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    I highly doubt that they planned a much bigger world at first. They already had memory issues and hardware limitations just with what ended up in the final game, and FNV is no exception (which is why more and more content got deleted from the base game with every DLC release).
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    What he says of it (I think/irrc) is in his speech that was recorded at George Mason University.
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    They cut quite a lot. At least half a dozen world spaces and they also shrank the entire map size (it was much bigger).

    We can see how much they shrank comparing the pipboy map with the locations ingame. They were supposed to match, but when the game released you can notice how they compressed the distance in the world map.

    One of the best places to notice this is by standing next to the ruined highway overpass near the Superduper Mart and open the pipboy map and notice how it shows our character to be a bit behind the actual overpass in the map.

    Another way of seeing how much they cut and shrank is to compare the pipboy map from the pre-release Fallout 3 with the pipboy map that is actually in the game. The map was much bigger.