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    You can't trick me, I see the plans within the plans through the ruse!
    When almighty house Germanides tried to conquer all the world know to men, it was proud Emperor sending legions of his most fine sardaukars who stopped the madness and forced duke Dolphi commit suicide out of shame in his underground fortress. Since then, house Germanides keep plotting against the empire, undermining his power, mocking his militant nature, dreaming that the time comes again when strong armies of house Germanides would march forward conquering the lands! That's why new house Germanides born from the ashes of destroyed kingdom of theirs forged alliance with fremens, fierce warriors from wast sand deserts, hoping to overcome the most dreaded Emperor.
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    There's been some talk of cops in this thread, and IMHO that case exemplifies how it would make perfect sense for cops in US to be anti-NRA and in favor of more strict gun laws.
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    Mmm-mm. I'm still processing what you just said but you could've said that.
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    Wow, I love coming to this thread and seeing the logic fallacies.

    1. Cops are there to protect you - In the US the supreme court has ruled that the police DO NOT have to protect you

    You know even if they do have a creed.

    2. Cops commit brutality so take all the other guns away and Cops should be anti-NRA. I think most people would agree that police world wide do not like civilians owning firearms as it makes there job harder (never know who will have one). So inherently that would make them anti-NRA. Hell the RCMP in Canada do ever thing they are allowed to, to restrict ownership, including re-interpreting laws when the anti-gun political parties are in charge and will not challenge them. I really like this fact as if gun control limits or removes all civilian ownership that leaves all guns in the militaries and police hands, the very police hands that shoot people when they open doors. Plus blaming the police 100% for that ignores the fact that someone phoned the police with deliberate false information you know the ROOT CAUSE of this.

    And as far as the police shooting people, we were not there to judge what happened to make an officer do this. The vast majority of these cases find the police completely justified in defending themselves or others. But maybe we should just allow people to punch the shit out of a cop while he is in his patrol car and just run away because the he refused to stop when the cop yells stop. But you know these are good people, their crying mom said so after they get into fights with cops.
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    Another interestingly similar case. Crazy whitey tries to take out a bunch of cops.

    You wanna be a cop in USA? Better be prepared to eat some lead.
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    Well to be fair, if you just want to exist in the USA you need to be prepared to eat some lead at some point in your life. Either in your water pipes, your house paint, or via high speed intracranial injection.
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    Capitalism is a hell of a drug!