Mods to make NV more like the classics?

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    As we all know, Fallout 3 more a less did what it wanted when it came to lore, and while NV feels like what a modern day Fallout should have been, its still stuck using assets from its predecessor. As a community that thrives on the Fallout games of the past, I was wondering if any of you could suggest some mods to make NV feel more like a sequel to the originals, and not the Bethesda's works.

    So far I found:

    The Walking Dead - This makes Feral Ghouls shamble about like they did back in the day. It may make them more a less useless as combatants, but I like to think of them as "scenic enemies". They don't pose much of a threat, but they add to the ambiance of the world.

    Minimod - Classic RadAway
    - Exactly what you'd think. It retexture's Bethesda's RadAway to look more like the original model. A small thing, but essential to separating NV from it's sister game. Speaking of Minimod, we also have:

    Minimod - Classic Books - This one changes the Wasteland Survival guide to the Scout Handbook and the D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine to the First Aid book. Because the names were changed, this one requires an ESP. But like with the previous mod it's worth it.

    Classic Advanced Power Armor - Remnant's Replacer - This mod changes the Remnant's armor's textures and meshes to better mirror the original design of Fallout 2. While I didn't have an issue with Obsidian's re-imagining of the old school armor, its nice to have the choice to go back. There's a non-replacer version on the nexus as well if you want the Remnant's armor to stay the same.

    A Familiar Friend - Pip-Boy 2500 - Handheld Pipboy - This one should be a given. It replaces Bethesda's pipboy 3000 with a more classic one. Personally, I'm going to hold off on downloading a replacer for the 3000 until The Frontier is released, as it comes with a custom wrist-mounted Pipboy 2000. And it. Is. Beautiful.

    Classic Fallout Weapons - New Vegas - This mod makes the classic weapons show up in NV. I think this one has a compatibility issue with one of my other mods, so I don't personally use it, but it still deserves its spot on the list.

    Project Brazil - While this is a great mod, I didn't add it to the list just because of the content. I added it because it changed the inventory and dialogue boxes to the more rusted ones from the prequels--the actual content is just gravy.

    As you might have noticed, most of these mods have "classic" in the title, and when you put classic in the search bar over in Nexus you can find even more that I haven't listed. But there are some mods that I've seen screenshots of but couldn't find anywhere, and some that I found a while ago but haven't seen hid nor hair of since.

    A few examples would be a mod that makes the Supermutants actually look like they used too, and one(of which I've only seen screenshots) that made the hud look closer to the original one, with the only difference being that it was updated to be more in place with NV. Of course, any mod in the same vein as the ones listed above would be great.
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    A few mods to go along with it:
    Jet Classic, making Jet addiction a serious problem, I know that canonically Jet addiction isn't really a problem anymore but still it makes chem use riskier and, that's nice.
    Classic weight, changes the formula for carry weight to the original one: 25 + 25 X Strength = carry weight
    Classic ambiance, replaces a lot of Inon Zur's scores with Mark Morgans original work, though this one might have a few bugs and, there might be better versions hidden on the Nexus.
    Classic Companion configuration, replaces the companion wheel with a menu reminiscent of Fallout 2's companion selection.
    By the way (what I imagine to be) an easy mod request to any new or aspiring modders, how about porting some of the posters from Fallout 1/2 to New Vegas? All I can find on the nexus is shitty replacements to Fallout 3 comic book covers and, WW2 posters.
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    I could probably do that if I had good enough pictures of them, I think many of the games' posters were real posters anyway >_> well I am gona search around and see if I can get some good material for the classic fallout posters. :postviper:

    Edit: @Izak Found only 3 images over at the wikia:
    Already did one and it's They're ok-ish:
    I guess now to make the other two ("The Ripper" is next :dance:) and then look around to see if I can find more Fallout 1/2 poster images.
    If anyone knows what the other posters on this screenshot I took (from New Reno's Golden Globes) are please help me out :drunk::
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