Your favorite protaginist?

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    Sep 29, 2010
    Although I know what you mean (I def. preferred being from a Vault) I still think that the Chosen One is still a pretty impressive character. Especially with a high intelligence and speech skills.
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    Yup, the retro-design reminds me of an original Fallout. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Robby the Robot! (Forbidden Planet, 1956)

    aka FISTO

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    Aug 30, 2011
    John Shepard
    Grayson Hunt
    The Chosen One
    The Avatar (Ultima series)
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    Sep 27, 2012
    1 because I haven't play much
    other game(not fallout) protagonist>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>3

    NV's world is awesome. Nice DLC story. Nice companions
    and most important thing is s scripts reflect my will very well. so courier is my best.

    chosen one's scripts are well made. but compare with NV, NV has more quantity of story and scripts. so I prefer NV.

    many people love vault dweller because 1 is very well made game. compare with other fallouts, good point of other fallout is just quantity, graphics and combat(doubtable though).
    but I haven't enjoy 1 because I heard much spoilers and tip so I skipped too much.

    3? story sucks, scripts are awful there's no reason I like protagonist of 3

    I haven't played POS and tactics so I can't measure those two

    From other game, nerevarine would be best. although I prefer courier more than nerevarine he( :lol: ) was my best hero before beth spoils morrowind.
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    Sounds about right. It was a real challenge deciding who would win the number two spot, though. Fallout 2 will always be the first and last word in nostalgia for me, but since my very first playthrough I've had a lot of trouble with The Chosen One's illogical tribal origins, and, considering them, some of his inexplicable precocity. A few of his references were a bit over-the-top, too, though he definitely had the most dialogue-injected personality of any Fallout protagonist.

    The Courier, on the other hand, though not quite as rich a protagonist out-of-the-box, had a background that was simultaneously solid enough to provide a sense of identity and flexible enough to plausibly allow for nearly any character the Player would care to craft. (S)he got a number of decent lines, and enjoyed a degree of personal involvement with the world at large that was (in some ways) deeper than anything previously seen in the franchise.

    The Chosen one still comes out ahead, but only by a (bone-pierced) nose.
  6. scorptatious

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    Oct 8, 2012
    Well the Courier is definitely on the top of my list. Taking down House and the Legion, bringing the Enclave Remnants together out of retirement, having the Boomers rain hellfire from the sky on the Legion, and stealth-fully takes Vegas away from the NCR with his securitron army. It's a beautiful thing.

    The Vault Dweller and Chosen One are nice too. They're pretty much the only heroes I know who scratch their heads after a victory.

    Not sure why so many people seem to be hating on the Lone Wanderer though. I liked him. He's the only character I can think of in which you start off the game as A BABY.
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    Mar 23, 2012
    In my game, he was a Made Man of two families in addition to all those.
  8. SnapSlav

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    Jul 1, 2012
    Probably because he was the only (listed) Fallout protagonist whose identity, backstory, and struggle was defined FOR you, the player, without leaving much of any room to be define by the player. He/She was a Vault dweller born in the Wasteland, brought up having no meaningful relationships with their Vault neighbors save for ONE, but it's set in stone that there was a mutual antipathy between them and everyone else. Their father leaves, the Overseer is such a megalomaniacal douchebag that you had to leave, following in papa's footsteps. You're either a good person because you're Daddy's boy, or you're a hateful, resentful person because you have Daddy issues. Either way, the path is paved for you.

    At least with the Courier, his/her past is ambiguous, and the player can choose if they're old enough to have traveled a certain distance and possibly knocked up a couple women over the years, or is a young and idealistic package deliverer with a very simple take on life. Even the Chosen One and Vault Dweller were blank canvasses to work with, aside from their background being defined for them. How they GREW UP in their predefined background is left up to the player, just not so with the Lone Wanderer.

    Also... blind hatred for FO3. Alas, it's probably more this than the above, more meaningful reasons.

