Fallout 2 mod Status on Mutant Rising?

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    Очень жаль, а отсутствие русификации не критично - F1.5 Резурекшен же перевели наши камрады.
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    Please write in english, this is not a russian forum and I am too lazy to open up the translator all the time.
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    Mar 22, 2016
    Sorry, I don't know English, I am writing through a translator, but here is Russian-speaking.
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    I decided to go through the script list for each location and count how many scripts need finishing, the number is not small. This is an approximation, in the end it might be slightly larger or smaller. Places like Las Vegas have many interactive NCPs and quests, therefore many scripts.

    Elko - 2

    Dayglow - 0

    Wendover - 18

    NCR 15 - 21

    Las Vegas - 73

    Khans - 6

    Vault 22 - 8

    Groomlake - 62

    Cedar City - 54

    Red Sands - 27

    Radio City - ? - probably 50.

    Grand total = 321


    For example -

    Cedar City Scripting Reference

    • CEDC1 - Paladin Weathers
    • CEDC2 - Senior Paladin Anderson
    • CEDC3 - Junior Paladin Danielsson
    • CEDC4 - Junior Paladin Zetterstrom
    • CEDC5 - Senior Paladin Joseph
    • CEDC6 - High Elder Chambers
    • CEDC7 - Paladin Edwards
    • CEDC8 - Paladin Burns "Manslaughter"
    • CEDC9 - Head Scribe Lorwan
    • CEDC10 - Scribe Journeyman Jett
    • CEDC11 - Doctor Kendrick
    • CEDC12 - Internal Quartermaster
    • CEDC13 - Head Knight Garth
    • CEDC14 - Senior Knight Woods
    • CEDC15 - Paladin Ambriel
    • CEDC16 - Bored Sewer Guard
    • CEDC16B - Nervous Sewer Guard
    • CEDC16C - Sub-Sergeant Landon
    • CEDC17 - Paladin Santangelo
    • CEDC18 - Father Malkin
    • CEDC19 - Junior Paladin Darcy
    • CEDC20 - Junior Paladin Oaken
    • CEDC21 - Fort Skrap Entrance Guard
    • CEDC22 - Rook
    • CEDC23 - Scribe Rutherford
    • CEDC24 - Iguana Bob
    • CEDC25 - Crooked Water Merchant
    • CEDC26 - Disgruntled Merchant
    • CEDC27 - Leroy Barkley
    • CEDC28 - Rodney Hersch
    • CEDC29 - Ardeen Shanks
    • CEDC29B - Lois Shanks
    • CEDC30 - Dennis Cooper
    • CEDC31 - Catherine Cooper
    • CEDC32 - Burt Kinsley
    • CEDC33 - Aaron Holmes
    • CEDC34 - Barney Glover
    • CEDC35 - Zubron
    • CEDC36 - Mutant Scout
    • CEDC37 - Captain
    • CEDC38 - BOS Regular Guard
    • CEDC39 - BOS Red Clearance Guard
    • CEDC40 - BOS Black Clearance Guard
    • CEDC41 - BOS Power Armor Guard
    • CEDC42 - BARracks Patron
    • CEDC43 - BOS Gate Guard
    • CEDC44 - Skrap Thief
    • CEDC45 - Caravaner
    • CEDC46 - Squatter
    • CEDC47 - Mutated Miner / Raddie
    • CEDC48 - BOS Medic
    • CEDC49 - BOS Scholar
    • CEDC50 - BOS Scribe
    • CEDC51 - BOS Elder
    • CEDC52 - Edwards' Protector
    • CEDC53 - BOS Vertibird Scribe
    • CEDC53B - BOS Vertibird Mechanic
    • CEDC54 - Unused
    • CEDC55 - Barkley's Salvager
    • CEDC56 - Hersch's Thug
    • CEDC57 - Cedar City Floaters
    • CEDC58 - Anderson's Reinforcements
    • CEDI1 – BOS Mainframe Terminal
    • CEDI1B – BOS Council Hall Terminal
    • CEDI1C – BOS Medical Bay Terminal
    • CEDI1D – BOS Classroom Terminal
    • CEDI1E – BOS Anderson's Personal Terminal
    • CEDM1 - Cedar City Entrance Script
    • CEDM2 - Cedar City Base Script
    • CEDM3 - Cedar City Slums Script
    • CEDM4 - Cedar City Mines Script
    • None at the moment
    Color Key
    • Untouched
    • Progressing
    • Finished
    • Cut
    • Unused
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    Jun 18, 2018
    Town names are also spoiler;)
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    Jun 27, 2020
    Any volounters besides me?
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    Jun 27, 2020
    True, but you'll probably forget the next day.
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    Jun 18, 2018
    Probably, though I am actively and physically avoiding going up this thread in order not to see the names:).
    Looking forward for the messiah..
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    The names are irrelevant if the game doesn't get released...
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    is MR such in a bad state at the moment? Or its just that now all work is finished any all the pressure is on the man scripters shoulders?

