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    Aug 1, 2015
    MODS - CB Deluxe Custom Beginning & more

    I'll make this my main Fallout 3,New Vegas modding thread. I'll update it as I release more stuff now on Nexus. I don't want to use Nexus anymore.

    CB Deluxe - Custom Beginning Deluxe for Fallout 3

    What is CB?

    CB started as a clone of Fallout Wanderers Edition Alternative Start mod. I was tired of having to always install FWE to get alt start. At that time I wanted more of a Vanilla experience plus Alt Start. Is ironic that this mod became a type of lightweight FWE that changes a lot of things from the game. This mod , however, is more lightweight and transparent and, at this point, has more features than FWE in a smaller package.

    Where it stands is quite playable although not all features are complete as I originally meant them to. What is lacking mostly is changes to dialogue and quests to make you really feel like you are not Vault Dweller looking for Dad. Some dialogue may be odd but other than that all other features are complete and I am only adding new things and fixing bugs.


    - Ability to play roles other than default vault dweller. Each with their own unique quirks
    - Hunger, thirst and tiredness built in and displayed in the pipboy (optional).
    - Ammo can have weight and weights are displayed in game interface and pipboy (optional).
    - Fruit plants (crunchy and chewy) found all over DC that can be picked for fruits every so often.
    - Laboratory has a CRAFT like system allowing you to build chems from basic resources.
    - Workbench uses CRAFT (included).
    - Built in ironsights (vanilla only)
    - Geckos, Floaters , Wanamingos , and FEV subjects have also been added to the game
    - Incredible amount of customization.
    - A better and more efficient responsive kill reaction (RKR) system, Sprint mod, weather patterns, camera swapping (using X key) and much much more.

    See readme files (included) for more details.

    new CB Deluxe 1.8

    -Adds more weapons to the game files but not yet all enabled in the game (one such weapon flamer pistol is enabled however)-Reverted to default pipboy since new pipboy system was too buggy (new pipboy still in mod files but not enabled)
    -Reverted to a more vanilla experience of menu but much more streamlined (dialogue menu bigger and same font size as vanilla, more items fit in the menus etc) and with all the added CB features
    -Most added "functional" weapons should now work and should be added into the game (there are still weapons found in the game files not yet enabled but they will be in a later version)
    -reverted to default grass and water
    -corrected a few weapons stats and names to better fit their description (junk knife becomes junk blade much closer to chinese sword for example)
    -edited out and simplified some of the scripts requiring much less coding and more user babysitting (for example before night vision could be turned on once and would automatically toggle itself on or off depending if user is
    in 3d or 1st person but not it simply turns itself off requiring the user to go 1st person and turn it on. reason
    is required coding was too complex and required too much power and would bug out anyways. now is much more stable)
    -fixed deathclaw gauntlet not being buildable
    -deathclaws and mutants have a much more classic look (gray green mutants and more gray orange dusty deathclaws)
    -lots of little tweaks and fixes
    -broken audio voice files have been fixed
    -frag grenade and mine reverted to old value
    -greener grass and cleaner water removed

    Download links for 1.8:

    Google Drive

    You are FREE to
    - rehost this mod anywhere (this mod is safe and all it's components are either free to use OR permissions has been granted)
    - adapt this mod for anything that is FO3 related as long as you legally own FO3 and as long as is nothing commercial
    - use any free components out of this mod some of which have been modified by me (check the credits file inside the archive)
    - extend the functionality of this mod any way you wish
    - repackage this mod with your own mod extensions to circumvent the locked assets. i got permission to use certain things but i cannot give the permission to you. what i can, however, is simply let you repackage and rehost my mod and simply use the assets to build upon turn it into whatever you want
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    Wait, so you'll never update? Coz if you only update if you release new stuff on Nexus, but don't want to use Nexus anymore... :>
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    Aug 7, 2015

    I really happy about finding out that this mod is being updated! :grin:
    I am using v1.3 -- the last that was available at FON. I really, really like this mod. Like the author (you) I also do not like certain elements of FWE.

