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    Nov 25, 2008
    Unlimited libertarianism is just as applicable like pure communism.
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    Oct 27, 2017

    This isn't even a sentence.

    This isn't even a sentence! Grammar is important, man.

    Were you trying to say "Libertarianism is applicable, just like Communism", in which case you were trying to say both things can mean whatever people want so they're meaningless nothing-words we can't debate over today?

    Or were you trying to say the imaginary hell you can imagine up right now, a hell where libertarians somehow take human decency and respect for human rights too far, is as bad as the actual hell Communist people get sentenced to in Communist Countries? Because that is also stupid.

    And what's with the "Pure Communism" mention? Communism can't be pure, it comes from a poisoned well: One idiot's inane rantings on how he thought reality was unfair according to his definition of fairness, and how he thought every government on the planet should gain unlimited power and use that power to stamp on people's faces until his arbitrary definition of fairness is achieved. You know, his definition of fairness, Equality Of Outcome. Something too many liberals somehow mistake for Equality Of Opportunity.

    Really, either way, your argument isn't an argument. But can you specify what you meant by this, so I'll know exactly how dense, disruptive, rude, childish, and liberal you're being?

    "Leftism is pure and holy! If you don't believe that, you don't understand Leftism! When people make arguments against my ideology, I don't see them as arguments, I see proof that they're mean dumb doodoohead scaremonblers! I mean fear-mongerers! Sorry, english is a social construct so I don't have to use it too goodly. I am right and Liberalism is right and nothing will ever convince me otherwise!" - You, right now.

    Your next line is, "Nuh-uh, I never said that, so there!", toyu.
    Motherfucker, I will PAY YOU to stop sarcastically admitting the flaws with your ideology in an attempt to pretend they don't exist.

    Antifa members are liberals, you encourage BLM AND shit up their democrat-run black communities so you can blame all the problems the community faces on white men, you want to take our guns away so we're powerless and unable to defend ourselves when the domestic terrorists YOU radicalize with all your "White people are evil racist oppressive demons who must be punished! They're killing you, so kill them back!" fearmongering attack us and riot and commit genuine hate crimes against us.

    If you're going to play damage-control for this hateful and regressive ideology that's the reason why Child Traffickers, Female Genital Mutilators, islamic rapists, immigrant rapists, and abusive Muslim Parents don't get arrested by a police force that's terrified of being called racist by you witch-hunting brainlets(CPS are also too afraid of getting called islam-ophobic to touch families with abusive islamic parents or save the kids), you're going to either admit to its mistakes or you're going to stop trying to muddy the water and push back the date of the left's reformation into a less cancerous and more honest organization.

    Allow me to clear up your misconceptions...

    For over sixty years, we've treated the left with kid gloves. We've humored its insane theories, we've listened to its anti-white hate speech, we've put up with racially-motivated and ideologically-motivated attacks from libtards, and we're finally getting sick of it.

    The left is a failure. You are not the party of truth, we are. You are not the party that fights for gay people or black people or any other people, we are. You are the party of "Sluts and Pedophiles deserve just as much protection and respect as gay people! But gay women deserve more respect than gay men!". You are the party of calling your debate opponents every bad word under the sun in lieu of an argument. You are the party that failed black communities, hence why you tried to switch your voter base over to illegal immigrants once too many of them started waking up. You are the party that hates free speech, gun rights, and other human rights. You are the party of Bill Nye letting some racist ideologue on-stage in a science show to rant about white people to kids, and you are the party of Bill Nye letting Rachel Madcow on stage to sing about her vagina and fleshlights and wanting to fuck the Tatums in front of kids.

    You're convinced you're the heroes. You're convinced anyone who disagrees is a villain. And we're sick of you acting like villains while calling us the villains. So yes, the left should be destroyed. It should be routinely mocked in schools and on talk shows. The government should put PSAs on TV that warn people about the dangers of communism and all its failures and flaws.

    But we won't do that, because we don't need to do that. All we have to do is have clear, open, honest debates, which you can't handle. Your ideology is built on faulty foundations, lies. It can't hold up to any scrutiny, just like Communism. If we dealt with the communist corruption in schools and colleges and gave mandatory lessons on free thought and critical thinking, your ideology would be doomed. The freedom of information is all we needed for people to see what's wrong with your "We are the righteous and pure! Anyone who says otherwise is insane and dumb! Trump is a pussy-grabbing incompetent crazy racist rapist who hates brown people! Hillary deserves the Presidency because It's Her Turn!" bullshit.