    In any case I do not hope it turn out like FO Yurope. Hope some new talented people chip in to help out!
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    Jun 27, 2020
    What is Fallout Yurope???
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    If he had written it in English, I would not have understood what he specifically wanted to say to me, and I would have had to ask him again in Russian anyway)))
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    May 19, 2003
    an ded mod. iirc it started being worked on around the same time as MR
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    Apr 21, 2020
    I wish I could help but I don't have much spare time and strong programming skills, only basic knowledge.
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    Oct 29, 2015
    > only basic knowledge.

    That's enough
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    I just had a message from out beloved scripter Ardent, he's still working on the game - slowly but surely chipping away at the task. He informed me that the game has approximately 1000 scripts, and 600 have been completed so far. He's been working from home since March and has been avoiding spending too much time in front of a computer - which is understandable. He is open for people with scripting knowledge to assist with the game, but he won't be able to babysit people, and he would like to avoid feature/content creep.

    I sent him a message to find out what is the best way to approach this - those who want to assist will need to be members at the Mutants Rising site and have access to the inner forums that contain all of the working documents regarding the game. There is extensive information for every location in the game so people wanting to assist would just need to go the section they're scripting read up and get familiar with that location. Every character in the game had some sort of write up regarding their quests and story, which makes it much easier for scripters to plan their approach to scripting the event.

    Below is an example - Please don't check if you want a spoiler free game - but for interested parties, this is how we design our quests, and we allow flexibility in how they are scripted, as long as they actually work in game. The story and quests, as with the dialogue of the game have been more or less completed - small adjustments are always made to fix issues, so scripters wont need to worry about those factors.

    Free the dog the ghouls are holding prisoner.

    Description: There’s a dog chained to a post behind Terrence’s bar. The ghouls are only keeping it to torment the poor beast and to have fun throwing rocks at it. The player may learn about the situation by examining the dog him/herself, or by talking to people in town. For instance, one of the kids in town (Sarah) is very attached to the dog and wants it back (she will ask Dude to free the pooch and bring it to her). The dog is also mentioned by Vines, a regular at the Watering Trough, who in turn is one of the initiators of the cruel fun.

    Dude can free the dog by picking the padlock on dog's chain, by destroying it (the padlock) with a heavy tool (sledgehammer, pickaxe etc. - this requires some strength), or by shooting the padlock with any gun. Dude can also buy the dog from Vines for 100 caps. When the dog is freed, Dude will have to feed it some meat (iguana or jerky) to make it follow him/her.

    Afterwards, Dude may either keep the dog as companion, or return to Sarah, who will be very grateful. She will however return the dog to the player, seeing as it has already grown attached to the player character. Returning the dog brings some additional positive karma and town rep, as well as minor XP.

    Initiator: Sarah
    Scope: Small
    Importance: Minor
    Rewards: Follower, 100-200 XP

    = 0 // Unaware
    = 1 // Told about by Sarah or drunkard
    = 2 // Freed the dog
    = 3 // Returned to Sarah

    = 0 // Unaware
    = 1 // Has examined the dog, or has talked about it with Sarah or Vines.
    = 2 // Dude freed the dog
    = 3 // Dude bought the dog from Vines
    = 4 // Dude returned the dog to Sarah
    = 5 // Quest completed and rewarded

    Warrior: Break the chain with a sledgehammer or a pickaxe, or a crowbar. Alternatively, shoot the padlock with any handgun.
    Thief: Pick the lock.
    Diplomat: Buy the dog from Vines, saying your tribe is very fond of dogmeat.
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