    I just love that a list like this is something so PERSONAL, that no two people have the same list for the same reasons. Even people with matching #1s like them for different reasons. Personally, I'd go with:
    Chosen One
    Vault Dweller
    Lone Wanderer

    The Courier and Chosen One are neck and neck, as far as I'm concerned. They both accomplished very similar levels of epic feats (preventing nuclear devastation and biological armageddon, respectively), although the Courier comes out on top by beginning their story by surviving a shot to the head. That's just cool, and it was handled tastefully by drawing attention to it being a fluke, not "Well, this is just plain normally survivable!" The Vault Dweller's story is somewhat more grim than his descendant's, but it's the scope of the journey and how impressive it is that left me placing him at (a close) #3. The Warrior, of course, is still pretty awesome, but not nearly as much, having handled the Faction Wars and pacifying the Calculator with an army at his/her back, not all by their lonesome. The Wanderer is just too tacky and fan-servicingly godlike for me to appreciate their character, and the Initiate..... yeah.
  9. scorptatious

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    Oct 8, 2012
    Those are fair points. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. woo1108

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Who is he(or she)? POS?
  11. SnapSlav

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    Jul 1, 2012
    Yes, the FOBOS protagonist. I think He/She was part of 2 or 3 lists in this entire thread, and that's why I poked fun at my including him/her.

    I don't understand why you quoted me twice, part of which was included in both quotes, however...
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    Aug 13, 2012
    1. The Courier - because, as he tells Ulysses "I believe one man can create... or break a nation" (or something similar). The fun thing about him is that he's not saving the world but instead shapes and secures the future of Vegas and Mojave. Also, he's got the best speech checks in the entire history of Fallout games IMO.
    2. The Vault Dweller - you enter the nuclear wasteland, survive it, destroy the mutant threat, have your vault's back turned on you, survive the exile and create a village? How more amazing can one be? Love this overcoming the odds the wastes throw at you.
    3. Chosen One - a rather mediocre PC to me, not too bad and not too good. The whole "you're the chosen one of the tribal village, save us!" plot was a bit farfetched in my point of view. Still, had some cool lines.
    4. Warrior - not much to tell, a typical "from zero to hero". I liked how you could choose the colour of the clothing his sprite wore, so it was fun for me to slash Beastlords with my Orange Avenger (what? I like orange colour, deal with it)
    5. The Lone Wanderer - as almost every aspect of FO3, he was a wasted potential to me. Boring dialogues and awkward speech checks (convincing Eden, anyone?)
  13. Canakin

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    Jun 25, 2007
    1. Vault Dweller
    2. The warrior
    3. Chosen One
  14. SnapSlav

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    Jul 1, 2012
    No more farfetched than "I think you're the only hope we have."

    If you mean that the GAME treated the Chosen One as destined for greatness, that wasn't part of the plot, it was just his/her tribe's superstition being thrust upon them. Just like their grandfather's duties to their community and being FORCED into the Wastes to cater to the rest of the community's isolationism was trust upon them. Really, the only thing I'd complain about being "farfetched" would be the dream sequences, but even those could be regarded as perfectly logical (the Chosen One having grown up somewhat traumatized by Hakunin to the point that as time wore on they became afflicted with hallucinations of him) and not at all supernatural. In short, that nothing about the Chosen One's character was at all mystical, just treated as such by their less-than-aware tribesmen.

    In terms of lines, I think the Chosen One had the best responses of any Fallout protagonist. He/She REALLY was a close second, for me.
  15. Mameluk

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    Aug 13, 2012
    The problem with Chosen, the way I see it, was that the developers repeated the same motive of, let's say, a saviour (like in the first game) but couldn't decide whether the new hero should be a savage or a civilized man. I think putting tribals in a post-apo fiction is justified, but as with everything else, one has to have a legit idea. In case of F02 it was a bit flawed.
    In the first Fallout the protagonist was a random character who developed through his journey in the wastes. In the second we have this "one and only hope" motive more emphasized, we're given a guy who's surprisinlgy not a primitive, babbling tribal like the others from his kin (due to being the Vault Dweller's grandson?). The circumstances for him being more civilized than the others are also strangely underdeveloped - basically, Arroyo was founded by escapees from Vault 13 and tribals and remains a primitive village in the mountains, YET the same thing happens at the end of FO2 and Arroyo eventually ends up as a civilized city. How come?
    I'm not against Chosen, I only find him somewhat illogical as the protagonist in Fallout franchise.
    Also, the dreams were annoying and stupid. If somebody wants to mix post-apo with mysticisms, go read some Russian science-fiction, they know how to do it.
  16. SnapSlav

