Outer World's Obligatory Bad News

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    Oct 22, 2018
    I'm hoping things turn out well, but I was planning to wait already because of the exclusivity stuff. Which is beneficial to me because if they support OW like they did Deadfire then by the time it starts becoming available in other markets they may have started to fix annoyances and work toward fixing narrative aspects that have issues. Deadfire on release really suffered from the game not being exceptionally clear about how effective you could be with some of the ending interactions. After the DLC for it, and some free updates, a lot of the dialogue better sets up player and character expectations. To be honest, I'd expect OW to have some similar aspects to it and from the same place: trying to avoid the traditional hero story where it can.
    In that way, their avoiding mods may be fine (if the support is good). I wasn't planning on preordering it, either way, but to really have some additional reason to hold off and wait for the critique to seep through the veneer of novelty that always colors these things could be a bit of a godsend. Especially in the context of giving those who pick up before me here time with the game.
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    I'm apparently going to be able to play this at launch. Guess I'll post first impressions at some point.
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