There is something rotten in Fallout New Vegas

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    If you had a machine that was able to get a rough idea of someone's physical capabilities, you would use it. Sure it may come across as creepy, but it's more important to, IDK actually see how the gunshot victim is doing.
    Why is it the worst possible location?, It's isolated from the rest of the town.

    Also, as mentioned above, Goodsprings gets there water from The Goodsprings Source, not from the water tower.
    Or, y'know, maybe it's a fucking coincidence.
    Erm, no, Crimson Caravan Company(Which it is hardly ever referred to as in-game, always being called "Crimson Caravan) is a reference to the caravan company that does dangerous routes in Fallout 1.
    Or y'know, maybe they just used a name that was a reference to something without the character themselves being a reference.

    Like, if you needed to come up with names, you'd use names you were familiar with, but not necessarily base said character off of it.
    Legion has access to Firearms. Every single attacker at Hoover Dam had some kind of modern weapon on them. The Legionaries that only have spears and machetes are "Recruit Legionaries" who are found around Nipton. They don't get involved in proper battles because they have yet to prove themselves worthy of the Legion.

    Also, NCR only has a limited number of vertibirds. They don't have them in enough numbers to be used seriously to fight them.

    ALSO, don't forget that this wouldn't be the first time a modern military struggled against a relatively less advanced group. The Vietnam War was pretty much a modern military getting its ass kicked by a bunch of rebels.
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    If only there was a place called Goodsprings source where it's specifically mentioned the locals get their water from and you had to clean of Geckos on the tutorial, if only...
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    Oh boy... You're in for a surprise when you are old enough to get your prostate checked. :lol:
    And I already told you, it is not a love testing machine, there is no indication that in the world of Fallout exists love tester machines, at all. Also not creepy at all for 99.9% of people who played it :confused:.
    Would you consider that the giant ants make the game bad because there are some people who are scared of ants in the real world and would say that the ants in the game are creepy and shouldn't be used?
    The water tower is not in use and the game tells us from where they get their water, it specifically tells us (like others have mentioned over and over) that the town gets their water from the Goodsprings Source.
    Hell; the entire town is named because of the Goodsprings Source:
    Now about the Graveyard on a hill. Do you know that people have been making graveyards on hills for most of history? There are many reasons for it, so complaining about it is totally ridiculous.
    Here, have some reasons why people made and still make graveyards on hills:
    • “Nearer My God To Thee” -- human beings from ancient times have chosen high ground to bury their dead closer to the sky and the gods that live there. Christians who, while having no specific biblical reference for this practice, have adopted it from the previous religious practices of its old converts.
    • Hilltops were more difficult to till and thus less promising as farmland.
    • During floods when the soil becomes saturated, the pressure of underground water can cause the caskets -- and the dead - to be forced out of the ground. New Orleans, which is built close to sea level, dealt with the problem by using above ground mausoleums.
    • Generally, rural churches and cemeteries were built on high ground above the road, and often the cemeteries will be found above the churches.
    • The family cemeteries, located on the family farms, are often found on un-farmed hilltops. (Close to the house or along the road are also common.) Asides from the “Nearer My God To Thee” explanation and other reasons given above, the hilltop location was a place where the graves would not be disturbed.
    • Cemeteries, should be placed in areas that are not subject to flooding. Otherwise, trace elements of harmful bacteria and pathogens emitted from the corpses might end up in nearby streams. So, placing cemeteries on high ground is key.
      • This one makes quite a lot of sense in Goodsprings, you don't want the dead to release all of these bacteria and pathogens in their pure water underground stream.
    It makes sense to bury your dead on a hill in the Mojave because it doesn't use the more fertile and easier to till ground, it might have religious reasons, it will not contaminate the underground springs, it is harder to reach so less chances of graveyard looters to do their thing, less likely for scavengers to go there and dig the bodies (Geckos, Radscorpions and Coyotes are abundant around Goodsprings), etc.
    Again, complain about it serves no point.
    Here is an interesting fact, many (or even most) graveyards in the english speaking countries of the real world contain "Hill" or "Hills" in their name.
    What if I tell you that Ringo was a clearly reference to Ringo Starr? They both have a large nose, they both have large ears, both hair colors are brown, they both have blue eyes and they both have a similar hair style (kinda raised in the center front).
    Like others have mentioned, the Crimson Caravan exists since the first Fallout game, they have a very rich and detailed history throughout the Fallout franchise and their history is nothing at all like the Cochise County Cowboys.
    Also Joe Cobb is a common name in the USA, I don't know how you can say that this middle age african american, thin, evil character that won't shut up is a reference to a totally white, fat, nice kid in a silent show that is about kids being kids and has nothing about criminals taking over the prison where they are and threatening towns. It would have made more sense to make the character's name be one of the many african american characters that show had or make the character in the game caucasian. It would make a much better reference than the character in the game says the world "gang" once or twice (and what other name could we use for a group of criminals that got to form a "community" where they all work and live together?).
    It doesn't conflict at all with history. It was already mentioned the Vietnam war, I will also mention the Iraqui and Afghanistan USA wars and the Portuguese colonial wars in Africa, where poorly equipped african rebels kicked the ass of a well equipped and well trained european military country (at the time) just by draining the resources and man power because of much superior numbers.
    And it doesn't take much effort to find about wars and battles that major super powers for their times lost against much weaker opponents.
    I will also mention this:
    Even when they are outmanned in the real world, weak nations still win a large % of wars. In Fallout New Vegas the NCR is totally outmanned, so it is even less likely to be able to win anything.
    Also the Legion Soldiers have good ranged fire weapons, also come with explosives and have healing items (look at them in the GECK like I did just a week or two ago in a different thread here) while the NCR Trooper comes with a combat knife and a service rifle only (not even any healing item). The Legion also uses spies and sabotage, which in the real world historic weak enemies never used much or at all to their advantage while still winning wars.
    You can have your opinions, which is all fine and good, but those do not change historical facts.
    The main message of Fallout New Vegas is that war never changes and there will always be sides fighting for power and greed.
    The NCR Ranger is featured because like it was already said it is the most iconic armor relevant to one of the major factions. Fallout 1 had the BoS power armor, Fallout 2 had the Enclave power armor, Fallout 3 had the BoS Power Armor again, Fallout New Vegas has the NCR Ranger Armor Fallout 4 has the BoS Power Armor again and so on. While Bethesda seems to want to continue with the Power Armor theme because they have the BoS be a major faction in all of their games to date, it wouldn't make any sense for Fallout New Vegas to have a power armor in the front cover because the factions that use Power Armor are unimportant and not relevant for the conflict in that game.
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    I guess I hallucinated those rifles, trained dogs, explosives and Spears the legion uses all the time, because this guy swears they are only ever equipped with machetes.
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    Lol either this guys didn't even try or he tried so hard.