    Look at #GaysForTrump. Look at #WalkAway. You're losing the culture war you started, because you're losers. You have to be, your ideology tells you to fail at life and then blame your failings on the world and ethnicities you hate, so you feel justified in trying to establish a social order you think will treat you better, and so you feel justified in trying to justify violence against people who don't agree with you.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Maybe what I say is incoherent, but at least I know how to use the edit button ...

    Double posting is a good sign of lunacy. So far, I havn't been wrong with that.

    But just to say this, most of the stuff you mentioned like the Social Justice Warriors and crazy screaming people, is something many leftists hate as well. At least the one I know. I can't speak for everyone of course.

    The only things you show of 'The Left' - what you see as it anyway, are logical fallacies.

    You forgot to mention that we leftist are also to blame for the great flood, mosquitoes in Winsonsin, turning the frogs gay, and the damn hot weather that's driving everyone crazy.
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    Aug 16, 2010
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    Jul 29, 2016
    Historically the ownership of the weapons of the time was something usually fought for by what we would consider the "Left". As the ownership of a weapon with which you could defend your home and family was what once was called a LIBERTY. This was a right enshrined by the Magna Carta around 800 years ago. Over 200 years ago some leftist fighting for LIBERTY from an overbearing government (which by the way was only 3% of the population for those who say a small group cannot change governments) used those weapons allowed to them by the magna carta to do this. They created a republic that stands for LIBERTY and ensured that those rights continued to be granted by the constitution of the nation they formed as well as many other human rights. This constitution became the document that pointed out what LIBERTY would mean to everyone and was held as an example for the rest of the world who somewhat followed it to one degree or another.

    Nowadays those very rights are at risk from people who support big authoritarian governments. They have people who blame the media for all there ill's (good luck freedom of speech and freedom of the press). They have people willing to give up there LIBERTY for a little security (and will end up with neither). Both sides of the political movements nowadays are attacking our very basic rights. From the "left" we have attacks on things like equality where everything can be blamed on CIS white males and attacks on security by the removal of the rights to protect yourself no matter who or why the person is attacking you. From the "right" we see attacks on free trade, free speech and freedom of the press (FAKE NEWS). Both of these groups who are suppose to be upholding our LIBERTY are the very ones pushing there AUTHORITARIAN ways on us and reducing our LIBERTY by telling us its for the best. Both of these groups are wrong in some ways and right in others, but a big government that controls us and tells us what is safe or what we should be doing, and how we should be thinking is the real WRONG.

    Now people from another country or another continent may tell you don't worry we gave up this right or that right and we are better off for it. We are not, nor will we ever be, and the proof of that is in one centrist authoritarian government, the national socialist party of Germany. They loved gun control, manipulating the press, and extreme nationalism. They hated free speech, and equality. And while the right (and I have made this argument myself) state that they have nothing todo with Nazi's. The left also claim to have nothing to do with them. Both sides have shown a rather large amount of not giving two fucks what the other side thinks, or how can we ensure more LIBERTY. They have both doubled down on the retarded ideas, and attack those who criticize them. To fight and say one side is any better then the other nowadays in just crazy. I may be Canadian but as far as I can tell the USA constitution and all of its amendments taken exactly the way they were intended by those who wrote them is the closest we will come to be truly free, bar a worldwide meltdown and anarchy. And I wish for all there past ills and amendments made to fix them that the world would leave just one free country. But the powers that be will continue on there way and one day it may take another 3% to make drastic changes again to ensure that they to can be free and enjoy LIBERTY.

    Don't be an ass, allow those 3% to be able to provide you your freedom again. Don't ban the TOOLS they will need, as the only people that will actually be happy are those trying to control you.
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    Jun 28, 2018
    that's why I tend to lean towards minarchist/NWS minarchist, though my gun control stance is about as lax as you can get. I'm not the kind of person to just tick boxes all down one line, I pick and choose as I see fit. I mean, socialized/single-payer healthcare looks attractive to me and that's practically heresy for a lot of hardline libertarians
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    Oct 27, 2017
    You might not realize it, but you're denying the intellectual and moral failings of the left right now. You aren't contributing to the discussion. You're arguing against hard facts you don't like.

