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    Jun 6, 2016
    As for Daggerfall, I hear that there's no harm in restarting in the first dungeon if the random generation adversely affects you. Anyone else can verify this?
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    Yeah, there's a lot of random generation going on, and sometimes the starting dungeon can be quite hard.

    Don't be frustrated. There is A LOT of RNG involved, most quests are dungeoncrawls through randomly generated, sometimes extremely long dungeons, and the game is frustrating as hell. I'd recommend starting with a melee based class (warrior is pretty much standard with no advantages or disadvantages), because magic-based classes in Daggerfall are pretty damn hard. The magic system in general is clunky as fuck.
    Invest in Mark&Recall spells/scrolls, because they make the dungeon crawls so much easier.
    Take your time and read a few guides, the game is ridiculously big and has a lot of possibilities. And a lot of tricks. For example, if you need directions in a city, ask a bystander. If they don't know or only know vague locations, ask them again and again, they will mark stuff on your map at some point.
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    That reminds me, I keep wondering when we will see an "ignore user" feature to this forum. There have been a lot of cool updates lately, and I keep expecting one to appear. :) As the Fallout franchise gets dumber and dumber, the trolls get less and less interesting and automatically ignoring them becomes more attractive.

    OH MAN there is one how did I not notice that. Never mind! (No seriously, how long has this feature been here? Have I been suffering this whole time for no reason?)
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    its been here at least since april 20th 2016...
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    Damn, did this review hit home so hard. I remember thinking Fallout 4 was the best Fallout when it came out. Good thing this review snapped me back into focus.
    Yeah, the graphics are configured poorly, story is just as stale as FO3's if not worse, the settlement system is a shitshow, and its worse than New Vegas in terms of glitches and bugs.
    Yet I'd be lying if I said I didn't play the hell out of Fallout 4. The game is incredibly mod-friendly (maybe that was the point), and I really like Nick Valentine as a companion.