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  1. donperkan

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    Aug 4, 2011
    And what happens when you deliver a sloppy order?
  2. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    you try to avoid that. Hence why its important to stay in touch with your client. Not that you call him every 5 min. but you have to show him your work and if he is satisfied. Giving out "shit" might be the last time for a long time. Bad words spread around very fast. That is if you work as freelancer. Working in some agency is another matter. But there you have superiors, people with education and experience (usually) and they should have the understanding when it comes to the quality and what the client expects. So they will tell you if your work is acceptable or not. In a big agency you have people working on illustrations, with photos etc. a lot of the work is split in different sections.

    I guess it is somewhat comparable with a game developer. As you have many different branches inside the house if the company is big enough. And you always have some kind of chief for every branch.
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    Apr 20, 2010
    Patrick Weekes (dev at Bioware) basically came out and said that Casey Hudson (project director) and Mac Walters (lead writer) were pretty much the only ones who even touched the ending; whereas the other parts of the game were double-checked by the whole writing team. I have no problem believing this; it's just too much of a departure, both in themes and in quality, from the rest of the game, especially the glorious Tuchanka and Rannoch arcs.
  4. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    thats why it is important to have a very skilled person on top and not the other way. What does it help if you are the most skilled person in your team if you get told to deliver crap. Not that ME3 is crap. Just saying. See Bethesda ...

    Anyway. Lets hope people get better games from Bio in the future. Or at least games that are more consistent in their writing.
  5. brfritos

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Depending the way and what for you produce your art, it's also a product. Other times you are doing the art because you want to express yourself about something without someone asking about it, Pablo Picasso did this with his painting "Guernica", nobody pays him to do it.

    But even if your art becomes a product it's still a form of art, the act of selling it doesn't invalidate it.

    What annoys me is when the artist decide to show his art and the audience don't like, the artist claim is maintaining his "artistic integrity".
  6. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    I do make a clear difference between working for a client and doing your "own" stuff though. The one is a product first and THEN art. The later is only art.

    Usually the first means that you have to go with lower quality. Simply because of "time". Good art needs usually patience and time. If you work as graphic designer though you have always to deliver something without spending to much time on it. Or you end up with an extremely expensive product. Remember. You work on hours. And you pay your own bills. So you want to deliver as much quality as possible in a short time. lets say I do a simple "logo" for someone, like a branch or what ever think about the Ford Logo/Name or Addidas. It will cost the Client at least around 1000 euro. Probably more. If you are REALLY well known you can charge more of course and it might be 5000 or even 10 000 dollar/euros. But then you pay for the name - seriously, it most of the time is not the quality which is different here just the time you spend working on it, logo designs are among some of the most fun things to do in graphic design next to posters. Its always a jump between quality and productivity. It is a bit of a problem for me since I have very high standards regarding my own work. That means I spend more time on it then I have to. I guess it is somewhat very similar with game design. I am sure there are many things people want to do, to feel different and give it some "special" touch something where they express their self it is an creative field after all. I do the same with my work. But most of the time you have to set a line somewhere to decide what you can do in the given time frame. This is where many people actually fail to deliver. Because something is always going wrong or not like you expected it. Or you are simply runing out of time. Thats normal. I mean you cant just do a few lines, slap some water colour on it and call it a "great illustration" in less then 20 min. There are literaly hours of work needed if you want to deliver something stuning.. There are many great artists out there.

    When you work for a living though in some artistic field most of the time creativity has to take a "back seat". Either because you have a superior that lacks creativity or you simply have not enough time to do everything. It sure looks all great. But when you give the people the bill they suddenly dont care about the look anymore and that is the issue. Obviously, if you have a name and great quality then people dont ask for the prize anymore just as how you buy a very expensive car. The prize is not important here. Those clients are the best ones. And they can be the worst. Because they EXPECT here perfectionism.