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    Jul 1, 2012
    I dunno, at least from where I'M sitting, it seems like you confused a couple of FO2's elements, regarding the Chosen One.

    You're right that the Chosen One was "just another savior" much like the Vault Dweller, but that's just a device in storytelling. It's why you hear the phrase "there are no original ideas", which is often applied to works of fiction such as video games. The idea is that every "new" story is just a rehash of an older one, maybe in a different setting, with different names, but ultimately the same story. So, yeah, the Chosen One was "just another savior", but there were MANY more that preceded them. For that matter, the "only hope we have" comment was pointing towards the Vault Dweller, because those were the exact words of the Overseer to him, in the opening cinematic of Fallout. It was the same idea: "You are 'The One'. Save us!"

    Arroyo, also, was NOT founded by tribals. The origins of the village were formed strictly from the Vault 13 dwellers who chosen to leave and follow the Vault Dweller, and a few other wasters they encountered while on their lengthy pilgrimage North to where they eventually settled, and founded Arroyo. They BECAME "backwards" and "primitive" by the following generation, as expressed by the Vault Dweller in his memoirs, that in his old age he was being treated with mystical reverence and his personal journals regarded as holy texts. Arroyo didn't start out this way, it became this way. New Arroyo, similarly, was settled by the survivors of Vault 13 and Arroyo, so it was a "civilized city" because of the technical expertise of the Vault 13 dwellers COMBINED with the resources of the GECK that the Chosen One had acquired. That's the major difference: Arroyo was not created with a GECK. There's also the NCR to consider, which eventually absorbed New Arroyo, and since it "[pushed] to civilize its neighbors", the possibility of NEW Arroyo regressing just like the first settlement is just as implied, but if that was the case, it was prevented by the NCR.

    The Chosen One COULD be a babbling primitive, just like his/her tribesmen, depending on how the player chose to approach them. This was either part of their humor, their isolation from more civilized society, or their lack of intelligence (Good ol classic Fallout 3-or-lower IN conversations! =D), but even an academic Chosen One had such lines as "How else could we grok their essence?" referring to justified cannibalism, pointing out their either total seriousness or sarcastic prod at their tribal upbringings. Just like the Courier, the Chosen One has lines of dialog that allows the player to decide who their character is. ARE they cynical of the tribal ways of their kin? They can be. They can also be whimsically aloof about the whole thing, and treat everyone the same, be they other tribals or "civilized folk". They can even show fond disdain towards the people they encounter and express total respect for their simple upbringing.

    The Chosen One is just a "sore thumb" in the same sense that they're thrust out into the world; they aren't sent out into the wastes BECAUSE of being so different, the journey changes them. Their dialog choices differ greatly, for example, from Klamath, the first stop on their journey, to San Franciso, one of their last. At first they can barely form full sentences without coming off as ignorant, because they are. They don't know much of anything outside the protective canyon they call home, but by the end they have a firm resolution of where they need to be, and enough experience that they understand how they need to get there.

    Maybe it's just as much me that I see more options and explanations as it is you for seeing less? Who's to say...
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    Nov 27, 2011
    They are all kind of on the same to level for me. I guess if you forced me to pick then The Courier is my favourite and The Vault Dweller is my 2nd favourite.
  18. Mameluk

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    Aug 13, 2012
    Shame on me, I totally forgot about the G.E.C.K, you got me :lol:

    However, I still find Chosen's origin as the least plausible among other protagonists. Hell, even the Lone Wanderer makes more sense to me. But maybe I'm too sceptical about tribals, though.