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    do you mean those hostile creatures behind the glass you cant access ? I thought the "people" are talking about have been traped inside the pool room which you have no access to. Strange as many times I visited vault 34 (hated that place ... what a f... ing maze and those cat pills never helped anything in the dark) I never seen those survivors. But well I never cared to rescue them either. *shrugs*

    I wish they would have done more with that. Like an entire populated vault with "friendly" glowing ghouls and radiation so either blowing up their reactor (dooming everyone to die ...) OR save the NCR farmers. Maybe even a hard option to repair that thing with some radition so high that you need some 20 rad aways poping in your vains just to reach that reactor or something (but without gaining fame by any faction except the ghouls maybe). Kinda like with GECKO and Vault City. Yah know :D
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    That does sound pretty cool, actually. I haven't explored Vault 34 due to the high radiation levels and me never finding enough RadAway and RadX (I really like this because it reminds me of the Glow, not like in FO3 where everything was irradiated) but doing the Boomers quest has really sparked my interest in it.
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    Caesar needs a counterpart who discovers an old Star Trek DVD in a library and as a result founds a faction that wears Blue, Yellow, and Red shirts, fake pointy ears, and speaks Klingon.

    Let's say his name is Kirk...
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    Maybe... but would it be more protective? I mean, leather armors are already reasonably easy to make, at least by the time of Fallout 2 (e.g. Balthas in Modoc), and they protect better at least from hips to knees.

    There's no problem in taking some degree of inspiration from the Roman Empire, but forcing one's troops to speak in a dead-tongue and to run arond bare-legged is going too far, especially in a universe in which, as we've seen in Fallout 2, even tribals know of trousers.

    You bet. After this Caesar Legion thing the season is pretty much open, I guess.
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    :lol: Of course! and it would make perfect sense because... **blablabla insert apologetic text**
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    Thumbs up for this review - it gives me a good impression of the game prior to playing it but it does not reveal too much.

    Can't wait to get started on this.
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    New Vegas is a Masterpiece in my opinion.
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    The gravedig of all gravedigs. :boy:
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    Thanks for this. Now i have something to read.
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    Never really cared for the Legion, the game doesn't give you any reason to join them apart from "well the roads in their lands are safe cause raiders are terrified by them".... I mean they are just evil, also they neglect technology wich means they are going to fail, since ncr has guns, or worse the Bos has laser guns.
    Ncr is basically the us gov in the PA, corrupted and imperialists, they are commiting the same errors that brought nuclear war... Also they are too conventional for fallout...

    I was very disappointed by how they made the BoS, it makes sense that they are isolated, but even changing the elder it doesn't change much, I would have loved for them to play a bigger part, best faction in fallout by far
  11. Black Angel

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    Pretty damn good reason to not have raiders raiding your caravans, don't you think? Meanwhile, the NCR is barely stretched thin across the Mojave, while their lands are being drained of its resources by corrupt Brahmin Barons. Not to mention having questionable upper echelons like General "Wait-and-See" Oliver and warmongering Cassandra Moore. Yeah, long term doesn't look good for the Legion especially if Caesar dies, but at least you had a chance to cure his brain tumor and he will allegedly establish his Pax Romana, despite the question of whether or not there'd be worthy successor of him still lingers. But either way, the NCR's future is fucked if the likes of Kimball, Oliver, and Moore stays where they are, which is the case if NCR wins.

    Also, the BoS is already dying in Fallout 2, so it makes sense that they're now isolationist in New Vegas. I'd take new factions any day and get to know more what kind of people gets to live through ashes of the Old World. Though, and this is just a theory, I think the whole situation of how BoS ended up being the way they are is because Obsidian gotta make due with Bethesda's decision to stay with bottlecaps. They needed a good reason for why gold coins are no longer the currency of West Coast, and making the BoS destroying Redding's gold reserve because they're at a (losing) civil war with the NCR is one way to do it.
  12. The Master 2077

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    Jan 20, 2019
    I think Yesman is the best ending, I never pick House.... He's just an autocrat who does not care about the wasteland...
    What I love about yesman is that it's a very open ended ending, you could make an alliance with the Boomers or the Bos and that's going to make you a force to be reckoned with, maybe expanding over the whole mohave wasteland
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    what i love about fallout NV is that i can see why you want yesman but i would still rather want house instead of there being no choice at all like fallout 3 or having my choice not make any difference at all like in fallout 4
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    Nice review. I really am impressed with the complexity of NV in terms of its factions and its characters--the companions are especially well-written, and I love that they have their own quests. I enjoyed Fallout 3 a lot too, but to me NV is a far superior game in a number of respects.
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