    I am about 300 hours into my game so it's a bummer I can't carry my save over. That's alright though in the long run for a better experience.

    I see that I can play with Imp's More Complex Needs *and* have ammo-weight built in instead of having to use WeightAmmo.esp -- thank you!

    Whenever you have some time I request you take a quick look at my load order to point out any mods I have that are not compatible.
    In v1.3 I found out at level 4 or 5 that the Can Opener Power Armor mod is not compatible.
    I really love that this mod makes Power Armor unlootable unless you have the "Can Opener" perk. This just seems to make sense; no way in the world an 'average wastelander' would know how to remove a complicated electronics/body armor system like that without a very high intelligence and/or the knowledge of how to do so.

    Even with load order readjustment and Master Updating there was just CTDs very often so Can Opener had to go, unfortunately.
    Overall stable game ever since...except for that one time Mart's Mutant Mod spawned 400~500 iguanas around the outside of Megaton. I wonder how in the world that happened :confused:

    My Load Order:
    Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm
    Impervious Power Armour.esm
    Mart's Mutant Mod.esm
    Abbreviated Effects.esm
    Enclave Faction Overhaul.esm
    GNR Enhanced.esp
    Explosive Entry.esp
    Mart's Mutant Mod.esp
    Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Anchorage.esp
    Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC The Pitt.esp
    Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Broken Steel.esp
    Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Point Lookout.esp
    Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Zeta.esp
    Mart's Mutant Mod - Natural Selection.esp
    Mart's Mutant Mod - Master Menu Module.esp
    Imp's More Complex Needs.esp
    IMCN - 5 DLC Merged.esp
    IMCN - MMM Meats, Bloods, and Eyeballs.esp
    Quieter Mole Rats.esp
    Retarded Leveling 35x Slower.esp
    Night Vision - Power Armor.esp
    Purposeful Walking.esp
    Bornagain Outcast T-45d Texture Patch.esp
    Pop-Up Blocker - Operation Anchorage.esp
    Pop-Up Blocker - The Pitt.esp
    Pop-Up Blocker - Broken Steel.esp
    Pop-Up Blocker - Point Lookout.esp
    Pop-Up Blocker - Mothership Zeta.esp
    Rock It Launcher Extended Ammo.esp
    merged patch.esp

    Total active plugins: 61
    Total plugins: 65

    In v1.3 I was amazed to see how "buff" many raiders and even wasteland scavs were. Really cool feature. And it pretty cool to bump into the Lone Wanderer every now and then. :D
    Maybe I did something wrong at install though because he doesn't look like my character, just the basic standard guy at the face creation screen. Still, very cool to see this "Lone Wanderer" wandering around :)

    Once again, very happy my favorite mod is alive and kicking!
    And if they happen to read this comment, thanks also to the mysterious stranger at Fallout Nexus who informed me about it!! :)
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    Aug 1, 2015
    hey hero, thank you for the kind words.

    tbh i had much more features before i was working on throwing animation attack even had a throwing spear, knife and rock. i was working on tribal playable race with point lookout . and i had follower menu and enhancements just a simple text box with choices. but before i could release it i got banned and files got lost i stopped modding for a bit then now i found this site and i'm back at it. i didn't even get banned for stealing anything. was really dumb. i had 2 accounts. i even had jhp fmj and ap ammo for 10mm by pressing a button you could switch ammo. that feature is still there but not implemented. these are all planned features that i am still going to do sometime soon.

    please spread the word if you see people who are still interested in this mod because ppl might not know that i have continued working on it.

    i will have a look at that mod can opener.

    i guarantee the issue is with the form ids. you see before i had my mod split up in 5 pieces 1 main file and 4 plugins. i combined all files but i didn't change the form ids because i was afraid ppl might have issues. then i realized the form id reference mods that are loaded before so my mod may appear try try and override things that it shouldn't so game crashes . this is why i broke backward compatibility for sake of stability.

    the face matching has some issues and sometimes it doesn't match face and sometimes it doesn't match race. is supposed to match your face 50% and dad matches face 50% one time it matched half black half asian face was soo weird.

    people are buff cause their strength is so high. if you have high strength malo's body idles kick in and make you big. but i think is optional and you can turn it off. there is a setting in there somewhere.

