What would make Fallout 4 a really good game??

Discussion in 'Future Fallout Game Discussion' started by nburton10, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Jul 10, 2011
    Because I miss retro Bollywood culture

    And I thought Mexico was very heavily influenced by the United States ever since it's inception. I mean, my husband's commanding officer once went to Mexico and he described it as "An odd fusion of the US and Spain". So I think there would be some retro 50s stuff there
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    Sep 29, 2010
    So the team that develops FO4, should start with FO3 then add weather, boats, more music, and online co-op?

    Those 4 wouldn't even make my top 25 for what FO4 should improve on.

    My list would include things like:
    1. Don't realease with bugs.
    2. Move in the direction NV did on communities. Showing how they can self-sustain in a destroyed world.
    3. De-emphesize combatants using 200 year old irradiated junk to fight with, increase % of items that are fabricated by the societies that have risen up.
    4. Add more plant life. If farmers have been able to harvest crops for generations, then freaking trees can also grow and honestly they'd grow all over - in cities, over cars, in sewers, etc...
    5. Tighten up the whole menu system. The quests should be better organized, with bullets showing objectives we were told. Map shoud zoom as far out as I feel like zooming and be better quality.
    6. Fix item management. Since Fallout (1), people have hoarded items and it always becomes a invertory mess. The tabs help, but still could be better. Make all imediately attached to a single inventory item, the key ring. If we need to give/sell/drop one then, just open the key ring and all are accessable.
    7. The random dwellers out in the waste should have a good reason for being out there and should have some relationship the the communities near them. Stuff like them not trusting him and paying you to off him, or him making their bullets and you get a quest to steal his equipment.

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    Sep 23, 2011
    I'm very late to the party... first let me say about the OP: This is whats ruining games today... the devs having to cater to these children. I'm mortified that someone who plays Pokemon games is commenting on Fallout. Notice, he only talks about visual effects.. not about game play, story, difficulty (FO3/NV way too easy) you know... things that MATTER.

    My second comment: You guys saying take Fallout out of America need to get real... its an American game in an American setting, that's like... one of its main points. Its an insane idea and it will NEVER happen. What you are asking is like... if they made an Alexander the Great series, and someone said "hey lets take it to America and have him fight the native people there, that would make it better" No. Never. Don't ask.

    What I would like to see:

    1)Isometric view.. will never happen, but I can wish. Actually.. maybe it could happen, not in Fallout 4, but in another branch off in the Fallout World. Turn based is never coming back, but I could see Dragon Age type game play. Press pause, give your main char/squad its orders then let the game run and make adjustments as needed.

    2) MAKE STATS/SKILLS MATTER LIKE IN THE FIRST 2 GAMES. In Fallout 3/NV stats barely matter. Perception does NOTHING.. I mean, its literally not even there... ooohhh detect enemies I can see a mile away already! Really? Who designed this? Cha of 1 and I can still make endless money, get followers, and get 100 speech... nobody hates me.. Whats the point of Cha? Agil only effects VATS.. Again, who designed this garbage? Make stats matter again. If you are the world champion FPS player and you have 20 in the guns skill your in game character shouldn't be able to hit anything beyond 50 feet.. deal with it. Stats need to matter.

    3) Make the game harder. See above for a lot of my complaints here... in NV, you can complete the whole game with the cowboy repeater. Unacceptable. Robots UPGRADED by the chip were a joke to kill. Deathclaws were the only enemy that made me try a little bit. I want to see a hard Fallout where if you don't build a strong character, be it a king of guns,melee,or diplomacy... YOU LOSE. Oh no, jimmy might have to START OVER because his character wasn't built well. Oh no, you might have to do all the interesting side quests and explore to gain enough levels to kill hard enemies.

    4) Here is where I am sure some Fallout fans will be against me: More realistic weapons like Tactics/NV brought in. For the most part, I am Gameplay>Graphics but man.. that 9mm pistol just looks so much better then that 10mm.. it feels like I'm using a gun rather then a cheap plastic toy. The guns in NV look 10X better then in FO3 imo because they were modeled after real guns. Its a simple fact that if an artist has a real model to look at and copy his art works going to look much better. For the fictional weapons, please use the Fallout1/2 models. Look how cool the picture of the Laser Rifle looks in FO1/2 and look how crappy in looks in 3 NV. Don't break whats already good please. I'm glad they brought the P94 Plasma Caster back in NV, it looks 10X better then the FO3 plasma rifle. I like guns and seeing real guns in FO Tactics was just cool to me.. I'd like more of that.

    5) Please make the game to American standards and give the Europeans their patched version: Fallout is a dangerous world. If a kid is bothering me, I want the option to smack him in the face with the butt of my gun.. that will teach him. This Immune kid crap because they want the game to sell in Europe is retarded. The fact that you can blast through an Enclave patrol but a group of 8 year olds are immortal really ripped the immersion right out for me in 3. No, I don't want to go on a rampage kid killing, but I want the OPTION to use violence against them if they are getting in my way. In Little Lamp Light you should have had the speech option of "Look kid, open the gates so I can get through, or you all die" If you pass a level/weapons check they should comply. Being forced to run errands for a kid was idiotic. Good characters can, but again.. options.

