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    A) Fallout Tactics was non-canon even to interplay

    B) Bethesda managed to make a city of tomorrow with 4's Boston

    C) Bethesda at least managed to justify why Lyons's group went heroic. The game explicitly tells you that most of his forces split off when they realised what he was doing. He went rogue. The game tells you as much
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    This doesn't matter; (should it?). 14° East had a consultant at Black Isle Studios, who's task it was to clear their ideas as copacetic with the IP; this is something they might have done themselves. It is [generally] in keeping with their world concept.

    When FO3 came out, we saw industry game reviewers mistake FO3 for being set in the 1950's. That's nuts.
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    No, Bethesda forced this nonsense because they wanted BoS to be paladins of good. Do you seriously don't think the other BoS squadrons know how hard the wasteland is? They know and they even send people to dangerous areas as tests for new recruits. They don't care about outsiders and this sudden caring for wastelanders in F3 makes no sense and completely contradictory to what they were taught to believe in.

    Of course they kneejerked in Fallout 4 after people criticized them for doing this and made them somehow several times worse than they were in Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas.
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    Oct 4, 2019
    >Industry Game Reviewers

    You really can't trust journalists to have more than three brain cells per office.

    It was their first Fallout game, it was going to be wonky in terms of art style and architecture. Besides, most of the city is destroyed, who's to say it wasn't like the Chicago in the screenshots, but now all the gleaming skyscrapers are leveled by the multiple nuclear bombs that hit the DC area, one of which landed a direct hit straight in the white house, another just outside DC, and yet another one landing on top of a vault. There shouldn't be ANY tall buildings left in DC after the three bomb sites I listed, not mentioning any others that might have hit it.

    They send outsiders to dangerous areas to get them killed and accepted the Vault Dweller because they couldn't admit "Yeahhh we just wanted you to fuck off and die". Lyons and the other Pride members were a tiny fraction of what they were when they were leaving, because most their forces said "Fuck this" and continued the original mission. It was a small group of soldiers that cared, and they only had so many numbers because they freely recruited soldiers in 3.
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    They had the blueprint (so to speak) from the designer of the IP—they ignored it, and them. They made 'Oblivion with Guns', and set it in a retro-1950's of their own skewed design.

    More than one developer admitted to not knowing of the series before doing work on it. The IP was seemingly bought just to re-skin their TES game and sell it again to a sci-fi market. They recycled everything they could stuff into it —to identify with it; ('mee too, Ima Fallout game~!').

    Most of what they used was meant to be a local occurrence in the SouthWest US, not whole the world. FEV, Enclave, Brotherhood, bottle-caps,—JET!, all of it was local to Southern California, but they paid for it, so they used it despite being silly to do so.

    *The older architecture seen in the SW desert makes sense... but the same stuff used in DC (or Chicago) does not make sense. [IMO ;) ]
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    Oblivion was far better than Fallout 3, hell TES is usually more fun than Fallout. Don't insult Oblivion like that

    Bethesda bought it and made Fallout 3, and without it you wouldn't have New Vegas since Interplay was broke as shit. They've done some good stuff and written some decent stories with the IP, sorry if it's since lost the ability to kill children and be a porn star and all those other "important choices" that do nothing but change a slide and what Ron Perlman says after you use Charisma to shit talk the final boss to death. You ask me, Interplay's Fallouts were just as flawed as Bethesda's are
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    I bought Oblivion the week that I learned of this [unknown to me at the time] company would be making Fallout 3. I was impress with the engine, I was disaponted once I got into the cities, and discovered the principle game. It never even occurred to me that they would repackage Oblivion reskinned with a new story—as FO3. The Gamebryo engine has been used for third person iso-styled games before and since, and so I was very optimistic... but I didn't know this company like others did. At NMA they predicted this:
    And that's basically what we got.

    Instead of this: (...and what that entails besides just the viewing angle)

    They did us no favors, and permanently defaced the IP. Had they not bought it, then the right people might have had a chance with it.

    New Vegas ... Obsidian was still on Bethesda's leash. They had to base it on FO3, and they did the best they could with the raw material, and the short time they had...

    It turned out okay... a half step in the right direction.

    Like Bethesda, you pick up on the shiny tinsel, and not the heart of it. :(
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    And that doesn't show mechanically. The Outcasts are around what - 4 in the DLC, 7 or so in the game, and some random squads? And have the shittier fort? Lyons has the Pentagon, robots, and an veritable army to take on Mutants and Enclave. This whole scenario posits a few questions:

    Why did Henry not just plasma the 'old man' if the 'outcasts' had a numerical and tactical advantage? What, they're 'honorable' in the face of heretical, traitorous schisms now? Hell, why not just kick him out then? Keep or strip the pentagon, move to Fort Independence with all of it's 'tech' (I didn't see a robot when I was there ten years ago). Exile him. Make him a true underdog figure.

    Why did Lyons keep the mantle of Brotherhood outright, and not just make a 'ranger' faction that mashes together the old BoS mantle and the reality of the Capital Wasteland? Gather the Regulators, Riley's, and the other minor factions? This could be related to the above questions. He's exiled, he wants to be more than a detached observer and/or toaster-fucker, and decides to forge his own way. Almost very Caesar like in its own way.

    And all this mused and squeezed out in ten, twenty minutes. It's like Bethesda never really had any preliminary discussions or debates in the concept stage. It's not like they're ignorant. They KNOW the lore, it's why the Outcasts exist, and FEV, and then they simply *didn't care*. They know the lore, and if they don't, they can just pull up the wiki and .txt files and quest pages. Yet they keep cranking out shit from 3 to 76, because in the end they care more for some detached boardroom deciding to play it ultra-safe and appeal to the lowest common denominator for maximum sales, like being consistent and confident in the series and producing a polished product is somehow wrong?