    1.4 has geckos and floaters...there are wanamingos but not enabled yet and built in ironsights made by me based on kenkuros mod. my ironsight is not as high teck as rh_ironsights but it works for most part and is much more lightweight. but feeel free to use anything. right now is sitting abut 100 mb but is a little fwe + little mart mutant mod + little rh_ironsights into one mod .

    some features still don't work or are not complete still working on them.

    anything you wanna talk abut the mod or feature request or bugs just post them here i'm interested.

    also did u know if you press X you switch camera left /right and if you press and hold sneak button you sit down on the ground?
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    Aug 7, 2015
    Very, very cool new features!
    What I plan to do is uninstall FWE on my desktop and install the newest version of CBD, this way I can still play my current v1.3 game on laptop and the newer version on my better PC :)

    So for the sake of v1.4 compatibility with MMM, do you recommend putting the CB esp's lower than MMM's?

    I like the difference in body size correlating to Strength--makes sense!
    Have you ever used Imp's More Complex Needs? It changes a player's height based on their Perception. I wonder if there any compatibility issues with that?

    Regarding the Lone Wanderer and player-character face matches, what do you recommend I try to correct it?

    I will be sitting down by the campfire (from IMCN) while my food cooks to take some cool screenshots -- thanks for mentioning that feature :)

    Yes, of course I will definitely tell people about CBD -- it is after all my favorite mod! ;-)
  6. trollworkout

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    Aug 1, 2015
    also from this point forward all future versions will be compatible with future savegames.
    if not i will explain what to do
    maybe you should wait for 1.5 :)

    put my mod highest on the mod list . the higher the mod the more in the background it is. lowest mods override higher mods. so ideally you'd want my mod to be like this

    ...all dlcs
    ...all other mods (they will override my mod)

    this way mmm and any other mod you are using will override my mod. also install my mod first then install all other mods in same order as your mod list. if you wish to use features from rh_ironsights for example when installing if it says file already exists just overwrite my files . it should be fine. most big mods have an esm and an esp. put the esp after mine.

    also looking at your list i didn't find anything that would cause issues. i did see you placed cb a bit too low on the list. ideally place it highest. but don't change anything now . keep things the way they are . you may cause issues if you change your mod load order.
  7. Hero for Hire

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    Aug 7, 2015
    Awesome that future versions will be compatible with old savegames -- thank you :)
    I'm glad I read your last message because I was just about to upgrade and restart my game! But now I will wait until v1.5

    Do you have any advice for getting the Lone Wanderer's character's face to match the player-character's face?

    Thanks very much for the advice on load order. Actually, I placed CB a bit low because I want it to have "more weight" in features and gameplay.

    Regarding MMM, what I like about it is the variety it adds to the critters already there, such as different sizes & colors to radscorpions or brahmin for example, and that it adds 'baby' critters.
    Are the floaters and geckos added by DB Deluxe the same ones as are included in MMM? Those are the only creatures I enable in MMM anyhow.

    As you saw from my load order, I'm not using any mods that add extra weapons, so when I upgrade to v1.5, I will be able to uninstall rh_ironsights as well, right?
    Very, very handy because that removes 10 esp's from load order. And I read somewhere that the less loaded, the better it is for game stability.

    Also, quick question about weight: since ammo now has weight I won't need WeightAmmo.esp.
    Will I still need WeightMed.esp & WeightMisk.esp?
    I always though it was weird that you could carry a hundred stimpaks, jet, med-x, etc around and it didn't weigh you down at all.