    6) Larger World. Oblivion seemed big to me.. I played it recently and it seems bigger then 3/NV. 3/NV just seem very small... Id like a bigger world with more areas to explore.

    Beyond those points, the obvious ones.. a good story and good characters... I don't know where, I'm fine with the West coast, but seeing the ruins of Chicago/NYC would also be interesting.
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    Jan 18, 2010
    I would like to see a "back to basics" approach. Get away from both the west coast and the Capitol Wasteland to a completely new area. No NCR, no organized Brotherhood of Steel, and especially no Enclave. Maybe have a BoS advance party in the area. Have an unopened, still inhabited vault in a new wilderness area. The game could be set in 2277, the same year as FO3, 200 years after the bombs dropped and this vault is opening according to it's schedule. The new Vault Dweller is sent out first as an advanced scout to explore the new world and make contact with whomever might be out there.
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    Nov 12, 2008
    I'd like to see the next game be a little bit more sci-fi and a little bit less western. We can't just keep using the same old guns, armor and food forever; somebody's got to start to get ahead.

    We also need some new players on the field, or at least to knock off some go-nowheres. Not sure where they need to come from: the northern part of the midwest, Canada, Mexico. But in my opinion the Legion is going to fade out after New Vegas, especially if any non-Legion ending is canon. They just don't have the longevity and it's really hard to empathize with a culture of gay rapist slavers who crucify people for fun.

    How about some good ol' fashioned NCR civil war? Perhaps some NCR scouting parties manage to come upon the Big MT facilities and, with some Follower tech, disable the knockout field surrounding the area. Since the courier was so nice as to knock out a whole bunch of lobotomites and robot scorpions, the place is ripe for the taking.

    Now the group comes back to California, sees just how bumbling the bigwigs in the NCR truly are, and start setting up for a hostile takeover. As a result, whoever the new protagonist is can choose to side with the new hotshot NCR dissidents, the old guard NCR, or maybe even try to finagle a way for the Followers to take over with some good ol' fashioned Enclave knowhow.

    I'd also just enjoy seeing a Pacific coast in a Fallout game with some mutant beach bunnies in hilariously huge and frightening bikinis.
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    May 8, 2007
    There's not going to be a good Fallout game anymore. The setting ran itself into the ground to the point where it is spread thin, generic, lulzy and yet mind-numbingly mediocre.

    There can be good games utilizing Fallout design, however.
  7. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    I don't think Fallout is dead but it definitely needs a clear vision, and not more of that nonsense that Fallout is about power armor using factions like the BOS and the Enclave, fighting each other and mutants, and lulzy jokes, and a Grim Dark setting that never develops what my impression is most later Fallout fans seem to think.

    Also, the Bethesda rule that the Fallout timeline needs to move forwards with each release needs to be scrapped.
    I do think Fallout New Vegas could have benefited from it if Obsidian were allowed to let it take place a couple of decades after Fallout 2 rather than being forced to make it take place after Fallout 3.

    I definitely don't want Fallout to go back to California, let new regions be opened in North America for new games, spin offs (as in campaigns that are not related to the FO1/FO2/FNV ones but still RPGs), prequerls, interquels, and sequels.
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    Oct 29, 2008
    What? The Fallout setting is just getting started. It's amazing what Obsidian managed to do with the NCR and Ceasor's legion. Presumably there are other groups out there with power. The story will now be about rebuilding the old society. NCR will expand further east, encounter more villains and factions. So many opportunities.
  9. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    I do think the leaps in time should be smaller now, years or decades and not 50 or 80 years.

    I am still of the opinion some kind of limit should be decided, a certain year or century after which no Fallout games can take place anymore as the world has developed to much beyond it.

    Otherwise we get nonsense like Fallout 10 in the 31st century in which the world still looks like the War just happened decades ago.
  10. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    And in the grim dark future of Fallout, there is only... war, war never changes.

    Well, Obsidian at least tried to come up with possible conflicts, which can turn the world into post-apocalypse again. If not in New Vegas itself, then at least Lonesome Road added the possibilitie of nuking whole landscapes and turning them into a Fallout 3-esque enviroment again. So in theory, it could go on and on like that... I personally would find that extremely weak, though.
  11. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Lexx, you honestly would not want that to happen would you?
    That kind of Grim Dark nonsense fits more into Warhammer and stuff like that.

    I honestly want the Fallout world to recover at some point, but what would it be like?
    I do not want to see it in a game as that would be a science fiction setting and not a PA setting.
    But the hope should be there, the NCR or a similar government perhaps reuniting the Nother American continent, and perhaps similar governments appearing in other countries and continents.

