What Are Your Favorite Video Games of All Time

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    Jun 1, 2018
    Did you guys mean to say this in the books thread? I agree with you guys that people have silly standards like movies are inherently better because they're more exciting or old games/movies suck. I know people that think Witcher 1 is too janky and dated to be "good." They were astounded that I beat Wasteland 1 a couple years ago.
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    Apr 21, 2016
    i'm just saying that the practice of discarding things simply because there are new alternatives (that aren't inherently superior) and for literally no other reason is dumb and homosexual.
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    Nov 26, 2007
    When I first bought Disciples 2, half an hour in, I was seriously thinking that I had made a mistake in purchasing it—it didn't seem like a good game*. But after an hour in... I had no interest in quitting; after eighteen hours in, I decided to go to bed.

    *Your millage may vary; tastes differ, and the game seems very simple on the surface—and it is. Now I am careful playing it, just as I am careful whenever I pick up the novel Shogun—intending to shelve it; else I'll lose days to both of them [again].

    That's what happened... I had both tabs open, and I posted to the wrong thread.

    I can recall only two games that I really wanted to like, but could not force myself to stick with it for long [not counting 3d games that cause simulator sickness]... and those are Ranxerox, and Neuromancer.

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    Jun 5, 2018
    I've played several games and enjoyed most of them, buy "favourite" Is a big word. I mean, except forse Fallout there's nothing I'm really Crazy for.
    If I had to make a list of fame I liked, though, It would be something like
    BioShock Series
    Wasteland 2
    Dishonored 2 & death of the outsider
    AC Series Ezio chapters and Black Flag were really good, 1 was...ok, dame for 3 and Syndicate
    CoD Series to a degree
    EU IV
    Pokémon series to a degree
    Monster Hunter
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