    I kind of feel the same about bottle caps. Did you know that in real life 100 metal bottle caps weighs 8 ounces? That info was found at a beer bottling supplies web site.

    I try to basically just use mods that add items from the original Fallout games plus any mods that add a realism-based challenge (IMCN, for example). I can't stand cheat mods and don't use Lore-unfriendly mods.
    I just found a mod that adds more realistic fall damage and another I think is reasonable called "Karmic Rebalance" here at NMA.
    What mods do you use in your game?

    Well now, after all this discussion I sure am in the mood for for playing some FO3CBD! :grin:
  8. trollworkout

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    Aug 1, 2015

    I know about bottle caps having weight. I could make it optional to give bottle caps weight just like ammo.
    The weight calculation is simply a long formula that says:
    ammo 1 * ammo1Weight + ammo2 * ammo2Weight .... and so forth .... + bottlecap * GLOBALbottlecapWeight (i could add this)
    then simply have a setting that makes the global 0 or 0.01 or whatever :)

    for face matching I think you can do this
    open console
    click on the vault dweller
    MatchFaceGeometry player 50
    you NEED to click on an actor for his to work

    the complete GECK function is
    Actor.MatchFaceGeometry ActorREF percentage
    clicking on an actor is Actor.
    typing is the second MatchFaceGeometry part
    player is third part yourself
    and value is percentage similarity. if you make it 100 you will look indentical

    This makes target match your face. To have yourself match someone else's face you need to type player.MatchFaceGeometry ActorREF percentage (actorRef you need to get it manually I forget how but there are a bunch listed on Fo3 Wiki page). I think is GBO get base object. You click on anything and type GBO you get a number and use that number. I am not sure i might be wrong.

    Oh you can also do same thing but for race
    Actor.MatchRace ActorREF
    Click on vault dweller type MatchRace player he's gonna be your race :)

    All ammo weight works in 1.4 but not 1.3. So if you use 1.4 you won't need external ammo weight mods unless you wanna use those. In my mod ammo weight is also displayed in the interface.

    The geckos in CB are not exactly the same as MMM. Essentially is the same mod that MMM used made by Zenl was a moder resource. So the models are the same but there less variations. MMM made those extra textures I only used the textures that Zenl made which is 1 for Gecko, 1 for Fire Gecko and 1 for Golden Gecko (but tweaked by me). Also in my mod Geckos are mapped to Deathclaw i don't know how MMM does it . I could only find the models with textures not the full package. And Floater is mapped to centaur as it was the only skeleton that worked. I wasn't able to map Wanamingos to anything.

    My mod aims to be as lore friendly as possible even going as far as adding elements from FO2 or NV. I don't like mods that do things that are not Fallout world. Although for example Family race is kinda my own thing.
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    Aug 7, 2015
    Thank you very much for the guidance! I plan to do that the next time I see that Lone Wanderer out there for face-matcing. If the Lone Wanderer's face was to match my character's at least 90% then that'd explain why everyone thinks my character is the Loner Wanderer and always refers to my "familiarity" with vaults and what-not ;)

    So if 1 unit of weight in Fallout equals 1 pound in real life and 100 metal bottle caps weigh about 8 ounces, that makes one cap weigh... 0.005?

    I read the MMM readme and saw that the geckos in it are mapped to deathclaws and floaters are mapped to centaurs, so I guess they used the same modder's resource.

    Out of all the Fallout games I honestly only enjoyed the original and Fallout 3. Call it blasphemy but I found the FO2 story a little bit boring but still interesting enough overall to keep playing.
    I actually disliked New Vegas to the point of uninstalling it after the second playthru.
    It did some things very right: tougher monsters, faction disguises, at least a basic hardcore mode. The atmosphere didn't interest me much though (but that's forgiveable -- it's just a desert).

    The unrealistically super-tough-even-though-they're-just-wearing-football-gear Caesar's Legion really aggravated me but the terrible writing for the Old World Blues DLC becoming canon was the straw that broke the camel's back. I will never ever buy anything made by Obsidian "Entertainment" again.

