Racial Trait List *ORIGINAL* (Nightkin, Glowing Ones, Cyber-dogs)

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    Reworked traits and "enhancements." Enhancements function as a game mechanic to allow robots and dogs to use conventional weaponry. New race traits function as a way to help differentiate builds of the same race with sub-species. Traits are no longer basic; "here is an upside, here is a downside." Traits act more as sub-races. Super-mutants have strains, robots have models, dogs have breeds, Deathclaw have sub-species, and Ghouls have origins. Humans are uncommon in my campaign setting; The Great Plains Commonwealth so I decided to show the other races a little love.

    Ghoul Traits

    Pre-war Survivor - You were alive and human before the bombs fell. You are over 200 years old. You can tag the same skill 3 times instead of tagging 3 different skills. Additionally, you may possess knowledge or a skill from your life before the war.

    Feralized - You have started to undergo ferocious post-necrotic dystrophy. Your reasoning skills are slowly deteriorating and you are becoming aggressive towards humans. You can no longer take part in dialogue with human NPCs that you are not familiar with and you cannot attack Ghouls unless provoked. When attacking a human NPC, your unarmed attacks deal 2 extra damage. This trait also allows you access to the feral perk tree. Gain Feral Bite (Unarmed Attack) 2d4 AP S:2 T:3, deals Rad damage equal to damage rolled.

    Glowing One - You have become a luminous necrotic post-human due to you absorbing so much radiation. Living Beings within a 6-meter radius (20 feet) of you take 2 radiation damage per hour. You emit a radioactive green light that provides illumination within a 6-meter radius (20 feet). You are able to release a large burst of radiation once per day, that deals 15 radiation damage within 20 meters of you. Radiation Damage heals Ghouls. This trait also allows you access to the Glowing One perk tree.

    Marked Man - Skinned alive by the winds of the great divide, and turned into a Ghoul by the radiation of exploded underground missiles. You are always in great pain. Every hour you take 2 damage but all your Damage Resistances are increased by 10%. You must keep yourself alive by means of radiation exposure or chem usage.

    Chinese Remnant - Chinese remnant soldiers are ghoulified Chinese survivors of the Great War in 2277. Composed of Chinese spies, intelligence agents, and special-ops soldiers abandoned on foreign soil by the People's Republic of China. You speak broken english and have trouble understanding others. It takes three times as many skills points to level your Barter and Speech skills but you can level your Sneak, Lockpick, and Steal skills for half a skill point.

    Deathclaw Traits
    Chameleon - You have retained more of your Jackson Chameleon genetics than your brothers and sisters. You are about half the size of the average deathclaw (5 feet or 1.5 meters) but have the ability to camouflage with your surroundings. You can roll against your Sneak skill to camouflage, which lasts until you enter combat or when you chose too (You gain the same benefits as a Stealthboy). Decrease your Strength by 4 and when angered, scared, or sad you cannot control your abilities and your skin will change to random colors.(edited)

    Intelligent - Intelligent deathclaws are a variety of deathclaws in New California that were experimented on by the Enclave, which gave them higher intelligence, the ability to speak, and a telepathic connection to other deathclaws. You have different Racial S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Min/Maxes from regular Deathclaws. Increase your Intelligence by 2 and decrease your Strength by 3. Your Unarmed and Melee skills take twice as many skills points to level and your Speech, Barter, and Science skills take half as many to level. You also gain 25% less exp from combat and gain 50% more exp from persuading and discovering information in dialogue.'(edited)

    Albinism - Your hide is completely dark grey instead of earth-tone colors like other deathclaws, and your eyes are glowing red. You also have a sensitive hide due to your albinism. A creature of your rarity is worth a lot to some people. You must protect your skin and identity with a cloak if you wish to be safe. Your light-sensitive eyes let you see perfectly in darkness, you have no negative modifiers in darkness. Once per day you shed a rare scale that is worth 500 caps. Being in direct sunlight inflicts 10 damage to you per hour if you do not have a cloak.(edited)

