Mass Effect

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    Oct 13, 2008
    The biggest failure, in my opinion, was how little the choices you made mattered throughout the series when it came to the Ending. But I'm firmly in the 1 is best, 3rd is second best, and 2nd is pretty heavily in last place. 2 had amazing characters and cool sidequests, but it was practically a remake of the first, with little if any overall plot development from the first.

    As for the sequel. I've sad it before and will say it again, please make it a prequel to ME1. and Please completly ripoff the idea of Dragon Age and make it Mass Effect: Origins. Pick your race, pick your background. Unique starting setting and quests in the game, and make it at least somewhat relevant throughout the story.
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    Mar 11, 2012
    I tried the 1st, but it just didn't stick with me. Idunno. I wasn't engaged by it.

    I can't pinpoint exactly what. Maybe I like being flawed, I've never identified with the manly hero man, and therefore gravitate more towards RPGs where I can be "pleasantly flawed".
    I'm extremely picky with games though, I can see that they are well made and all, but they just don't "speak" to me.
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    That whole system of Choices = numbers was just dumb. They could've added in special events in the last mission, or added bonuses and stuf to represent them, like having a boss fight that could be bypassed if you acquired Jack's studens as soldiers, bt then you get a sad cjtscene of them dying just as an example. Maybe have some secondary soldiers representing the multiple factions in different parts of the game, or even negative things, like one of the squads turning into a mob encounter because the get indoctrinated or something.