    Okay but I'm getting off track and actually starting to rant so ... getting back on track:
    My point is that the Family were included in Fallout 3 which makes them canon, thus having a Family alt start is a really cool option for an alt-start mod :)

    I personally chose the Engineer alt start because I just wanted to see what it's like to be a kind of average-joe out there but who has an affinity for repair and science.
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    Aug 1, 2015
    Fallout 2 is deff an older style of RPG . And by that I mean a lot of talking. Around that time Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment were all dialogue.

    Fallout 3, NV is more action oriented and decent amount of talking.

    NV has a better engine with throwing , survival skill, hunger, and traits built in but the game itself is garbage. I gave up on it halfway. While Fallout 1 2 were at times very hilarious close to a parody especially hidden within references, the game itself was pretty dark and grim. Fallout 3 is just as dark and the world is pretty apocalyptic and grim and although the main plot was kinda jokey it was somewhat believable. New Vegas is a parody of Fallout with nothing serious about it. Is essentially a western with post apocalyptic elements 1st person shooter set in the Fallout world. New Vegas elements are pretty great and better than Fo3 but the emphasis on shooting, killing, maiming and since all perks and dialogues are about killing someone going somewhere to kill something or dying makes this game rather dull.

    Engineer makes you a bit older and also allies you with Robot faction so most neutral turrets will be your buddy. You also start with the Railway rifle schematic level 1 and a railway rifle.

    I really wanted t make tribal alt start for Point Lookout to make it Fallout cannon. Original fallouts 1/2 you start as a vault dweller (check) and as a descendant of a vault dweller that is now a tribal (not check ;_; ).
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    Aug 7, 2015
    I agree 100% with your assessment of FNV. It was truly a let down for me because I started the game truly wanting to like it and with happy expectations. The fact is, I did not feel like I was playing Fallout, and I only want to play Fallout.

    I like the original a lot! FO2 was just mildly entertaining -- I didn't really like starting the game off as a tribal because I can't role-play that well at all because I don't relate to them.
    And I think that's the appeal FO & FO3 have for me: you start as a vault-person who then ends up exploring the wide world. The similarities 3 had to the first one are what I think really drew me in, which is interesting because I didn't even realize all that until I played the first Fallout after I played Fallout 3!

    I occasionally still play the first two, but 90% of the time if I game, it is FO3.
    That all being said, I know there would be great appeal to starting off as a tribal for all those people who really loved playing FO2.

    I like playing the engineer and play pretty neutrally: if they/it don't attack me or my companions, I leave them be as well. Live and let live.
    I'm really glad the Engineer starts with the railway rifle -- at low levels you need every last rail-spike to survive! The perk you start with as an engineer really makes sense and the starting location kind of does as well. The only other starting location I can think of that would match well would with starting off as an engineer is the abandoned tent because it's fairly close to MDPL-21 (workbench) and matches the "recluse" lifestyle by being basically out in the middle of nowhere ;)

    I'm playing this with a "level up slower" mod called 'Retarded Leveling' so my guess is that I'll still be playing (and probably only level 20), or just finishing up the main quests by the time FO4 releases :)

    What's your load order look like?

    {edited typos}
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    Aug 1, 2015
    Original was pretty good. And FO2 felt more like an expansion of FO1 (like 4 DLCs in one) rather than a whole new game so that was also good. FO3 was pretty similar with FO1 true although I'm not too crazy about the story I kinda like the world. It makes the mudering and killing more meaningful. While in FONV is more like for fun.

    I cant start in abandoned tent cause that's where sishkebap schematic is :) Then you get 2 / 5 weapons right from the start.

    When I get to modding a bit again I think I'm gonna add baby animals there is a modder resource that has skeletons for baby animals all I need to do is make a texture and enable them in the code add them to form lists. That's one of the things I did in old 1.4 that got lost and I really liked bc it made the game more real.

