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    bCux U iz a Obsidian Fanboie who overtinks dis shyt 2 muchh
    bCux U iz a Obsidian Fanboie who overtinks dis shyt 2 muchh
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    pretty good impression of some of the FO3 fanboys/special needs kids I see elsewhere on the Internet
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    Don't you read the loading screen lore bits? They shed light on some of the more obscure facts about the western wasteland territories. I don't mean to be mean but if after playing New Vegas you failed to piece these things together then maybe Fallout 3 is indeed designed for your speed.

    Fallout 3 is a baby's first Fallout. Even more than the actual first Fallout. Fallout 1 dealt with serious issues like tribalism vs civilization (Shady Sands vs The Khans) and Religion vs Commercialism (The Unity Church vs The Hub's Merchant Interests) but it did this in low-key ways so you could follow your own path and side with whoever you wanted. You can side with the Master for crying out loud and get an actual ending.

    Fallout 3 just has the themes of Fallout and the aesthetic. I appreciate this but that's why it's baby's first Fallout. Fallout 2 still remains the deepest and most intricately designed with how politics and ideologies affect civilization and how the common folk are affected by what the people in power decide. That's really what the main focus of Fallout 2 is; the Enclave decide to destroy humanity and take control, the NCR decide to abuse power to annex cities, the mob family decides to get a whole town addicted to a super drug to get rich - so on and so on.

    New Vegas deals with the acceptance that the old world is dead and that mobong forward to something new is best for all and that those who look backwards are doomed to repeat past mistakes. I describe Fallout New Vegas with this verse; "Say not thou, what is the cause that the former days were better than these? For thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this." -Ecclesiastes 7:10

    Fallout 3 has no central theme and neither does Fallout 4. I can give 3 a pass it being a new IP for Bethesda but 4 gets lynched with no mercy (it's also not very fun).

    If you played New Vegas with the same eyes you played Fallout 3 then you're doing it wrong and that's why you're such a fanboy. Yes, that is what you are. The sooner ypu accept it the sooner you can grow out of it.
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    Apr 9, 2018
    They aren't technically quests but they offer rewards and have you solve problems by yourself just without that quest marker. Take the one at the Aerotech Office Building in New Vegas, it actually goes from you investigating a dude who's cheating, who then you also find out he's in the drug business. If you continue with it after telling on the guy to the guy in charge, you'll find out that the guy in charge had a wife that left him and that makes the drug-dealing cheating dude (Keith) insult the guy in charge who also shoots the shit out of Keith. Or the one where you gotta find out why Gomorrah aren't buying weapons from Mick, that also brings you to do the marked quest from Gomorrah and if you do it right, you get the PimpBoy 3 Billion from Mick. Fallout 3 has none of that, no, Bethesda wants you to know about all the quests that there are, god forbid you forget about them in the Notes section of your Pip-Boy or if you have to use more of your brain to figure stuff out, god for-fucking-bid. Unmarked Quests, despite their lesser significance, add more depth themselves and that's what Fallout 3 is missing, depth. If Fallout 3 and NV were pools or something, the water in 3 would just have your feet in it meanwhile in NV you are already dead from drowning over how deep it is. I 100%-ed Fallout 3, I'm NEVER coming back to it but I know what I'm talking about.
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    Aug 15, 2017
    Are you complaining that the game keeps track of unmarked quest clues in the notes tab? I hope not, because that would be dumb. Sometimes you encounter an unmarked quest that you resolve 30 hours later.

    Seriously, say what you will, but Fallout 3 is chock-full of content.
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    Jul 17, 2022
    Black and white scenarios were always a thing in fallout.

    Fallout 1 for example has one instance of moral ambiguity and aside from that every single scenario was either kill bad guy save good guys or do the evil path.

    This is not the reason fo3 is bad, fo3 is bad because it dumbs down the gameplay and build play to ridiculous degree
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    Jan 23, 2022
    By 2033 Fallout5 will have Foetus/Fetus edition as a sub title.
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    It seems to me that your definition of black and white moralities is far different than mine because Fallout 1 has way more than one. Either that or you are missing details as to why a lot of the quests aren't so cut and dry in terms of morality.

    And extreme lack of consequences and moral ambiguity in its quests.
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    Jul 17, 2022
    What im loosing exactly?

    Great khans conflict = evil raiders vs rescuing tandi and slaves

    Boneyard war = three good factions vs evil regulators that are also sociopaths

    Junktown = Good and fair deputy vs evil mobster boss (endgame slides can be used to try and convey moral ambiguity but this is barely mentioned in game and during the process, choice is very obvious. Theres no reason for a good PC to help gizmo)

    Followers vs children of the apocalypse = good people who wants to coolect knowledge to help the wasteland and prevent history from repeating itself vs lunatic cultists

    Theres really not a whole lot of gray aside from the master, that was more of a thing in fo2.

    As a result ive never struggle with a single choice in the whole game.