Where will dialogue go in the future of the Fallout franchise?

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    I think part of the problem is that Fallout 4, really is the best kind of thing Todd Howard and his team can do at this point. See, Todd isn't so much of a 'game creator' then a 'salesman', in my opinion. He doesn't really tell stories or creating content. He just makes experiences, like his first project Terminator Future Schock, which was for it's time actually a prety decent game. But not much of an story telling experience or anything that would get close to an RPG. Infact, all the later games by Todd came closer and closer to what Terminator Future Schock ACTUALLY plays like. A shooter.

    So even if Todd wanted it, he couldn't change anything. That's like asking from a fish to climb up a tree.
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    Cynical option. They are here to maximize the number on units sold on day one. Most of their profit come from their advertizing and things that they can put in the trailer (or pitch during the game events). Anything that take more than an hour to notice is irrelevant, as the sale figures they are looking for are people that buy the game when no one else has tried it yet. They all buy it at the same time.

    If the game can make additionnal profit in the following days, thanks to a good reputation, it is a nice bonus, but it is not what the admin board ask them for.