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    I'm not telling you to like it. I just took your comment about not getting it to mean an invitation to explain some of its appeals.

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    As promised, here's some links and more detailed info regarding the 200+ minute match.

    Scary Faces vs Cloud 9

    Cast by ODPixel (a relatively new face in the Dota2 streaming arena) and Purge (a known, educational caster and former player).

    I also located a short, but amusing article sharing some other details about the match here. It shared some comments, tweets, details such as the previous shattered (and ridiculously surpassed) record longest professional match, etc.

    The video itself is both educational (thanks to Purge's presence) and greatly entertaining (thanks to ODPixel). Later into the game, the casters would thank their lucky stars that they were casting the game together, because getting such a long match to cover all by ones lonesome self would be far too taxing to handle, so at least they could banter back and forth with each other. Jokes were flying. Fights in the match would break out only for the status quo to "reset" and the casters chuckle at how "it's back to the waiting game". ODPixel started overlaying some "epic music" when some action would break out, then cut it short once things seemed to reset, leading to a sharp and hilarious contrast between the long periods of inaction and the daring few moments of action.

    For a game with average matches around 40 minutes or so (lately, as opposed to average length of 26 minutes, 6 months ago) this was a delightful change of pace. You really never see matches this special all that often! =D
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    I played DOTA 2 back when it was still in beta (I think I got my access in key in the summer of 2011) and although it can be a fun game, I think what pissed me off so much that I stopped playing it was my team. I always felt that my team was full of idiots who had no idea what they were doing, and I feel that you can more or less decide whether you are going to win the match in the first 10 minutes of play by looking at how your team mates are doing/whether they are protecting the buildings etc. I don't know if they've fixed this in the years since with better matchmaking, maybe I'll go back to the game some time soon and decide for myself.
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    games bad, played like 100 games but league/hon are better moba's(1 casual 1 hardkore) even though hon is dead now and i havent played league in like 2 years >.<
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    The International 2015 is in full swing, now. Day 2 of the Main Event has just started earlier today, so there's still the rest of today and 3 more days of the Main Event for anyone who's curious to see some of the world's best Dota2.
    Main Stream - for those who'd like to watch the main desk and the main commentators
    Newcomer Stream - for those who'd like to watch with educational centered commentary

    Evil Geniuses vs compLexity Gaming was an amazing series between North America's top 2 teams. Yesterday some of the best teams from the East were either eliminated or secured their path to the semi-finals. So the tournament is progressing in a really interesting direction! =D
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    I've been watching it when I'm at home and it's on which is a few hours a day. When it's all over I'll watch match highlights for each day. I admit I really only let the Stream run in the background as I browse chat and go to it when I hear the announcers to wild.

    The Vault Dweller
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    So, the Grand Finals begin today, after one last Best-of-Three match in the lower brackets to determine who goes on to face CDEC Gaming for first place in an epic Best-of-Five, and who goes home in third. Over $2 Million goes to the third place team, while first place with net well over $6 Million for winning the tournament. It's a slightly largely prize than last year, but the stakes have certainly been higher.

    The last teams left to vie for the top are CDEC, LGD, and EG. As a Westerner, I'd love for EG to win the tournament, but at the very least I would rather than Grand Finals be an "East Meets West" affair, like TI1, TI2, and unlike TI4 I don't want to see 2 Chinese teams in the Grand Finals. Last year was really dull. I wanna see the clashing styles of vastly different approaches to the game going head to head.

    Well, whatever may happen, there's a minimum of 5, maximum of 8 possible matches of Dota2 left before the winner is decided. The tournament's had its ups and downs, huge moments of tension mixed with hilarious and lighthearted delights. I'm looking forward to seeing it arrive to its conclusion! =D

    EG snags victory in an impressive 2-0 against LGD. Both games were dead even for much of their duration, with EG pulling ahead off of very key and decisive encounters. LGD gradually picked up impressive momentum in both matches, only for clutch plays coming through from EG to vault them into the lead. With LGD knocked out of the tournament, taking 3rd place, it's now down to EG and CDEC in the Grand Finals to determine who goes home with $2.6ish Million and who goes home with almost $7 Million!

    It's going to be a West versus East Grand Finals, just like I had hope! =D
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