Alt-Right in financial meltdown

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  1. CT Phipps

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    Sep 17, 2016

    A couple of excerpts:
    Dear God, YOU paid a price in Charlotte?

    Oh and this is just everything you need to know:

  2. Atomkilla

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    Dec 26, 2010
    Good riddance.
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  3. CT Phipps

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    Sep 17, 2016
    There's some other hilarity like a guy whining he got kicked out because he had sex with a Japanese girl.

    Also a guy who left because his mom told him to.

    I don't know if they cherry picked idiots or it was a idiot rich environment.
  4. Atomkilla

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    Dec 26, 2010
    Most likely both. Either way, they won't be missed. Idiotic movements tend to collapse under the weight of their own stupidity. Sadly, that's not always the case, but there's still a pattern.
    In any case, a massive conglomerate of very special snowflakes that is alt-right failing is no real surprise. But the ideas that they preached will, sadly, live on. End of alt-right, beginning of something else.
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  5. Sn1p3r187

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    Apr 7, 2014
    I can kindly say good riddance as well. The left maybe stupid as hell, but so is the right. The alt right ain't any difference. Like the legion, it was going to turn on itself when they realized what kind of people are in their cell.
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  6. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    Alt Right really is the perfect foil for the Ctrl Left. Anything more competent than these nincompoops and the Right would have "won" years ago.
    Too bad these fucktards are ruining everything for the rest of us.
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  7. TheGM

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    Aug 19, 2008
    An Amorphous conglomeration of loosely held together beliefs can't really be in financial trouble, I mean it's not communism. though why would anybody think it is viable political platform since it's built entirely on internet memery. speaking of people memeing.
  8. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Ah yeah, the old 'The left is as bad like the right' narrative ...

    The problem is that a lot of people confuse retards for leftists, but to be honest, a lot of us leftists are not very fond of those SJWers and PC-retards runing around playing professional victims either. Those people are a minority. Where as the right, has in many ways rather clear motives that are common among many of their groups, like xenophobia, closing borders to refugees, blaming whole religions/cultures/nationalities for the actions of minorities and so on. If we just look at Europe for example, you will have a hard time to find the same kind of groups like Identitarian movement or the AFD or someone like Orban on the left, leftists today are for the most part social democrats. Infact in Germany Die Linke, is a democratic party following social polocies of the 60s and 70s, they are not socialists (MLPD) or even Communists (DKP). However, alt-righters and right wingers are just repeating the same xenophobia that was wrong 40 years ago and is not geting better, just because they word it differently and trying to mascerade their discrimination and nationalism as 'patriotism' and 'protecting' of their culture.

    Does the left have its retards? Absolutely, but their policies are for the most part pretty acceptable, not engaging in wars, treating people as individuals rather than cultures or groups, equality, egalitarianism etc. With the right though, you have retard policies just as how they have been thrown around 150 years ago. Particularly in Europe but also the US.
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  9. CT Phipps

    CT Phipps Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Sep 17, 2016
    I gleefully embrace the mantle of Social Justice Warrior.

    I think that just about every position they take is probably right since the people who constantly talk shit about them are often complete assholes. Then again, I wonder if I'm just not hanging around in the right part of the internet. Mind you, I actually had classes in Social Justice in college so I know the original politics and found them extremely irritating.
  10. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    It becomes really funn when you look where 'Poltical Correctness' comes from and which systems made the most use of it.
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  11. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    So basically, you're willingly and openly embracing an ideology that you KNOW to be bad and cult-like mainly because the other side are assholes and probably because you headcanon'd out the radicals.
    Your stance is "Yeah, I gleefully support the NSDAP because the Bolsheviks are assholes. Well, maybe I just hang out with the nice folks, because I read "Mein Kampf" and the whole "Jews and Marxists are responsible for everything" thing is kinda fucking stupid".

    Well, at least you show some sense of self-awareness.