    I won't lie. My mod order is pretty minimal. At the moment is just my mod :) Because I'm focusing more on modding than playing atm. I mod once in a while when I have time. I forget a bout it then i get back into it.

    What are some features you wanted fallout 3 to have?

    For me one of the big things was throwing skill. I was able to create throwing animations by modifying a grenade thowing anim by removing the pin pulling action. Problem is FO3 has an issue the game forces grenades to be ballistic type meaning the anim decides the location of throwing. The biggest problem with that is if you use directional weapons like spear or knife then the ballistics aim is above the head. They fixed in in FONV somehow I suspect the engine code is different. Throwing is mapped to melee so no special skill required.

    Second was tribal history but I don't do that until I can get throwing anims or at least spear anims for spear. Biggest issue is there is no space left for any other anim. Grenade has 3 anims but only 1 is used so I can hack 1 or 2 new anims for throwing. But there are no spots in melee left for me to add . That's why throwing anim was perfect cause it fits in nicely and adds new content. Maybe I'll attempt it again sometime soon

    Survival /Wastelander type skill. Although my primary needs is pretty good to display food stats right ui items FOD - 20 FOD + 20 or on status screen. What would you like to see on a primary needs feature? Or what do you think is missing in mine? It would be much easier for people to play the built in one as is more integrated with the whole mod.

    What other issues have you noticed? For example have you enabled RKR (realistic kills reactions) and did followers act strange with that feature on? Some have said followers get scared randomly. Etc
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    Aug 7, 2015
    The face geometry and race command work as intended of course but interestingly it changes the Lone Wanderer to an almost albino whiteness -- which makes perfect sense as he's lived his whole life out of sunlight ;)

    I also felt like FO2 was like an expansion pack with a few cool gameplay features like better companion control. I didn't really like the story and that the FO2 Devs were so lazy about just wanting to add a new monster they failed to give any explanation other than stating "the wanamingo is a strange mutant animal that was intended to be an FEV engineered bio-weapon." Wow ..really lame. I guess that's part of the reason FNV's story is mostly lame as well -- FO2 staff were hired on and became Obsidian Staff, right? Oh well, can't win em all.

    Mutated geckos from radiation+ambient, low-grade FEV I get. Same goes for deathclaws, yao guai, radscorps, etc. f the Devs had at least come up with an interesting explanation for wanamingos they wouldn't cause as much disbelief when I see them. As fas as MMM goes, I disable wanamingos from game start yet somehow I do end up seeing at least one or two wandering the wastes.

    I have RKR enabled at start and haven't noticed any odd behavior from my two companions: RL-3 and Jericho. I've noticed that occasionally wasteland scavengers get spooked and run off to a seemingly random location about a (in-game) mile away. That could be a normal to something they've "seen" I assume.

    Features I wish were included in FO3/would love to see in CB:
    - Baby animals added to CB would be very cool.
    - Tougher deathclaws. They aren't nearly as fearsome in FO3 as they were in original Fallout.
    - A little variety to the skins and sizes of all animals came with the game, that'd pretty much negate the need to install Mart's Mutant Mod, for me anyhow.
    - Decaying bodies would be really cool: Outdoors skeletons replace dead bodies after a week or 2. I've read that outdoors where it's exposed to flora and fauna a corpse could be realistically reduced to bones in two weeks. On that not, just replace dead animals with rib cages or maybe a few leg/arm bones (no hands/feet of course).
    - More realistic fall damage would be welcome.
    - The primary needs mod I use in every game is "Imp's More Complex Needs." It breaks food down to the nutritional level so you need a certain amount of protein, calories, nutrients, and hydration. It's really well done. Give it a look!
    -The Survival Skill as you mentioned above would be cool. I used to take that Outdoorsman skill every time :)
    - I'd really love to be able to craft my own mines. I should look around and see if there is a mod for that.

