Racial Perk List *NEW PERKS*

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    The purpose of these perks is to add new play-styles to seemingly linear races. Before, if you were to pick any other race besides human; you would be shoehorned into playing a combat-oriented character. These perks are intended to be implemented in tandem with my Racial TRAIT list.

    Supermutant Perks

    Brutish Façade
    - Y
    ou sometimes pretend to be more ferocious and dim-witted than you actually are. Inside you are caring. You put on this façade to protect yourself and your loved ones. Characters will not be able to determine your threat level properly. Enemies that could normally defeat you, may mentally defeat themselves. Whenever you put on your façade in conversation or combat you are more likely to get your way. Only super mutants can take this perk. Requirements: Intelligence 8(edited)

    - Your body has adapted to the use of the stimulant Psycho. Positive effects of Psycho are doubled, and the addiction rate for this drug is halved. Whenever you are using Psycho during combat after being attacked the positive effects are tripled. Only mutants, half-mutants, and mutant-hounds can choose this perk. Requirements: Endurance 5(edited)

    Tough Hide
    - Exposure to radiation and the harsh wastes has hardened you against the elements. You gain +15 to your Armor Class and a +10% bonus to all your damage resistances. Only mutants can choose this perk. Ranks: 2 Requirements: Endurance 8, Outdoorsman 55%(edited)

    - When you are reduced to less than half of your HP during combat, you can move twice as any hexes as usual and your Melee Damage is +4 for the rest of the fight. Only super mutants and mutant-hounds can take this perk.(edited)

    - Whenever you use a burst attack, it takes 1 less AP and your attack gains +10% to hit. Only super mutants and half-mutants can take this perk. Requirements: Strength 7(edited)

    Clobberin’ Time
    - This was about the time of day when you were taken and exposed to the FEV. Select a 6-hour period of the day. During this period you gain +4 DT and +2 Melee Damage. Only super mutants can take this perk.(edited)

    - You are just plain terrifying to look at and hear. In some conversations, you gain the ability to initiate combat with a threat. If successful some of your enemies will flee to safety. Only super mutants and half-mutants can take this perk. Requirements: Speech 45%(edited)

    Gamma Rage
    - Your body processes radiation differently than other Super Mutants. As you become irradiated your body toughens and your fury grows to uncontrollable heights. Whenever you absorb 500 Rads, you gain +1% Damage Resistance to all types of damage and gain +1 Melee Damage, permanently. Only super mutants can take this perk. Requirements: Endurance 9(edited)

    - You know how to throw your weight around and once you get moving you're unstoppable! Gain Charge (Unarmed) 1d10+MD Rng. 6 AP S: 6 Has a 100% chance to knockdown the target if you are larger than them. Only super mutants and half-mutants can take this perk Requirements: Agility 7(edited)

    Meta-Human Wisdom
    - You have mass amounts of knowledge of the wasteland due to your intellectual curiosity and long lifespan. If you encounter a new or unknown creature or entity you are more likely to know some information or rumors on it. The GM will give you exclusive info. Only super mutants and half-mutants can take this perk. Requirements: Intelligence 8, Outdoorsman 50%(edited)

    Deep Warm Cadence
    - Your tone of speaking is very fatherly and inviting. When worried characters hear you speak, you put them at ease. Characters will be more inclined to ask you for help and tell you their problems. Increase your Speech skill by 10%. Only super mutants can take this perk. Requirements: Charisma 7, Speech 65%(edited)

    Super-nerd Rage
    - When you are stressed or take damage in combat your Speech, Science, and Repair skills all temporarily increase by 50%. You also can repair and hack twice as fast temporarily. Only super mutants can take this perk. Requirements: Intelligence 10(edited)

    Telepathic-induced Schizophrenia
    - When The Master Died his multiple minds survived by implanting themselves into his mutant soldiers. You have one of these voices. The Master will tell you knowledge you shouldn’t have and will tell you the thoughts of others, rarely. Only super mutants can take this perk. Requirements: Endurance 8, Intelligence 6(edited)

    Titan’s Legs
    - Your massive size allows you to take further strides with less energy. At your top speed you can run 30 miles per hour and in combat you can move 2 hexes for 1 AP. Only Vault 87 super mutants may take this perk. Requirements: Endurance 6, Strength 10, must be at least 16 feet tall(edited)

    Deathclaw Perks

    Clawpick - You have learned how to pick locks without a bobby pin by using the tips of your talons. You can now always attempt to pick locks regardless of your equipment. If you fail the lockpick one of your talons will break off and you will take 1 damage and lose 1 Melee Damage for each talon currently broken. Requirements: Perception 4, Agility 8, Lockpick 50%, Sneak 50%

    Hidden Fear - When you are invisible in combat, you will not uncloak from attacking a target unless you chose to. If you unstealth in combat when you haven’t been detected, all enemies within 3 hexes of you will become frightened and they will lose half their Armor Class and APs during their next turn. When you unstealth within 1 hex of an enemy, there is a 50% chance that they spend their next turn fleeing from you. Requirements: Chameleon, Sneak 75%

    Death Sense - Your senses are very well developed. You gain a +2 bonus to Perception in the dark, and penalties for light levels are reduced by 50%. You also gain a 25% bonus to detecting enemies who are sneaking around. Only Deathclaws can choose this perk. Ranks: 1 Requirements: Perception 6(edited)
    Brutish Hulk - With this perk, you gain double the normal hit points when you go up a level. Only Deathclaws can choose this perk. Ranks: 1 Requirements: Strength 7, Endurance 5, Level 4

    Hide of Scars - Your battle-weary flesh has hardened into an armor of its own. You gain +3 to all thresholds except for fire. Only Deathclaws can choose this perk. Ranks: 2 Requirements: Endurance 6(edited)

    Talon of Fear - Venom has seeped into your claws. All of your unarmed attacks carry a Type B poison (In mass quantities, it could make a person very sick. Causes 2 HP of damage per hour or 1 damage every turn the victim is in combat.) Only Deathclaws can choose this perk. Ranks: 1 Requirements: Unarmed 60%, Strength 6(edited)

    Alpha - Alpha deathclaws have horns that spread forward and up, while a regular deathclaw is forward and down. Alpha deathclaws also develop rust-colored skin. Alpha deathclaws react twice as fast as normal deathclaw and can move twice as fast. Your sequence is doubled and during combat you can move through twice as many hexes as you normally would. Requirements: Male and you must have single handedly killed another adult deathclaw in combat.(edited)

    Broodmother- You’ve laid an egg. The effects of this perk are knowledge to the Gamemaster only, you can assume what this does. Requirements: Female, Level 3(edited)

    Raptor - You have exceptionally long talons on your feet. They allow you to crawl and climb on/over obstacles, walls, and ceilings for 2 AP each hex. Requirements: Agility 12(edited)