difficult on the NCR and Brotherhood assaulting the base. The second point is how martial arts and the prevalence of martial artists, specifically those of us into Judo and Jujitsu are never mentioned at all in the Fallout world. Back in the 50s and 60s martial arts went through a bit of a craze, it would make sense that that would have continued to ebb and flow until 2077.

    My idea would be the Shi step in and hinder the NCR with the help of survivalists and some martial artist led group similar to the Followers, but not anarchistic and they kept the Bay Area and Coastal Range independent from the NCR and built their own nation with a different cultural identity. (extending north along the Coastal Range is easier than going East to West along it. So if the NCR lost control of the SF Bay Area, it would make sense that they wouldn't control any of the coast from somewhere between Vandenburg AFB and Soledad all they way into Oregon.) As for retconning, one explanation could be they weren't in a part of the map relevant to the story of Fallout 2. This could also mean a short series of vignettes explaining the rise of a new power in a game the size of a DLC or two.

    I would set the game somewhere between 2282 to 2285. Which gives enough time for the conflict in New Vegas to have ended and the NCR to be embroiled in problems. This story would end up making cannon the Legion or House endings since the other 2 wouldn't make sense, also this assumes you don't launch the nukes at the end of Lonesome Road. If we go with a House ending in New Vegas, which is what I would go with for the sake of story, you'd start off somewhere in Shi run Northern California. The intro would go on to explain how the Shi and its allies have started building a new society, a new culture and have been keeping it independent of the NCR. After skipping to 2281, it you'd hear about how the NCR has lost New Vegas to Mr. House. And the terms that the NCR agreed to.

    The story would explain that the Shi or whatever the nation would be called may have several advantages over the NCR, better tech, a less desperate working class, a more competent military, but it still couldn't handle a full confrontation with the NCR so it turned to espionage to keep the NCR at bay. What they would do is nudge the NCR into wasting resources expanding into New Vegas and Baja instead of trying to expand North. This would be done by convincing the caravan companies and robber barons through plants that expansion south and east is the best course of action, which the corrupted politicians would put NCR resources to. The plan being to let the NCR bleed itself while the Shi consolidate their hold in the North and wait for the NCR to collapse on itself. Which the Shi's mainframe calculates as to happening sometime around 2320. The story would start with the shock that the NCR has lost Vegas to House due to the Courier and the fallout of those actions. The actions being that the prices House is charging for water and power are causing shortages across the core of the NCR which is causing social strife. The strife will center around all the issues the NCR has been ignoring over the years, it being overextended, the brahman barons treating their workers like serfs, the inflation that would hit the NCR economy thanks to House. This would be a backdrop to the story and not the story itself. These problems would force the NCR to pull its military back to its center to try to stabilize the situation which would leave the its northern territories open.

    The story would be about the rise of new raider gangs, separatists, Shi sympathizers and so on in the vacuum the NCR left in the north as it withdrew its troops. You'd be on the front lines of dealing with the aftermath and the Shi making their move to take parts of the Central Valley and southern Oregon due to the threat of raiders attacking their boarders and some of the communities asking for protection since the NCR more or less abandoned them.

    This would enable a more post apocalyptic feeling Fallout to exist within California without having to nuke an NCR supply line. You'd have them withdrawing from some of their territory to quell unrest at their core which leaves room for others to make their moves in the world. I would also have the espionage aspect play a big role in the story as well. The Chinese were big at espionage in the Fallout universe, so it would make sense that a nation founded by their remnants would be good at spying on others. I would also use this as an excuse to tell more about the wasteland outside of California to plant the seeds for future stories. The intelligence networks would extend beyond California and give the Shi insight into what is going on in the world west of the Rockies, at least a big picture over view.

    Its also tradition for every faction to have a dark side. I would have some of their darker aspects be around their cultural identity, their society being more collectivist than the NCR and how they go about building that. For example, a cultural identity would lead to a puritanical group within society. Which would be spied on and manipulated by their intelligence service. To put the martial arts aspect into society, there could be a bit about how if you have more kids than you can support, the parents can give the kids over to a boarding school system that will take care of the kids. Which will add to the cultural indoctrination and how this society builds, as well as a perverse incentive in society. Or that their way of dealing with banditry, when its not a swift death, is basically a long period of indentured servitude. As for collectivism, the story would be more about you playing your part for the sake of the nation, being one part of a whole, to secure the wasteland and your country's position. Rather than you being death incarnate.