    Issues I've noticed in CB 1.3:
    -If I try to make a Repair Kit and don't have all the parts and Repair 50 I get a message stating that but if I have everything and Repair 50 the Repair Kit does not show up in the list of items I can make when I am at a workbench.
    -Sitting down works but after that when I look at my pipboy it come up and goes apparently into my face into the back of my head so it can't be viewed. Quitting to Main Menu and reloading the game fixes this.
    -If I elect to not have a pipboy on my arm at player creation, the pipboy is still on my arm, and when I leave the shack the game CTDs about 3 seconds after leaving the shack. Restarting the game a making a new character and not messing with the 'remove pipboy' option allows me to play the game.

    That's it so far. To give some background info, I'm playing with a "level up 35x slower" mod so may not notice everything as quickly as maybe I should.
    I play a character who favors the player-created weapons, and explosives so pretty much use only the Rockit Launcher, grenades, and mines more than any other weapon.

    I almost forgot to ask: is CB compatible with DarnifiedUI? I don't use it on laptop but do on desktop. If CB is not compatible with it, I'll have to uninstall it. I've uninstalled FWE on desktop already but wanted to find out about that prior my 1.4 install on my desktop.

    Hey, just want to say I really am enjoying this mod you've made so thanks again!
  14. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    i can't do anything about pipboy sitting down bug. is an issue with the game itself :(

    i don't think there is an option to remove pipboy. only pipboy glove . which is simply a wearable item.

    repair kit im gonna look into it .

    for the next version 1.5 im gonna
    make baby animals but not skin variety.
    i'll make 1 or 2 new set of deathclaws based on nv stats.
    i got perm for a mod that i'll use if you fall too long you loose control of your body and become ragdolled. not fall damage but realistic falling.
    and i wanna add a new perk with 2 levels called explosive expert (from fwe) where you can use scrap metal + gunpowder + energy cells to make grenades and mines.
  15. Hero for Hire

    Hero for Hire It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 7, 2015
    Ah ok thanks for clarifying -- I need to take another look at what happens when choosing to remove theglove. I did not pay close enough attention to the text and misunderstood, thinking it'd remove the whole thing.
    If you remove the pipboy glove when you wear another armor that has gloves, such as power armor, will it show the power armor's (or whatever armor) glove on the left hand?
    If so, I'm starting the 1.5 game with no pipboy-glove!

    Yes! Looking forward to the tougher deathclaws in v1.5! :)

    I am also going to be happy about being able to make frag mines! Plasma mines would be cool too, but I'd be happy enough just to be able to make frag mines :)
  16. trollworkout

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    Aug 1, 2015
    im thinking there are 2 levels for the Explosive Expert perk
    level 1: molotov coke+postwar money+1 flamer fuel, frag grenade 1 gunpowder + 2 spare parts, frag mine 1 gunpowder + 2 spare parts
    level 2: pulse grenade , plasma grenade, plasma mine all 3 big energy cells + 2 spare parts

    then i'll also add this
    conventional ammo or frag grenade or frag mine -> 1 gunpowder + 1 spare parts
    pulse , plasma grenade or mine -> 3 big energy cells + 1 spare parts

    if you notice you cannot convert back and forth forever . you lose 1 spare parts every time.

    what do you think?
  17. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    in workbench is gonna be called Breakdown Ammo and you get a second set of options where you chose what type (for now vanilla only but eventually calibr too)
  18. Hero for Hire

    Hero for Hire It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 7, 2015
    I take my grenade components directly from the Online Army Study Guide so that means we need:

    • Body
    • Filler
    • Fuse Assembly

    Body can be spare parts (or scrap metal), filler is scrap metal and gunpowder, fuse assembly is motorcycle handbreak+conductor+bobby pin. Mine's need the sensor module (taken from Bottlecap mine recipe).
    A little "over-realistic," maybe, but that's what makes it so neat.

    Frag grenade: one spare parts/scrap metal, one gunpowder, one motorcycle handbreak, one conductor, and one bobby pin.

    Frag mine: one spare parts/scrap metal, one gunpowder, one sensor module, one conductor, and one bobby pin.

