The Ultimate Movie Thread of Ultimate Destiny

So a while ago I saw 'Why we fight' (2005) It's a documentary. So far it's one of the few Documentaries I see that I still like. Literally. I've only seen a few. It's really hard to find good ones.

Can anyone recommend any documentaries? As much as possible please. And I like mine smart, not emotional and most of all without too much bias.

EDIT: Also, just saw Oblivion.
[spoiler:3cfe446fdf]The second female character is Tom's wife.
Called it.

The first female character disagrees with Tom and they get a conflict.
That too.

Tom goes outside of his 'zone' and finds a clone of himself.
Called that too.

Because I was thinking of Moon. Anyway, the movie was pretty average on everything but the visuals. The story has more holes in it than a pin cushion.[/spoiler:3cfe446fdf]
So, last sunday me and some friends went to watch Cosmopolis, but it was sold out, so not wanting to feel like we wasted the tri to the Theatre (we all live in different parts of the city) we decided to watch one of the indie movies the yahd there, a friend's girlfriend ended up choosing "THe Angel's Share" without us even paying attention.

And oh my god (or should I say Cor Blimey?) was that a pointless movie, not even bad, just pointless. There was no conflict at any point, the narrative was pretty erratic and by the end we learn that Crime always Pays.

We the ndecided to not let her choose movies again.
Good thing I never ever cared about Star Trek.

I grew up w ith Star Wars but even then I think Star Wars is way overrated.
True. Have you heard of the original intended ending for RotJ? Han solo was supposed to die. But of course George Lucas would have none of that, because he needs to sell his toys. And he needed carebears in it. The man runs a business.
There's fan editors trying to cut that scene because of it. They haven't quite gotten it yet.

I'm not sure how Mr. Guinness felt about it, but his performance there reeks of boredom.
I saw Soylent Green from 1973 starring Charlton Heston. It's pretty dang fun, even though it's super low-budget. I actually love the way it looks, though, because it has that distinctive early 1970s vibe. In particular, the opening introduction is amazingly cool. I wonder if the Soylent Green intro wasn't the inspiration for the intros to Mad Max and The Road Warrior.

Akratus said:
I'm not sure how Mr. Guinness felt about it, but his performance there reeks of boredom.
You guys have miserable Jedi Fu. Alec Guinness hated Star Wars, and talked about it all the time. He had a long career as a distinguished actor, and was annoyed that he ended up being mobbed by people who only knew him as Obi Wan Kenobi.

Killing off Han Solo was Harrison Ford's idea. That would have been nice, but it wouldn't have been nearly enough to compensate for the dastardly ewoks.

Originally David Lynch was hired to direct Return of the Jedi, but he and Lucas parted ways amicably before it started shooting. They had "creative differences." I'm sure. That could have been one zany RotJ.
So Red 2 was good. Personally I prefer the first however.

There was something strange going on with this movie. The pacing was. . mindbogglingly bad. I mean, who the fuck makes a nice first segment, setting everyone up, a nice new villain, and then grinds everything to a halt, just introducing new enemies, having action scenes, chasing one MacGuffin after another, only to introduce the REAL villain 3 thirds into the movie!

It was a decent popcorn flick but that made the movie drag badly.
I've seen Oblivion.

I'm no fan of Tom Cruise, but hats down, he acted this one out really well.

The film itself is fine, I liked it, it may have been confusing at moments, but in the end I was very satisfied. Some moments gave me the 2001/Solaris vibe which is a big plus, and the film is definitely a refreshment among all the remaining Hollywood stuff (which, in general, I don't like).
I saw the movie and agree with that last part, but Tom Cruise is just Tom Cruise again in that movie, in my opinion.
Finally saw Event Horizon all the way through. It was interesting but over all it felt like it tried to be too many movies without trying to be it's own at times.
Atomkilla said:
I've seen Oblivion...The film itself is fine, I liked it, it may have been confusing at moments, but in the end I was very satisfied.

Yeah, that's pretty much how I felt about it, and my opinion hasn't changed with time, at least so far. It got more bad reviews than it deserved, I think, especially considering some of the drek that gets good reviews. Not a great movie, but good enough. I enjoyed it.

It has some nice visuals.
Yeah, the visuals are great. CGI is well executed, but the futuristic design of vehicles and buildings (well, those things are buildings, technically) is breathtaking.

However, I wasn't so thrilled with the post-apocalyptic depiction of the world. The fact that most, if not all, landmark structures have in some way survived and are, at least partly, still standing, is a bit annoying.

Also, was there a nuclear war, anyway?

Good film, nonetheless.