    And what Bethesda?
    They may be the lore keepers but I honestly can say "Fuck them" as they don't have any creative shit whatsoever, in part to their damnable marketing department and a shit load of ADHD gamers that adore them and want to stick their heads into Zenimax's collective behind.

    Returning some destruction and anarchy back to the wasteland, well I myself had this idea that after the dead of Caesar, Legate Lanius, or both, the Legion went into a frenzy and started to pillage and burn everything they came across as they headed Eastwards, practicing scorched earth to prevent the NCR army from building up strength in Arizona and New Mexico to fast.
  12. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    That's what I was hinting at. :p

    Well, having Fallout to be come too post-post apocalyptic is not what I want. But I also don't want to have Fallout 3-styled world all the time. Plus, it just sucks if it's all going much more into the future. But in the end, we can't stop it... only thing we can do is hoping, that it doesn't become more lulzy and stupid.
  13. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    I did not think that was what you really wanted to happen.
    And as I wrote myself, I don't want to explore a post post apocalyptic Fallout world either, I just think it should be suggested that that will eventually happen to the Fallout world.
    But it would be an era we as gamers never get to see or explore as that is not what Fallout is about.

    I am afraid that it will become more lulzy and stupid, we already saw hints of it when the FO3 BOS were turned into the knights of the wasteland and the suggestion that the Enclave has armies in the thousands.
    In FO2 it was indicated that there were only a thousand people on the Oil Rig and that is their headquarters and base of power, and not even all of them were soldiers.

    It is simply my firm belief that the current lore keepers can not look beyond a post nuclear playground full of power armored soldiers.
  14. Surf Solar

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    Aug 20, 2009
    "Fallout" died already long ago and now all kinds of different people kick the corpse through the house or play football with it. As for the thread title, I do think the only thing which would make Fallout 4 truely a good game is when it would never be made.

    What it needs is a complete reset, or atleast a realization of what it once was, coming back to the roots. Just a proper small, but humble and smart cRPG. No First Person Play. No "lulz". No retarded token factions (omg BoS/Anklav/Supermutantz!1) a solid charactersystem behind instead of completely broken one. No "wasteland politics simulator", no post post post post apocalypse.. etc..

    As none of these things will happen, I think it's best to just completely forget about getting a new proper Fallout, playing different franchises or moving the games to a completely new place and jumping back in the timeline..
  15. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Guess we differ on some points Surf Solar.
    I honestly liked the direction Black Island was taking Fallout with Van Buren before it got canceled, and Fallout New Vegas is my most favorite game of 2010 - 2011, and probably 2012 from what I have seen of the upcoming releases.

    I don't mind the wasteland politics but I can understand that they should not be all encompassing, there should be room for the basic foundations of the setting too, and a good balance between the two should be found.

    And I also agree about the token factions, though I love the three mentioned ones; I would like the BOS and Super Mutants to return (in diminished capacity), but the Enclave should only be mentioned in the past sense and their relics, no more active groups.
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    May 8, 2007
    Ding ding :clap:
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    Fallout has moved ahead too far in time to really feel post apoc anymore. The more thats made the more I see it turning into some kind of tactical rpg or rpg thats kind of like risk where the endings are merely who controls the state or the rest of america.

    What I want? Arcanum 2. Not only is it an amazing frikkin original game but it also has some of the deepest and most disturbing quests ever (how are half-ogres so plentiful you ask?) Another example is how the game even takes on philosophy such as a dwarven king remarking that humans tend to be foolish because of our short life spans and how were driven to achieve as much as we can in the little time allotted to us.
  18. Akratus

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    May 14, 2011
    I have but one wish. That it's not set so god damn far into the future. So that things can finally make some sense! It's not realistic to have a post apocalytic game set 200 years after the apocalypse.
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    Apr 15, 2012
    i dont think obsidian or even the old black isle have the budget or the talent to make a revolutionary 3d rpg game like they could a 2d game

    cdp RED have definiately proven themselves with TW series- but they are still too green

    bioware dont have a fucking clue about rpgs- never really did- baldurs gate was always an overratted piece of ass

    bethesda dont knw how to fucking write but they have the blueprint on how to do a big immersive world scale

    MCA is still the excellent writer he always was-

    and the japanese have become irrelevant now because they havent improved since ff6

    so i dont thnk anyone could really make a falout 4

    what we will get is skyrim with guns LOL

    with non existent consqeuences
    shit choices that dont matter
    and the ability to be a jack of all trades again that ruins the point of a replay
  20. Joelzania

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    Oct 12, 2011
    "I used to be a scavenger like you, but then I took a bullet to the knee LOL"

    Fuck Todd Howard. Just look at what he did with my dear Elder scrolls. It all went down hill from Morrowind. I'm inclined to agree with the idea of not making another Fallout. Who could actually do justice for the franchise at this point in time? Interplay is a useless shell of what it once was, and Bethesda won't give a shit about old fans, when they make so much money off of the mainstream audience.

    Fuck Skyrim.