    It might seem that when you look at very creative people that all simply "works" for them, like a gift. Just as when you see Ronaldinho or Michael Jordan play. It feels naturally when they do their moves. But its damn hard work. Nobody sees the hours, days, sometimes months behind it you spend working, trying, testing, training etc. Why is Jordan better then many other professional players? There was nothing special about him. But the real difference here was, when other people went home after training he was still spending some time to throw a few basketballs in the hoop. And I see this many times with my classmates and I try it to explain it to them when they look at my work. Its not that I have "more" skills then others. I just spend more time to work on those. Its more then just work for me. Its my life. God knows I would not want to trade that for anything.
  7. donperkan

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    Aug 4, 2011
    Biware developed some kind of machine that can protect him from consequences of negligence.
  8. Stanislao Moulinsky

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    Jul 16, 2009
    DLC is 1.9GB, I'm curious to see what they have done.
  9. Ilosar

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    Apr 20, 2010
    And of course, it comes out the day I start my new job. Regardless, 1.9 Gb is big enough for it to be a lot of cutscenes (they said there would be no new gameplay). I'm very curious, but also fear that it will only polish the turd and try to sell it to us, while changing nothing about the fact that it is a turd. Time will tell.

    If nothing else, it's going to be an excuse to go back to playing the rest of the game (which is really good in general) as well as the multiplayer, which is surprisingly still fun. I love the new Phoenix Vanguard class, as well as the Batarian Soldier.
  10. Buxbaum666

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    Dec 5, 2003
    I don't care anymore. And I will not install Origin ever again. Nor will I play through that earth battle again, I hated that.
  11. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    well if they eliminate some of the illogical parts of the ending that would already help much I guess. I mean some things are simply silly if it is true what people say. Like the part with Joker an the crew and how they end up on that part of the universe while being busy on fighting around the earth just some moments before ...
  12. For NCR

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    May 1, 2012
    I refuse to judge this because of the fear that I may be disappointed, either I hate it and it turns good, or vice versa. So I'll just wait and see.
  13. donperkan

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    Aug 4, 2011
    Well normandy was never on earth. When the battle starts normady brakes off and heads for orbit, Shepard takes the shuttle down. And not all crew members are seen on that new planet Jocker is always there and two exit the ship after him, i think they are randomly chosen but (at least for my 3 endings) crew members that you bring to the finale are never seen.

    What i would like to see is more of my allies that i gathered during my campagne and less of that "THIS IS IT" and "STEEEEEEEEEV" crap
    Oh jeah, and more exposions in vacuum would be great.
  14. Jebus

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    Jan 29, 2004
    Stanislao Moulinsky, do you have a source for that?
    I can't find the original announcement.
    Please, never quote stuff without also posting a link to the original article.
  15. Stanislao Moulinsky

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    Jul 16, 2009

    Your Google-Fu is weak. :P But yeah, should have been there, guess I didn't notice.

    "Mac Walters reviews the scene where Joker disengages the fight on Earth."
  16. Jebus

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    Jan 29, 2004
    Man, that podcast is so incredibly full of shit. If all they want to do on a podcast is boast about how great their original ending already was, and bullshit that the only thing the player wants is MORE OF IT (thank you very much for making it clear to me what it is I *really* want, mr. Hudson), they might've just as well not have made this podcast at all. Also, all this crap about "how much everybody in this team loooooves this game they've worked on" and the infuriating utterances of "we listen to our fans soooo much and we read aaaall posts and aaaaall their fanfics (and we're going to ignore all of it)" is making me fume at the mouth.
    I'm clueless as to how they think this will work out in their favour. As far as I can see, they're just setting themselves up for even more of a shitstorm.

    Also, ratings on the podcast on YouTube have disabled. Gee, I wonder why?
  17. Alphadrop

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    Aug 21, 2008
    Man their P.A department is worse than the usual standard of EA. Though most company podcasts tend to end up like that, the Sims 3 ones come to mind.
  18. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    at this point is anyone even seriously still interested in ME3?
  19. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Hit that pretty much on the nail.
    There hasn't been any news or announcements of Single Player DLCs or anything that wants you to start up the game again.

    I kept on ME2 so long because there were some SP DLCs coming that added a little to the game.

    All the ME3 ones so far have been multiplayer focused and I am honestly not going to replay the game for some additional epilogue movies.

    If it had indeed included additional levels, storyline, some new enemies and so on as claimed in a false rumor I might have considered it.
    But now, well I can see all those endings on Youtube just as easily without having to go through the slow as ass final section again.
  20. donperkan

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    Aug 4, 2011
    I'm interested but there's no rush, i'm currently replaying the whole trilogy so i'll see it in a month or so.

    Crni it really is a good game you should try it.