What PC Gamer wants from Fallout 4

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    Offtopic crap:
    Wacky costumes? You mean the Legion? Maybe you should talk to Caesar about why he chose the roman design for his nomadic army.

    Waging war, yes, ridiculous, it's not like Unity was waging war or anything.

    You loved Fallout 1, but you don't like the idea of casinos, did you never encounter Gizmo?

    Did I miss something? In Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics we see vegetation that is just part of the scenery. How can Vegas be criticized for doing the exact same thing as the first 3 games?


    As to the news, I really don't want Fallout to turn into some kind of a survival game, I play Fallout for it's roleplaying elements and it's storyline in it's unique setting, not so that I can scavenge a canned tuna and get all giddy about it.
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    [Intelligence10] So we fight the good fight with our voice.
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    Oldest argument on the book. :roll: There are mean people that STEAL games to play them and then don't give them back...
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    I can't agree more. :clap:
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    no they didn't had they not bid on the rights to fallout Troika would have got them
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    There is a lot more grammar rape there, but I will cease my critic here :roll:
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    I feel like we've had this conversation before...

    Either way I'm not buying anything Beth puts out. I stopped buying their stuff after Oblivion came out.

    I bought FO3 used (Beth didn't get a dime) and hated it. Stopped after a few hours.

    I bought F:NV and didn't like it either. The writing was better but the gameplay is just ass.

    I don't really care what they add or take away to Fallout 4. It'll be more of the same dumbed down, lowest common denominator gameplay that turned me off of Bethsoft titles initially.
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    It's true that it is a shame that Obsidian has to pump the game full of fps action, indeed. That's what's expected and what sells. There's a bit too much focus on generic shooting compared to non combat gameplay. But that's also there. You can be a diplomat in New Vegas or a Doctor or other non-combat character. Still limited though.

    Really, Bethesda didn't save fallout. They frankenstein'd it. The original spirit of Fallout is long gone. Injecting it into New Vegas didn't bring it back and neither can Fallout 4.

    The best thing now is to forget about these triple a rpg series and focus on the kickstarter and indie games, and CDProjektRed and Obsidian, the few remaining large developers with some fucking sense.
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    Looks like some folks missed it the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth time around. Call it the burden of educating the ignorant.

    If Bethesda hadn't gobbled up Fallout, we might be preparing for the release of a real sequel right now. I mean, I'm all in favor of Wasteland 2, but we could be talking about true Fallout 3 -- the possibility of which is something Bethesda murdered.
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    Yeah seriously. I'm not sure how people can say what they want out of a Fallout 4 when we haven't even gotten a Fallout 3 yet. LOL
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    per the topic :
    i think the full article did a good job of addressing the issues of 3 and FNV that I have with the series and would add more to it, but I'll leave that to the appropriate forum.

    the whole "beth saved FALLOUT" argument, gave me the giggles, thanks to those giving parties. You want to know this conversation keeps popping up? Because you keep responding to it and acknowledging it, you "hate it" but love correcting some random person's opinion.

    I concur, have you posted any mods on the nexus bucks?

    LOL @ rampant fanboism
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    You can say that again! :clap:
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    Please use proper spacing which includes paragraphs and spaces after periods, when you don't you create a wall of text that is unpleasant to read at best.

    Fair enough complaint. Traveling is boring in games and Bethesda games are full of it. Being able to fast travel is fine, despite my earlier complaints and reservations, as it just makes the game flow better. A more ideal solution would be offering both the old Fallout style travel and the FPS manual travel. It's more work but it has the best end result.

    I've decided that Hardcore didn't make New Vegas more fun, it just made it more work. While I appreciate the flavor of the option, the gameplay result is less than pleasant. Granted, that might have as much to do with the previous point as anything. Regardless, while it's a cool idea I'm against slapping on anything that isn't fully integrated, fine tuned, finished, and enjoyable, optional or not.

    Can't really comment too much here, I don't have much love for Bethesda's level design in Oblivion but I can't speak for Fallout 3.

    Amen to this. The fact that Bethesda didn't get hammered for their UI in Skyrim is disgusting and Fallout 3 & New Vegas both had crap menu design.

    While the underlying mechanics are completely broken, his point focuses on wanting to start the game working for different factions and whining about having to play the game in order to gain reputation with factions. It's a paragraph of nonsensical blabber.

    Yep, reputation systems are strictly better than good/bad polarity systems. Too bad he doesn't know the terminology nor can he talk about it in any detail.

    This seems to be a pretty aimless complaint but I think what they were getting at is they want there to be more content between the cities? I say cut out the content between cities (streamline it like Fallout 1&2) so that they can focus on making everything that's important interesting.

    More meandering complaining without a purpose until the end. I think he wants tighter controls, better AI, and all around better combat?

    A cool idea but doing it well is very hard. I'd rather have a variety of preset weapons than a clunky, crappy crafting system. Bad crafting systems, which is to say most crafting systems, are neither fun nor interesting.

    Bethesda is well known for realeasing their SDKs so this complaint is a little confusing to me. I think he's complaining that Bethesda isn't integrating their mods better with Steam? I haven't used the Steam workshop so I can't say for sure.

    All in all, yet another poorly written game article.
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    The problem with that is that you can still see the area, less than a stones throw away. I have to walk further to get to the nearest bus stop than to cross some "massive" gameworlds to their big cities. It makes the games feel cramped as hell.

    I'd much rather that they use Fallouts overland travel and some area transitions than any great amount of FP travel. Would help greatly to make the world more believable.

    I'd much rather that they stay the fuck away from Steam, at all, and stay DRM-free like they were before. It was the only point of praise I could give to them as a company.

    I've only heard bad things about Steam workshop. Supposedly, they don't allow "adult" content - wich I don't care about personally, but you should be allowed to make yourself an pron sim if you so want - and they limit the size of files so that you can't have new textures of any decent quality.
    Only word of mouth though.
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    What does the Steam Workshop offer that the Nexus and the Mod Manager don't?
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    On the player side... well, there's the argument that your mods update themselves, hehe. And thats all I can think of really.

    Edit: *sniggers*
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    Nothing, except even more control of the market to Valve.

    @Arden; Sneaky bastard. :(
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    Quick idiot-proof installation of mods in exchange for a lack of finer control. That can change later tho'. Also, for people like me that actually don't like pedophilia (I assume we're still the majority, but going by the Nexus I'm not so sure) I don't have to deal with "Caesar becomes a naked 5-year old child!" mods.
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    I like that a lot
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    This is a forum not a text message, I understand that English may not be your native language but please at least try to spell words correctly and use proper punctuation and sentence/paragraph structure.