    MCA said in the Codex he actually wanted the artwork where a tribal wore a completely stripped off T-51b Power Armor's helmet for Fallout 2's main menu (or was it the boxart?)

    I forgot the exact message, though. Maybe I should dig his post.
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    This reminds me of the guy who criticized the survavility of Nipton (you know the town that gets massacred at the beginning of the game) and said the only thing they had to offer was the Lottery (wut) some people come here to be Beth apologists and they don't even do the minimum home work.
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    Mostly undressed:

    In a wooden house with no cooling in the Mojave desert where temperatures usually remain between 70 °F (21 °C) and 90 °F (32 °C) on the valley floors during Autumn (the Courier wakes up in Doc Mitchell's House at October 19).

    People having fun in a charity run in Boston (45 °F [ 7 °C]):

    There is something rotten in Boston's Charities!
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    Trolling a troll is a wonderful thing.

    Side note ;
    Do you also think that game desginsers could of maybe over look something like that as they had 18 months to make the whole game. They just put the water tower than and didn't think in terms how it would work etc. I mean at-least it was;t a fallout 4 level of contradictory. Where you spent all of fallout 3 try to get clean water for the waste land and then in fallout 4 you can just build water purifiers
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    They didn't just put a water tower there. They based the design of the region on the actual Mojave and Goodsprings is a real life town, they even put in the effort to specify where the locals actually got their water and such.
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    The second woman from the left is definitely having fun. Probably read this topic on her phone.
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    I made an account just to ask what brand of autism this is.
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    It's not nice to offend people with Autism like that.
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    No offense meant. It's just a colloquialism that's picked up on imageboards and forums.
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    Oh this ain't NMA's doing. Contrary to some beliefs, NMA actually likes New Vegas (or has better regard of it).

    This thread was started by a troll who hates New Vegas (along with every Fallout game after 1) and everyone else here has been deconstructing/dismantling everything said troll has been posting.

    EDIT: I say troll because if you look at its posts here, it devolves into ramblings on how something in NV is a reference to 9/11 etc. Also, welcome to the forums.
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    Thank you for the welcoming wagon. Nice to know that detractors and crackpots are on here. It's like any other site I go on, and without them, it wouldn't be like home.
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    Also, don't worry. Plenty of trolls, crackpots and detractors will join this site since Bethesda's Fallout fandom hates NMA and so they think that they need to 'save' NMA from having differing opinions by trying to 'enlighten' the members of the sites. Usually with insults or misinformation though they leave the site after a while since they'll get frustrated or bored.
    It'll feel like home before you know it.
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    Good to know. I go to... a certain chan known for it's unruliness, so this is very tame to me.
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    In Fo1, 2 and New Vegas people are always developing new things, in Fo3 and 4 people just poorly cobble together shit they scavenge. Unintentional metaphor?
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    "Wow, look at all this original content!" Says Chris Avelone sitting on his throne made of cRPGs
    The Todd Howard strikes out in unoriginal, stolen ideas.
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    Chris Avellones only wrote one character in the main game and the DLC for New Vegas. I am kinda sick of the creator worship for him.
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