    For the plasma-based explosives I recommend using the same recipe but swapping the gunpowder out with both energy cells (2)+microfusion cells(4) to support the pseudo-science in creating the binary elastic collision between two charged particles interacting through their own electric field to create the "energy filler" as the basis of the explosive portion of the charge.

    The molotov cocktail recipe is spot on :) :thumbsup:
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  19. Hero for Hire

    Hero for Hire It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 7, 2015
    I hope v1.5 is released pretty soon because I am looking forward to breaking down that ammo to use for making gunpower (and landmines!).

    Also, is CBD okay to use with mods that add something to the HUD, such as time display? I check time probably a few times a day and just want to use a mod that displays time of day on-screen.

    I was going to suggest Faction Disguises as an addition but I've just started a v1.4 game and see that you've already added that in to an extent. Very nice!

    Also noticed these as new features that were not in v1.3

    -Re-textured weapons.
    -First person camera ROCKS! You can see yourself if you look down! And I have a shadow :)
    -Polished the setup menu for character creation.
    -Redone histories are nicely done. The Escaped Enclave's very mysterious description of nothing more than "where do your allegainces lie?" is intriguing. That's the start I'm testing out.
    -Disguises work if you wear power armor for BoS, ghoul characters, and BoS Outcasts! (If this could work for Raiders and Talon Mercs as well, that'd be a neat feauture.)
    -Reactive kill reactions are great! Encountered some raiders from a far distance and after sniper-shot killing one, the three remaining grouped together and searched for me as a hunting party. Smart. Even though I stayed hidden & quiet they kept searching until they found me. That was a surprise!
    -Awesome integration of Iron Sights. Now I don't need to install that mod anymore :) (Please lower the Railway Rifle a little because it blocks the screen when you "ironsight" it.)
    -Visible character damage.

    I found a few bugs:
    -At game setup I select 'immersive sneak' messages and get the "...." sneak messages for that game but if I exit out of the game and start the game again later, it's back to the default text.
    -At game setup I select 'Tag skills x2 (FO/FO2)' and it works if I level up during that playthru but if you exit the game and start the again later, it's back to the default x1.
    -At game setup I select 'Tougher Traders (more expensive)' and they are during that playthru but if you exit the game and start the again later, it's back to the default FO3 cheap traders.
    -Low Fall Damage (25% less) option available in Settings, but I do not notice a difference. If I jump from a ' relatively high' distance to the ground, no damage is taken. You must fall from at least a two story building to take damage (about 50% health).
    -Don't know if this is a bug or feature: At workbench all custom built weapons are broken at creation. Also, If you create 6 broken weapons (or more) and drop them all at once so there is only one in-game model dropped (for ex., it will be labeled "Rock-it Launcher x6") and come back a day later they are all at 100%!
    -I have 4 missiles in inventory that display weight of "1" for each. I drop all four but weight doesn't change. I pick them up, also no change. This goes for all ammo. At game setup I only enables ammo weight (not needs); at game start when the "Enable Hardcore Mode?" window displays, I select "ammo weight only."
    I'll try dropping CB lower in load order to see if that resolves it. Actually I'll try deselecting and reselecting that option at the Springvale School PC as well.

    Workaround for game setup settings that "do not stick" after you exit game is after starting up Fallout to continue your game, to go to Springvale school log into the CB settings PC, deselect then select the settings again... every time you startup a Fallout 3 session.

    Obviously the 'game settings' bugs are higher priority.
    [EDIT] I have a save-game at the Springvale School computer and discovered that if I load that game and change settings that those settings apply for any game I load afterwards :)

    One thing that would be a great optional feature would be "realistically dark" nights.

    Bugs aside, this is still the best Alternate Beginnings mod available
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  20. trollworkout

    trollworkout It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 1, 2015
    hey i'm still here. just busy with work. ill try to work on this soon. got all your messages including pm bugs. you can post here is fine. no need for pm.