    Experimental - The Vault-Tec scientists apparently obtained a sample of the deathclaw bioweapon and tried to improve it, using FEV, radiation and technology. The new species became larger, stronger, gaining extra muscle mass and a type of exoskeleton with many protruding spikes. However, the mutation led them to become blind, leaving the deathclaws to rely on their other senses. The longer they live, the bigger they become, so their mutation and the FEV effect could be very similar to that of Capital Wasteland East Coast-type super mutant. Every time you level up you gain 2 extra HP and you grow an additional foot in height. You “see” perfectly in darkness, you have no negative modifiers in darkness. When you hear an incoming attack, your AC is increased by 5 for that attack.(edited)

    Gatorclaw - They were created by Dr. McDermot for security purposes at Nuka-World, using a combination of alligator and Jackson's chameleon genetic material, along with brain cells from a super mutant. dentical in posture and general anatomy to a deathclaw, gatorclaws have minor external traits that reflect their alligator genetics. They have an elongated, sock-like head and no horns. Their back and tail are protected by heavy platelike scutes, lined on either side by dull spikes. Their claws are very short and more robust than their untampered counterparts. Your movement speed is only half of that as the typical deathclaw. You can swim at 10 miles per hour and can hold your breath for an hour.

    Supermutant Traits
    Mariposa Strain - Before your FEV dipping, you were most likely a “prime-human” (Unaltered by radiation). Most likely from a vault in California, you can’t clearly remember where exactly. In general, you are most likely more intelligent and civilized than your distant east-coast cousins. You may still be extremely loyal to an entity known as “The Master”. No matter what your intelligence you can be easily swayed or fooled by anyone posing as your messiah or even by himself, if The Master still lives. If your Intelligence is 6 or above; every time you level a First Aid, Doctor, Science, Repair, Speech, or Barter skill any amount, you get an additional skill point in each skill leveled. If your Intelligence is 5 or below; everytime you level a Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Unarmed, Melee Weapons, or Throwing skill any amount, you get an additional skill point in each skill leveled. Your karma starts at -100 for your war crimes while serving under The Master.

    Institute Strain - Before your FEV dipping, you were a wastelander in the Commonwealth who was abducted by The Institute. You will always harbor a deep hatred for anyone that resembles or is associated with the scientists of the Institute. Despite your relatively low Intelligence, you possess an advanced understanding of and knack for learning about armor, weapons, and at least some minor knowledge of craftsmanship and computers. The Institute’s Scientists traded away your larger physique for learning capabilities. Your Strength Maximum is now 10 and you lose 1 point in Strength. Your Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Melee Weapons, Science, and Repair skills start off with a +10% bonus. Everytime you level up, you accumulate 1 extra skill point to put into your skills. Example: At level 20, you will have 20 extra skills points as well as the normal skill points you gain per level.

    Vault 87 Strain - You were created by the "Evolutionary Experimentation Program"; the experiment assigned to Vault 87. You were either a vault-dweller or a Capital Wasteland settler, you have no memories of your past life. The modified strain of FEV used on you resulted in you becoming dumb as a rock but also made it so you grow larger and stronger as you age. Your Intelligence Maximum is now 3 and you no longer have a Strength Maximum. Everytime you level, you grow 1 foot in height and you gain 1 Strength permanently. When you grow large enough you will not be able to use conventional weaponry, nor will you need to.

    Nightkin - You are superior to their fellow super mutants in both terms of intellect and skill, as the FEV-II dipping has not damaged your intelligence. However, prolonged use of Stealth Boys have damaged your sanity, with you becoming incredibly aggressive, paranoid, and possibly severely delusional. You are still extremely loyal to an entity known as “The Master”. No matter what your intelligence you can be easily swayed or fooled by anyone posing as your messiah or even by himself, if The Master still lives. Whenever any being is looking at you, you are extremely aware and uncomfortable of that fact; this means you can tell when you are no longer hidden when sneaking. (Normally you do not know if your sneak has failed) You are addicted to the usage of Stealthboys. Every 48 hours you suffer the effects of withdrawals if you do not use one. Your Sneak and Steal skill gains +30% and whenever you initiate combat with a stealth attack your Critical Chance is doubled. Your Sneak and Steal skills can be leveled with half a skill point. Your karma starts at -50 for your war crimes while serving under The Master.