    @Crni Vuk: I don't support the (extreme) Left for the same reason I don't support the extreme Right. They're fucking violent idiots and retards. But unlike the Right I actually agree with the moderate Left on a lot of things, but since the Left is for the most part unwilling to distance itself from the radical elements I can't support the general Left.
    I like Die LINKE in principle (even though they're literally the successors/rebranding of the SED [this is not a conspiracy theory, it's the official history]), but they also allow very radical elements in their party to run free and ruin the show for everyone else.
    It's why I give them so much shit, I want them to be better, I give a shit about them. But I'm not their target demographic, so I don't even know why I should bother.
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  12. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    CT Phipps will now be added to GooglyDoom as a SJW.
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  13. CT Phipps

    CT Phipps Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Sep 17, 2016
    I prefer to be referred to as a Social Justice Assassin.
  14. CT Phipps

    CT Phipps Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Sep 17, 2016
    There's no ideology because it's not an organized group, it's an insult. Please define for me, o mighty @Hassknecht the beliefs of the Social Justice Warrior in a coherent fashion that I must abide by and what qualities I must abide by in order to achieve said status and I think we'll find that it's thrown about at pretty much a vast array of topics. I was first called a social justice warrior for the fact I had in my superhero books gay characters (5 1 star reviews on Amazon because of it), a transgender character, and the fact my protagonist was Jewish.

    Generally, Social Justice Warrior is meant to be "extremely dumb activist who doesn't understand the issues they're crusading for and comes from a privileged background that doesn't usually have to deal with any real consequence of their beliefs." It's more or less a pejorative aimed at people who think arguing over the internet makes them a political activist or that their efforts in, say, comic books or movies have meaning versus work in promoting good works in real life. It's since become a catch-all term for any sort of person who expresses opinions varying from the individual's own politics as well as meaningless like Mary Sue is used for any character we dislike.

    An actual "Social Justice Warrior" incident would be, say, the controversy over The Black Witch by Laurie Frost where a bunch of dipshits got together to more or less Goodreads and Amazon bomb a novel THEY HADN'T EVEN READ because a "respected" internet reviewer quoted parts of the book out of context to make it seem like it was racist. They harrassed the poor woman repeatedly and behaved as monstrous little trolls.

    As an internet reviewer belonging to a big fantasy review site (Booknest.EU), I and other people tried to point out the book was about as offensive as Harry Potter since it was about a mage girl who discovers that her society is a bunch of racist assholes. About as offensive as a Slytherin girl finding out Muggles are people too. However, the thought machine had already gotten underway and became an embarrassment of anti-intellectualism and bad behavior that left Laurie Frost an emotional wreck.

    You can read about the incident here.

    However, my experience is that sort of incident and harassment is the exception rather than the rule when that kind of word is invoked.

    So, I don't mind embracing the label since it's going to be thrown at any form of internet activism. It's a bit like "grimdark" which was originally used as an insult for George R.R. Martin based on Warhammer 40K before becoming a genre people love and write in.

    One of my all time favorite comic book writers is Nick Spencer and he's going through something of a rough patch due to *finger wag* Social Justcie Warriors *finger wag*. He's the author of Secret Empire at Marvel Comics for example and gets savaged for that, called a Nazi Sympathizer and more. This despite the fact that he wrote a beautiful run on Captain America with Sam Wilson that showed a great bit of humanity as well as social awareness.

    (Yes, internet idjits didn't realize Hydra was the villain in the story)

    One tone deaf story, though, was where he wrote 3 social justice warrior activists try to kill a Megan Kelly stand-in at a conservative rally at a university only for Captain America (Sam Wilson) to stop them. It was bad timing because a Right wing student attempted to kill a Left wing speaker a week after. It led to basically him being accused of trying to treat the two sides as the same.

    I'm not a fan of both sides when the alternative is Nazis. i grew up in an area with a lot of white supremecists and the KKK which, to me, I generally associate with meth as well as violence while being enabled by much much richer people. They're not interested in balanced political discourse but oppressing the other side via whatever methods involved via legal or illegal means.

    So, yes, I know assholes exist on the Left but the irony ws I was a moderate Republican in 2000 but while I haven't shifted my politics, the Right side has become so toxic I feel Ihave to side with the Left and fully because taking no sides is not a solution. I stand by my beliefs and feel like one is objectively worse on the political discourse.

    if you don't like the elements of a party or movement you should work to fight them and promote the vision you support--because if you take any sort of stand whatsoever, you'll end up getting mocked because the internet is that sort of way so if I'm going to be called out for being a SJW I might as well own it.
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  15. Crni Vuk

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    Nov 25, 2008
    Except that you forget a few things.

    First Antifa =/= Left. Some leftists probably are antifas, but not all antifas are leftists. The people we're talking about, that want to fuck shit up, are a tiny minority which isn't playing any political role.

