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    Aug 24, 2017
    As a game? It was OK. Maybe even mediocre when taking into account balance.

    As an interactive movie? Masterful storytelling. It's like playing playing Arcanum and Planescape where the battles just get in the way of the experience. I hated DeWitt but still managed to get invested in the story. The final cutscene where
    the music syncs up with the disappearing Elizabeths??? OUTSTANDING.

    @thread topic. Most overrated game? Fallout 3.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    Masterful storytelling? How often do you read? or watch movies? Because the storytelling is pretty subpar and the world building is awfully inconsistent with itself and the visuals. It read like a 14 year old's sketchbook comic.
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    Aug 24, 2017
    Not often since I tend to read per writer in the order they intended and prefer to look for hard copies since reading on a screen hurts my eyes. Currently reading Robert Rankin's 5th book.

    With movies not often either. Not watching current ones since they often follow a template. I'll watch a random movie once every 3 weeks but I'm stuck with picking from the easily accessible series' right now.

    It's a shame my taste isn't as refined as yours.

    Now it's time for underrated games. There are a lot out there but I'll only be picking from the ones I really like:

    Parasite Eve II - This is what you'd call a mindless game. Story makes no sense but it was one of the few Tank-Controlled, early Survival Horror titles that offered a considerable amount of interactivity with the environment beyond just luring a critter next to a red barrel and shooting it.
    It's basically a Resident Evil 2 clone with more enemies and more options. Some enemies can be defeated but having them ram their heads against a wall, some are invisible and will only appear when about to attack, some will only take damage under specific conditions.

    The Cat Lady - A point and click adventure game that is considerably linear with fewer puzzles to solve but it's also a deeply personal one.

    Mega Man games after 2. - People tend to pick MM 2 and dismiss every other title but a lot of the other games are just as fun. In fact, I consider Mega Man IV on Gameboy to be the best of the series.
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    Jul 30, 2009
    Witcher 3, GTA V, all Beth games from Oblivion onwards, New Vegas (to some extent), The Last of Us, Uncharted, and several others whose value as a game I just don't see on the level of what they are touted as.
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    Aug 24, 2017
    Earthbound. - Another game that more about the journey than it is about action and adventure. But even with the journey it's tedious and demands too much of the player's time. You need to buy a particular sandwich (which takes up precious inventory space. 1 item/slot.) to increase your walk speed. You need wide spaces to be able to teleport. All new characters start at level 1 so every time you find one a good 1-2 hours of grinding is required just to make them halfway decent.

    The ONLY way to play Earthbound is on an emulator with Turbo and about 3-4 episodes of Podcasts ready per gaming session. No ending is worth all that time and energy.
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    Dec 26, 2010
    As a rule of thumb, any game that receives major critical acclaim upon its release is overrated. One cannot make a substantial analysis and evaluation of game's qualities during a single playthrough, let alone 48h or so within release (I think some journalists receive a copy early, but that doesn't change much). Not to mention those games which receive a shitload of awards even before they are officially released.

    However, just because a game is overrated doesn't mean its bad. Quite on contrary. Many games which have been rightfully mentioned in this thread as being overrated are fantastic games on their own, but don't deserve all the praise they get.
    @Kohno mentioned The Witcher 3, which fits this quite well. Even though I enjoy the game and love the series, it is admittedly a very flawed title which may be one of the best RPGs on the market currently, and one of the best aRPGs ever, but is far, far from perfect.

    Oh, and did I mentioned that every open-world game is overrated? The whole concept where you need a vast world to explore in order to properly immerse yourself in the game. I call that bullshit. Some of the most immersion-breaking games have been open-world, such as mentioned TW3.
    Overrated concept which, unfortunately, will never die out.

    Unrelated to what I previously stated, I have to say that I consider every multiplayer-only game that serves as nothing more but a platfrom for e-sports overrated. This especially goes for MOBA. If the game's sole selling point is a single arena where players are supposed to clash, regardless of a number of available characters...well, that's a shitty game in my eyes with artificial depth and little substance.
    The overrated aspect comes mostly from its popularity, where unfortunately such games influence the development of many other titles which are not even in the same genre.
    Case in point - League of Legends. Its art style has become cancerous. Just check out Steam and how many games are inspired by the looks of LoL. Disgusting.
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    Dec 30, 2010
    You took the words right out of my brain.