    Dog Traits
    Blood of the Legion - Your lineage goes back to the original Mongrels, bred by the Legion Houndmasters. Your Melee Damage receives +3 and you gain +10 HP permanently but you are easier to detect in darkness due to your glowing red eyes. Requirements: Agility 8(edited)

    Mutant Hound - This dog has undergone major mutation from being exposed to the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Increase of muscle mass, depigmentation of the skin to a greenish color and complete loss of body hair. Gain 2 STR and EN but lose 2 IN and AG. Your Unarmed attacks now deal rads equal to the attack’s damage. You can also access some Supermutant perks and a unique perk tree for Mutant Hounds.(edited)

    Cyber-dog - Cyberdogs, also called cyberhounds, are dogs with at least one mechanical part and one organic part. Their physical and mental abilities have been modified robotically and cybernetically, creating a kind of canine-robot hybrids. You can access some Robot Perks and Enhancements. Also you have access to unique Cyber-dog Perks and Enhancements.(edited)

    Rabid - You are a half-crazed, feral killing machine. You are not affected by crippled limbs, and every time you kill an opponent in combat, you get 5 more APs that round. Chems, including stimpaks, have no effect on you.(edited)

    Retriever - Fetch, Boy! Ingrained reflexes are so hard to ignore, you get a +2 bonus to your Agility but every time a throwing weapon is used in combat you have a 25% to fetch it.

    Runt of the Litter - You were born smaller than the rest of your brood. You might be a bit weaker, but you have since learnt that bigger isn’t always better. Your smaller size has made you quicker in combat and that much harder to hit by your foes. Your Strength and Endurance are 1 point lower but you receive a +10 to your Armor Class, as well as an extra Action Point.(edited)

    Denver Mongrel - You are the descendent of the feral dogs of Denver city. The adverse effects of radiation has given you a withered skeletal appearance and almost total hair loss. Radiation no longer harms you. Requirements: Endurance 10(edited)

    Domesticated - You have undergone extensive house training and have developed an above-average Intelligence. Your IN is raised by 1, and can go above your racial maximum, but you get a -2 penalty to Melee Damage.

    Cyber-dog Enhancements requirements can be satisfied by your beastmaster's skills
    Military-Grade Sonic Bark - Vocal enhancements allowing you to produce powerful sonic waves when barking. Gain Sonic Bark (Energy Weapons) Dmg. 10 + 1d10 AP S: 6 T: 8 Requirements: Energy Weapons 65%, Science 50%(edited)

    Law Enforcement Model Mk II - Full body steel chassis with a dark brown paint coat, built for police work and pursuit. The chassis includes a mounted weapon rack which allows 1 party member to carry 1 additional weapon during combat when you are in their presence. Improves carry weight by 50 lbs. Increases AC by 10. Requirements: Science 40%(edited)

    Cybernetic Eye - A cybernetic right eye built for personal security, allowing you to check your cybernetic targeting system as well as improving your Perception by 2. Requirements: Science 55%, Repair 40%(edited)

    Steel Robotic Mandible - Replacement of the mandible with a robotic jaw and metal bottom teeth. Gain Steel Bite (Unarmed) Dmg. 2d6 AP S: 3 T: 4 Requirements: Science 40%(edited)

    Voice Module - This enhancement allows speech of multiple languages as long as the Cyberdog has a sentient brain.(edited)

    Side-Mounted 10mm SMG - A H&K MP-9 10mm SMG integrated into your internal system targeting system. This weapon can fire a single shot as well as up to a 10 shot burst. Gain 10mm SMG (Small Guns) Dmg. 2d5 Rng. 25 AP S: 5 T: 6 B: 6 Requirements: Small Guns 60%(edited)

    Atomic Core - A miniature atomic core integrated into the body. After Cyberhound death, a 10 second countdown triggers until the core creates an atomic explosion of 10 meters. Requirements: Traps: 60%(edited)

    Stealthboy Module - You are able to consume a free Stealthboy every 48 hours and if you are equipped by a beastmaster, they gain the stealth effects also. Requirements: Sneak 60
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    Very cool. Lots of options for people to choose from and I like how they're spread across all the Fallout games.
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    I'm starting to think there is too much information. No one wants to read a book to create a character. I've noticed that fallout fans tend to be very biased to a single game, therefore I've tried to include as much lore (semi-lore) from all games.
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    It's been almost a year since you've updated this or your second post, but I was curious if you intended on adding anything for the robots. I find the idea rather fun to be able to play more specific robots than the basic one listed!