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    Jul 2, 2015
    The one thing Bethesda does very well from a technical standpoint is managing very large databases with fast lookups. Like you can place a can on a shelf in a corner of the map in a Bethesda game, and return 100 hours later and that can will still be there. I don't think anybody else even attempts something like that, but that they manage it without making the game bloat enormously is fairly impressive. I'm not saying it's smart to do this, but it's impressive nonetheless.
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    Well the object is already there (in the world), eating up memory, you just change it's properties in the x y z?

    Also, there are not that many huge, open ended, first person, non-linear (in a way) hiking simulators to compare to.
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    Aug 22, 2015
    That's what happens when game developers care about an engaging story with character development and enjoyable gameplay unlike Bethesda who should take notes. LOTS of notes.
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    I'm pretty sure all that decent item handling came with the package when they licensed the engine.
    It seems the same in every Gamebryo game I've seen.

    The bloat ends up as gigs in your saved games folder instead of actively taking up memory. As you go along the save games just get bigger and bigger with references to things you moved from their stock position to a new location, or things that you put in boxes. Very little of it is quest progress and stuff, as those are just binary flags.
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    That's why it's celled. When you enter a new cell, the game accesses the database for various object locations in that cell and only those values are entered into memory. That these lookups don't noticeably slow down the gameplay (even when we're talking about Beth games working on old hardware like the 7th gen consoles) is fairly technically impressive.
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    Depends though .. I am not sure if Beth is exceptional in that area of if they simply do more of what is already pretty much a standart, as I guess every game engine can do it if you want it. I simply don't know enough about it and Bethesdas programmers.

    As someone else already said, there are not many hikking/cave simulators out there that do it to the same extend as Beth. And that probably for a reason. Virtualy NO Beth game, except for Morrowind maybe, doesn't have certain fixes by the community, like memory fixes and other changes to avoid save game bload, save game crashes etc. It does seem to be a problem.

    That's ok! I find their way of making games pretty ridiciulous as well. So no arguing from my side. I don't think their games really get that much benefit from their you-can-pick-up-even-a-fork! design-idea. But that's not the point. It was more about the question why Crysis made no clue several years ago looks better than F4 - I guess?. And the answer is rather obvious. Different goals in the game design with a different emphasis in the engine. Like I said, all the stuff from above puts simply more strain on the engine in different areas. What ever if that makes senese or not is a completely different question now ;)
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    Yeah I understand what you mean now, I guess it's sort of impressive but being able to pick up objects with no value, use, or crafting purpose makes all those objects "filler" to help pad out the game if you know what I mean.
    If they served purpose it would be different but a random fork doesn't, heh I guess you could say Bethesda's games besides Morrowind are 90% filler and mindlessly killing things and 10% some weird purpose or point. Sorry if I wasted your time with silly ranting, just needed to get that off my chest.