    You're also strawmanning me with this "Ppl like u fink we're 2 blame 4 everything!" bullshit.

    Why you think that if you derail a discussion on your ideology's failings into an "Argument" over whether you're backing the wrong horse or not, you "Win"?

    Are you obnoxiously, childishly, and incompetently lying because you want to annoy me and everyone else who disagrees with you? Do you think that if you annoy us enough, we'll eventually say something you can cry foul over?
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    Jul 29, 2016
    UUgghhh, and this is coming from a Canadian. Some European models look way better as they do more to control costs and waiting periods where they allow some private services. Something like a non-critical surgery here and you can wait for 2-3 years.
  9. Cliffy McEdgeface

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    Jun 28, 2018
    Yeah, I definitely don't want to replicate the Canadians' mistakes with single-payer/socialized, but while I'm actually mostly OK with "free market" for most other things, the thought of applying free-market to healthcare worries me slightly. Healthcare (emergency healthcare, mostly) isn't like most other goods or services - when you need it, YOU REALLY NEED IT and you as a consumer are AUTOMATICALLY in a bad position to bargain or "shop around" from the get-go. There might be a free-marketer out there who has a decent plan (on paper anyway) for healthcare but I've not met him/her.
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    This is a gun control thread. Not the /pol thread. Perhaps the Liberal/Alt Right debate could be continued in a new thread?
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    Jun 28, 2018
    This sounds like a good idea to me.
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    Nov 28, 2015
    A /pol/fag is a brony, checks out.
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    Kinda difficult when there is an individual in here writing a novell about how the left is to blame for everything.

    If I would be living in the US I would be either dead or living on the streets by now, considering what experiences I made in the past due to my mental conditions and issues, getting hospitalized due to severe depressions isn't a funny thing I can tell you that and you're also really vulnerable in that state. But luckily we still have some decent health care and hospitaly in Germany and I seriously don't want to go trough the things patients with depressions or similar issues have to go trough in the US. It's kinda strange when I think about it, how often there is a talk about veterans and helping them, but as soon as it comes to their mental conditions or often enough even physical ones, things suddenly look very grim. You can fight for your government in some trench on the other side of the globe, but getting decent health care? Screw you! That's communism!

    I am not going to bother anymore with you and I would kindly suggest that you do the same, let us just ignore each other from now on. I can have a civiliced discussion with anyone posting in this topic right now, except for you.
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    California's new Assault Rifle law is in effect.
    A semi automatic rifle with a detachable magazine is an Assault Weapon if it has:
    A Pistol Grip
    B Thumb hole Stock
    C Folding Stock
    D Grenade Launcher, (seriously???) but a flare launcher is ok I think.
    E Flash Suppressor
    F Forward Grip
    Owning it would be illegal unless you register it as an Assault Weapon.

    Absurd. My AR would be illegal. Like it could compete what the cops have...
  15. MutantScalper

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    Nov 22, 2009
    Do you feel that you absolutely need a grenade launcher for 'home defence' or whatever?
  16. TheGM

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Ain't nobody owning a fucking grenade launcher is what he is getting at.
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  17. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    Nor does it do anything to address the types of guns used in the vast majority of crimes, shootings and murders... handguns. More of the same kabuki sang and dance.
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    Jul 29, 2016
  19. Cliffy McEdgeface

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    Jun 28, 2018
    Basically all comfort/ergonomics-related things. Because those kinds of things totally make a rifle so much deadlier. Fuckin' California.


    Comfort/ergonomics/safety. Why do Californians hate comfortable, safe guns?

    "En garde, strawman!" *whack*
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  20. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    I guess the reasoning is that pistol grips/thumbhole stocks are made so that the barrel and stock form a straight line to the shoulder, reducing muzzle climb and therefore increasing accuracy for follow up shots. Same goes for forward grips. None of these are particularly necessary for hunting or self defense, these are developed for offensive applications. For folding stocks I guess the reasoning is that a shorter gun is easier to conceal and carry into a public place, but there's nothing about bullpup rifles in there, so whatever.
    Flash hiders would make it a little harder to spot an active shooter if he'd be shooting from a window, I guess, but generally not a useful ban.
    So if you reach hard enough you can find reasons for these bans, but the reality remains that the majority of gun-related violence will not be affected by it because it's done with handguns, not rifles.