    What I am trying to say is, there is no equivalency between Die Linke and the (NS)AfD for example. You can not tell me that they are both equally 'bad' - particularly as I know your general opinion on Wagenknecht. The political left and the alt right, new right and rightwingers we see today, are not two sides of the same coin.

  16. CT Phipps

    CT Phipps Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Sep 17, 2016
    Antifa is a group I don't take all that seriously.

    I define them by Trevor Noah's article on them where he DESPERATELY wants to frame them as dangerous fanatics but....fails.

    A bunch of nerds dressed like Ghost Recon characters who hate fascists for misappropriating anime.

    Which...given the Alt-Right is like the politicized bastard child of 4chan and a Call of Duty server's distilled racism...sort of makes sense.
  17. Hassknecht

    Hassknecht I guess you're through, huh? Admin Orderite

    Aug 16, 2010
    They're not equally bad. As I said, I agree with the Left. But the Left has a big problem with not minding violent extremists on their side, and they're generally pretty bad at being moderate. Wagenknecht is on the verge of being sacked because she is too reasonable, after all.
    The Left isn't Antifa, but they certainly don't mind it if Antifants run around and light a few cars or police stations on fire. As long as they don't properly distance themselves from this shit I can't fully support them.
    Yeeeeees, violence against things is not as bad as violence against people. But the Antifants tacitly accept that when they light cars and stuff on fire that these fires can spread, especially when they lay traps for the firefighters and police, and that this can kill people. They might define throwing cinderblocks on police cars from buildings as some form of protest, but it is factually attempted murder, and it is unacceptable.
    I also find it unacceptable to try and shut down absolutely every fucking public speech or event that is even slightly out of their line.
    And this absolutely retarded behaviour is accepted and even encouraged by high ranking people in pretty much all major left parties and especially their youth organizations.
    It is not the Left that I can support, because what they support is illiberal, authoritarian, and hypocritical. Going "No True Scotsman" on those Antifa fucks doesn't help, either, because that is tacit consent for their actions in your name as well.
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  18. Crni Vuk

    Crni Vuk M4A3 Oldfag oTO Orderite

    Nov 25, 2008
    Which violent extemist? Can you name them? Are they even really a part of the 'political' left? Can they be compared to the Identirarians or NPD where they form some kind of organised groups? Again, you mentioned the Antifa, stop doing that. Stop to make a conection between the violent Antifas with the left, there is none, the Antifa is NOT the POLITICAL left, those are two seperate cases, the Antifa is much closer to the Punk movement in their organisation, almost 'everything' could be seen a Antifa, it's in the name Anti-fascists. That's like saying every hacker who claims to be anonymus, is representing them, or every punk who burns cars and says it's for anarchy is representing the punk movement and anarchy. There are some viollent lefitsts, but leftism by it self isn't viollent.

    Just to clarify this, when I compared the left and right, I wasn't talking about the 'extremists' here, I was talking about the 'main stream beliefs' that you can find with the left and the right.

    If you want to find shit with the left, you have to get to their exremists which are a minority, if you want to find shit on the right, you just have to look at their general policies, which are build on discrimination, neo-liberalism, nationalism and xenophobia (see Orban, AfD, Front National etc.) - I am not saying they are Neo-nazis! That's something entirely different.

    The 'new' right today, has a lot more in common with the nationalists of the 19th century, long before Hitler was a thing. It's at the moment seeing a kind of renaissance, particuarly with the rhetoric about cultural identy, patriotism and 'foreign dangers'.

    Again, the Antifa does NOT represent the POLITICAL left and those that fall back on viollence area again THE MINORITY. There is no equivlance here, with the Left as a POLITICAL movement (Die Linke) and the rightwing as a whole.

    "As for Antifa, it's a minuscule fringe of the Left, just as its predecessors were," the linguist and political philosopher told the Washington Examiner. "It's a major gift to the right, including the militant right, who are exuberant."
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  19. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Honest question, I see a lot of Right wingers online who swear that their kids are being taught about Marxism in school in their english classes in the UK, the US and Canada, how much of this is bullshit? I am betting about 100%.
  20. Crni Vuk

    Crni Vuk M4A3 Oldfag oTO Orderite

    Nov 25, 2008
    Define 'Marxism'.

    Here in Germany, we had Marx his book The Capital and his theories in our history class for example.